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YZF600R Fix Up

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by colourclassic, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Project YZF600R

    Gonna use this as a bit of diary on the fix up of my new-to-me 1994 YZF600R.

    First things first, my current ride is (was) an 89' Honda Spada, fantastic bike but currently not on the road due to some carby or electric problems. Will eventually get around to fixing her up and selling her...


    So since I got my L's when I was 18, I had my heart set on a K4 GSX-R750 for the day I got off my restrictions (I just turned 20, still on R's for 4 months because I was slack about going for my P's). But being youngish, insurance would have been somewhere around $5000 for full comprehensive on the gixxer. That's a bit f*cked, so I figured i'd go in search of an oldie...


    This one was in not too horrible nick but had been down obviously, and the wreckers wanted $3900 for it. It was an 1991 "M" model 750. Bit too expensive for the condition I thought...

    So some searching and I turned up the 1994 YZF600R. Went out and had a look at it. Was in quite nice condition, fairings were good, engine was good, tranny was good. All seemed pretty legitimate. Had about 46,400 kays, but it came with the original owners book and services, plus the guy I bought it from mostly used it for touring, so I'm hoping she hasn't had a hard life.

    As I got her...



    Removed the Ventura bag and rack and put the seat cowl on. Anyone need a Ventura bag/rack?

  2. Ripped the fairings off and dropped the oil and coolant...


    Chucked in some Belray semi-synth 10-40w and a genuine Yamaha filter. Also put in a K&N air filter...


    Checked the thermostat was okay and water pump was pumping.


    All good so poured in some Shell Coolguard OAT coolant and purged the system. Nice to have the peace of mind of fresh fluids. Brakes will be done later...
  3. Very nice, how's she ride? I'm imagining like a scalded cat, haha.

    Heads up on the K&N filter, you may find you need a slight carburettor adjustment afterwards due to slightly better flow rate than the stock item. I'm taking about a 1 position needle raising here, not much really. If there doesn't seem to be a problem then don't worry.

    Also, I'd keep the bag & rack - if you want to go away somewhere for a weekend it'll definitely come in handy. I use the one on my 1100 all the time.

    Cheers - boingk
  4. Those old YZFs rock. Yours looks just about mint, too.

    The motor kicks the arse of the newer R6s in 95% of road use. Pity about the Ken Done meets MC Hammer paint jobs they all had - but at least you don't need to worry about it getting stolen! :p
  5. wow $3900 for the 91 gsxr?! that is way too expensive. my 2000 cbr 929 was 4k

    the 600 looks great, have you got any mods planned for it?
  6. Looking forward to the next post
  7. She's a bit lean just off idle, but not too bad really. I'll look into raising the needles though..

    Haha, yea all my mates said something similar, I like it, kinda grows on you I guess.

    No plans for now, just get her on the road and running nice. Maybe if I bin her i'll do a streetfighter :demon:

    Next update very soon...
  8. Bought a torque wrench. I like my bolts tight, but not too tight ;) This one has a range of 10-80Ft-lb and will do most fasteners on the bike with the exception of some of the smaller bolts and nuts i.e. clutch cover, exhaust head studs etc. Good judgement and a steady hand usually works well in those situations.

    Oh and a big f^ck off Metal Mulisha Sticker thrown in for good measure...


    Next up i'll be fiddling with the clutch actuator mechanism... Stay tuned.
  9. Pulled the sprocket cover. The amount of dirt and shit that came out was ridiculous! Used a full can of degreaser in there, but it's shiny now. While I had the cover off, i decided to rebuild and adjust the clutch actuator. That round thing in the clutch cover is connected to the clutch cable. When you pull on the clutch, the round assembly rotates upwards and outwards. This pushes the clutch rod which disengages the clutch. I opened up the actuator and cleaned and re-greased the bearings and seals. Also cleaned the clutch rod and greased the selector shaft. Working nicely now.


    Also spent some time polishing the alloy rearsets. They look better in person, but I might pull them again and get em' to a mirror finish.

  10. Hmmm, anyone know what would cause a grinding or clacking noise from the front sprocket area? The sound occurs when the rear wheel is rotated quickly on the paddock stand. The chain is in reasonable looking condition, but does have a tight spot. The tension is correct. I checked out the countershaft bearing and seal and both are smooth and good. Is this normal chain noise?

    Also, if i have the bike up on a stand and put it into first while the engine is running, the chain pops and judders as the rear wheel spins. This normal? If I give it just a tiny bit of throttle, the chain runs smoothly.

  11. Chain bounce - what is your idle speed? Condition of the sprockets? has the tension been adjusted on EACH SIDE of the bolt EQUALLY?

    The sound on the front sprocket - is that when the tight spot passes through?
  12. Idle is 1,250rpm as stated in manual. Sprocket looks decent, not hooked. Chain tension was set equally from swing arm pivot. The sound is constant.

    One thing i noticed is that the rear wheel is hard to turn by hand. It wont spin if you give it a good push, feels like the rear bearings might be seized, could that cause it?
  13. In what gear mate? haha :p In gear the wheel will be harder to turn...
  14. Well in first gear on the stand, i get the chain bounce. If I leave the bike off and in neutral, the wheel is hard to turn by hand.
  15. uFDwU.

    My front master cylinder rebuild kit came in from the states. The old rubbers were looking ragged as, plus the lever had a mildly notchy feel. Opening it up revealed plenty of crud in both the piston and bore of the MC. I used a bit of emery paper wetted down to smooth the bore, plus heaps of brake cleaner. If you've never done this on your bike, I recommend it, you'll be surprised by the amount of crud in there. Lever is now smooth as original. Filled it up and bled with Shell Dot 4. I wanted to do the caliper seals, but can't currently find a source other than $Yamaha$. I'll leave them for another time anyway. Anyone know a source of cheap/good pads? eBay or something? Don't want crap pads up front.

    Cruddy as F^ck:


    All back together, plus I spent some time cleaning and polishing the lever to make it all puurrddyyy like:


    Came out well I reckon.

    Still waiting on my new stainless fairing bolts from the UK, anyone know how long it should take for postage there to here? It's been over 2 weeks now :censored:
  16. My front wheel has a small dint in it, plus the paint is pretty scratched, sooo - new front wheel! Just needs new bearings and tyre, i'll use my current rotors as they are well above spec. I'll either paint it the original colour, or polish and leave it raw, depending on how my bank account is looking.

  17. Still waiting on a few things to show up... I ordered new alloy fairing bolts from Pro-Bolt Australia and some new windscreen bolts off eBay.

    But, my new rear brake rotor and pads came in! The old rotor was well under size, and the pads had been contaminated. I'll probably wait on installing these until I change the tyres. No point in pulling the back wheel off twice! I also bought a new set of 3/8" drive hex sockets so i can do all my torque settings correctly (they're in the red box with the metal gear sticker on it).

  18. My new fairing bolts from Pro-Bolt came in. Nice quality alloy dome head bolts and nylon washers to keep the paint in good nick. Also ordered new windscreen bolt kit from eBay so that should be here in the next few days.

  19. Re: Project YZF600R

  20. Hi,

    I have a question for all forum members regarding the YZF600R engine. Does anyone know what the coolant flow rate through the water pump is for various engine rpms? I've been looking around the web and even called Yamaha but haven't found an answer yet.

    Just wondering if anyone has any information on this!