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Z1000 Baffles removal

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by FightFan2006, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. Hey guys and girls


    Bought an 04 zthou on thursday, but its oh so so quiet.
    Anyone have any experience with the removal of the baffles to enhance the sound ????

    or any links to it being done before , much appreciated!
  2. Touch base with Tanyathecheeky
  3. Thanks Ro..

    Fightfan... if you are who i think you are why didn't you ask me on friday to have a listen :)

    If you want to have a look and hear send me a pm mate, tomorrow would be good, bike's going away for a week for some more mods on monday..
  4. hey tanya, yah its bryce!

    Well at that point i wasnt sure it was really a viable option,, and you were busy enough, and hurting enough not to have to go and show me your pipes!!!

    you had work to do!!!! hahaha

    might nip down next weekend, to havea bit of a listen and look at how yours ended up!

    thanks again for the the help finding that jacket, its GREAT!