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YZFr6 or GSXR600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MelbourneMick, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. I would be interested in any comments, pros or cons in relation to these two bikes.
    It would be about this time next year if I decide to get one but may as well start the research now.
    Has anyone ridden or owned both bikes?
    Is there any major difference between the two?
    Servicing and insurance would be about the same ??

    Any constructive input appreciated.


  2. What year range are you looking at??

    Since the early 2000's they have both been pretty similar. Servicing won't be drastically different. They both have almost identical performance specs. Ultimately just buy the one that puts the biggest smile on your face.
  3. Takamii will say YZFR6
  4. thanks for responding

    With the gixxer i would be looking at the 2011 model as compared to the 2007 - 2010 models they are 8kgs lighter, fraction shorter, brembo brakes etc

    I haven't looked into the R6 as much yet on when they last had changes like that.
  5. what are you going to be doing with them? i know you will ride it, but where. just the street?
  6. Jimmy
    Street riding mostly with longer rides on weekends. I know I will be giving up some comfort by going for a supersports.
    I would one day like to do some track riding but I am under no illusion that doing that is sometime away.
  7. Most recent edition of Rapid magazine has a shoot out of 2011 600cc sports bikes. Best two on the road are apparently gsxr and cbr600rr. Worth a read if you can get your hands the article.

    I'm a bit of a Yamaha fan boy and was considering R6 until I read this article. Of course it's always horses for courses.
  8. thanks for the heads up on the reviews I will grab a copy today! cheers
  9. generally on the street you will not use the power and ride that these bikes offer.
    If your racing the 2011 gsxr is better than the r6. well thats what just about ever review has said.
    If I was you I would just pick the one you like best.
  10. I've only ridden the older models. Same same but different.8-[
    I honestly wouldn't worry about researching specs. They are so similar it will come down to the feel and aesthetics (both personal pref) so just wait till you test I guess.

    In saying that, the new gixxers (not sure about the 600) have selectable power modes which would be pretty handy.
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  11. I tested both the 2011 gixxer 600 and CBR about 3-4 months ago (not your other option I know - but from everything I've read the R6 is very track oriented and all the power is up the top), and compared to the CBR I found the gixxer just had so much more all the way around, just a great bike all round I thought....so I bought it :)
  12. Easiest question I've had all year - GSXR FTW!
  13. thanks for the input, appreciate it

    I hasn't really considered the CBR but might take one for a test when the time comes just to compare.
  14. hahahahaha well i'm convinced on that note!
  15. When I test rode them it was bucketing down with rain as well and the gixxer was just so much more confidence inspiring, plus it was brand new and looked it compared with the outdated look of the CBR
  16. have u considered a zx6 09+?
  17. hehehe like that one? :D

    My best advice about GSXR V R6 V ZX V CBR6 V anything else out there is this:

    Not alot seperates modern bikes. Granted, there is a rotation of brands as to whom as 'bike of the year' for that class for example, but remove all stickers, paint em all white with the same generic fairings and you'll find it harder than you might think to pick which is which.

    Whilst I will always say GSXR, Takamii will always say Yamaha etc etc so it's hard for the unititiated to make a decision based on this feedback.

    Ergo's play a massive part in 'which' bike is 'best' for you. It's really the major difference we're looking at between all the players in that the seat, footpegs and bars and their relation to each other. What works for me as a 5'10" rider and what works for someone 6ft + might be totally different.

    Best decision is to get on and test ALL the bikes in the class you're looking at, even the really expensive options that you wouldn't buy, simply to compare. One or maybe a few of those bikes will just feel 'right' to you.

    Along these lines, the bike that you feel most comfortable on will make you feel the most confident and therefore relaxed. Buy a bike you don't get on with, you tense up, more nervous and this affects the handling aswell.

    The ONLY thing that makes this theory a bit hard to test properly is the fact nearly ALL bikes need to have suspension adjustments/setup for the individual.

    Most bikes come, from the factory:
    Undersprung (too soft) in the front - to give the rider a feeling of plushness over rough road surfaces but when pushed, will tend to dive too much, bottom out.

    Oversprung (too hard) in the rear - because well you have a pillion seat on it so the spring rate is much stiffer to cope with a passenger.

    What does this tell us? That most bikes, brand new off the showroom floor have mis matched suspension. This makes it hard to judge the feeling of the ride as the ergo's may be ideal for you, but the setup is so poor it gives you the impression its not the bike for you.

    So if you have friends who are close in weight/riding speed on the bikes you are testing wjho've had their suspension dialled in (not an easy task to find them and then wrangle a test ride!) that's the best bet.

    Failing that, test the bikes, buy the one that makes you feel the most comfortable (and I don't mean comfy as in armchair comfy, just the right size for your body, reach, height) and once you get the suspension done it'll feel even better again......!

    Sorry, my posts do tend to be a bit long, not trying to be a know it all, you have listed 2 models spectfically so you may have well thought about this already so in that case it can serve as advice to others reading this thinking about their next new bike... :)
  18. I am pretty sure the Gixxer 600 has the two modes

    I have heard very good things about the suspension on the Gixxer 600 from a bike mechanic who rides a Busa1300

    No i haven't. Have you owned one? Can you give them a good rap?

    too much detail Chicken.......... :eek:
  19. You long post is appreciated mate. Gives me plenty to consider. 5, 7 " and 91kgs so I guess a lot will come down to comfort and being able to touch the ground.
    Plan is to be under 85kgs by the time I get the bike
    I mentioned these two bikes specifically as these are the ones i have "sat on". What is working in my favour is the next 10 months or so to make an informed decision. Thanks for taking the time out for providing your input.