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Z1000 any good?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Cocker, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Hi, Newbie here. Looking at getting my first roadie a Z1000 07, are they a good bike. Generally it will be used for communting and the occasional weekend blast. I like the idea of a naked to keep the kms in check. Do they have any factory problems or are the a good unit. Thanks

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  2. Thanks for moving that champ
  3. 1st generation are great 2nd generation are arse including the 07 MY, 3rd generation 2010 MY onwards are top notch.
  4. I completely agree with this. The 2nd gen Z wasn't what it should have been...but the 3rd gen is incredible! The only fault I can really give it is that the rear shock is crappy, but that's easily resolved. (And my experience has been that Japanese bikes never have good suspension.)
  5. is kawasaki...is good.
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  6. Ok, so a suspension tune would be ideal... anything else?
  7. Yeah: don't buy a 2007 model.
  8. Look for a 3rd generation model. If you get a 2nd generation and spend $$$'s fixing it up you'll have laid out the same money that you would for a 3rd generation anyway. The difference between the two generations is miles apart.
    I had a 2011 MY Z1000 and have tried the 2nd generation - there is no comparison.
  9. Looks like a 03-06 MY is on the cards than, haven't got the coin for a 3rd Gen. Anyone got a low km one for sale?

  10. You can get a 2010 model real cheap.

    Infact last year I saw brand new Z1000's going for $15,500 on road.
  11. I paid $14,000 on road for mine, with a $1000 off promotion, so would have been $15000 normally. This was May 2012, current model brand spankers, and included a set of Oxford heated grips (not fitted).
  12. How did you get the promotion? :)
    Where's the catch?
  13. Factory promotions often run during peak sale times such as EOFY.......it's a way to keep the ticket price at RRP which makes the dealer happy and giving coin back to the purchaser - making them happy.

    The upstream brand takes the "hit" by reimbursing the end purchaser the "cash back" amount.

    Win - win really
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  14. ^^^ Wot he said. A factory promotion at the time. Other times you might get your on roads paid etc.
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  15. Thanks. Good to know.
    I really thought the promos are mostly active when new stock arrives and dealers need to sell out old.
  16. This can also be true - not always mind you......

    Generally buying bikes follows a pattern.....

    Buy in the winter......sell in the summer......

    IE - Buy when the dealers have stock to move and the weather is sh!te........sell when the Sun is shining, the girls are out and squids are looking for a fully-sick R1
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  17. There's good reason why the Street Triple R has been voted best nekkid bike for years on end...It's not just coincidence.
    But then again, I don't know squat about the Z as I never considered it.
  18. Different type of bike really, they are both great. The striple R would out-handle it, but the z1000 motor annihilates the triumph for grunt.
  19. Would be better off with a gen 1 version. Would be cheaper to buy and the suspension wasn't quite as budget as the gen 2.

    Gen 3 is clearly an outstanding bike if you can afford it.
  20. When I went to buy a STR I test road the STR and Z1000 back to back - What Mike says hits the nail on the head. I wanted better handling over power so I went the STR. I think I would have been just as happy with the z1000 though