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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Androo, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. this is a thread for YZF600R owners/fans

    I'd like to know how many are out there and what you think of the bike :D

    also, what mods do you have/want?
  2. Looking to get one very soon, let you know!
  3. awesome bike eh :D

    mines nekkid, down 1 tooth on front sprocket and soon to be up two on the rear.


    what i think of it? out of the 600s in that price range (mid 90s) its gotta be the pick of the bunch. fast, handles great and comfy as. there's other bikes i'd prefer, but when i struggled to get $4000 together to buy this, its about as good as my money was gunna get. thundercats rock 8)
  4. have owned a 97 yzf-600r and loved it ever since.....took it from sydney down princes hwy to great ocean road then to adelaide......the bike was great, comfy, grunt and handling the whole time.....sits in the garage next to my 996 and still gets a ride every once in awhile
  5. wow that was disappointing :p

    anyone else?
  6. Well I do not have a whole lot of reference in comparing my bike but I must say that I LOVE IT!!

    It is a nice weight for me. Handles and brakes well. Sounds good due to an after market pipe. Has certainly got lots of get up and go.

    I was having a chat with a fellow at a cornering course and he said that he had recently read an article where they compared the good old Thunder Cat to the new R6s and they came out well.

    A mate of mine, who actually helped me buy my baby also had a Thundercat, but he smashed it. He replaced it with a Kwaka 600 around the same age. He thinks the Thundercat is a better bike and is looking to get another one.
  7. hey thundercat, what brand of pipe do you have? I'd love a bit of extra grumble :p
  8. i was thinking of going round the corner to megacycle. they'll do a polished oval can for like $400 i think. look good and apparently sound pretty awesome too (going on what a couple of other riders have told me) they're just on cheltenham rd not far from parkmore...
  9. hey Coconuts! 400 is pretty good, considering the price of a yoshi or something

    oh yeh, I'm planning to get my bike tuned on a dyno soon too :)
  10. yer, pretty damn good indeed :D its a fair whack more for the carbon ones but i dont want that anyways. a nice oval polished can will suit me to a tee i reckon.

    i'd probably get all excited about a dyno too if i was on the road. gimme 6 months and we'll start comparing bikes :twisted:
  11. It is a megacycle carbon fibre pipe. A good investment if you ask me. Make going through tunnels a lot more fun, sounds great (well at least I think so).
  12. cool, sounds like megacycle is the one to check out then :)

    thundercat - did you need to jet the bike after you installed the pipe?
  13. Androo - When I bought the bike the guy I purchased off put the pipe on for me so I am not sure if he made any adjustments after installing.

    People seem to have different ideas about the issue, some say you should and some say there is no need to bother.
  14. ah right.. well I recently bought a jet kit for mine only to find out it already had one when I opened up the carbies. so if you're interested, it's for sale.. :D
  15. i've got one.

    searched long and hard for the right one :p

    found it 15 hours away and rode it home !

    loving it since. it's fast, sexy and good on fuel.

    sounds a treat too since i put on the aftermarket remus can which came with it :)

    great bike, awesome brakes, and good power.

    97 model blue / white. farkin awesome i say !
  16. welcome to the club aye :wink:

    how much you pay, how many kays??
  17. Hey Kramer

    I am with you there. The only difference there is mine is red and I have a megacycles pipe. Hey even the name is cool, you cannot get much better than Thundercat!.
  18. I just got one as well! Last night I told the guy I would take it.

    '97 model - Black / Grey

    Overracing carbon fibre exhaust

    lowish Kms

    new diablos

    very excited... :D

    by the way, I'm thinking of getting some frame sliders, any suggestions?
  19. fuggin hell! this bikes more popular than i gave it credit for :?

    go the thundercat club :D
  20. Hey Dah Dah


    I am sure you will