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YZF1000R Turbo?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Browncoat, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Is it feasible/possible to get a turbo or supercharger fitted to this bike?

    Anyone know of any companies that make these sorts of modifications?
  2. dont they come with them standard?
  3. Is this a serious question or a lame attempt at trolling?
  4. This is a serious question. I got a nice tax return this year..

    I'm not sure how you could even fit a turbo or blower under the fairing but just thought I would ask.

    If it is possible what sort of money are we talking?
  5. Pretty much any four-stroke four is a good candidate for a turbo.

    I doubt if you'll find a bolt on kit though. Go and find a copy of Maximum Boost by Corky Bell and read it from cover to cover. Then read it again. After that you'll have a fair idea of what's likely to be involved.

    Everything you have plus your firstborn son. Power is expensive.
  6. you will kill yourself
  7. Of course it's possible.

    Have you never read a copy of Rapid Bikes? There's a turbo something or other most issues. :) Not to mention Ghostrider's Turbo 'Busa.

    You'd need a lot of custom stuff, unless someone does a kit, not sure how it'd work with carbys either...

    Mr. Turbo don't list any Yamaha's, but they do a universal kit: http://www.mrturbo.com/turbo-sys/turbo_sys.html

    S&R Pro apparently do a lot of bike turbos: www.sandrpro.com.au

    Good luck, I hope you got a very good tax return.
  8. Google pics.

    I really shouldn't answer this ... The general layout of the engine is brilliant for a turbo. The 5 valve head goes less well with them. It works, but a conventional 4v head works better and is easier to tune and set up. Bolting one on is not all that hard, getting it to run as well as a turbo 1000 sports bike should run, is another matter.

    If you want to polish and chrome things, and be artistic, and build a bike to impress onlookers - the big EXUP will be a great starting point. If you want to buy a kit and bolt it on and just have it work - get another bike. K1 gixxer thous work well.
  9. Thanks for the replys, sounds like its going to be cost prohibitive then and difficult to get set up properly. I figured as much anyways, it was just a thought. I'm not looking for show, really i'd like to be able to get some more acceleration. I'm not a ratbag really, i've matured lots over the years but i'm just looking for a little more when I do give it a squirt.
  10. Browncoat - on the off chance that you're serious - for the cost of getting a turbo install working on an older bike - sell the older bike - add the money you saved up for the hair drier, and buy a new (or newer) sporty bike. If you want a bit more omph than a thunderace, try a 954 blade, or a K4 ~ K5 gixxer. Power is a little bigger, but weight and bulk are a lot less, so performance is quite significantly better. They handle better, so you can carry more speed through and out of the corners, which gives you a big head start on the next straight.

    As somebody said on my other forum the other night, as a beginning road racer, you soon reach a point where you think your bike is slow off corners, and you wonder what the others have done to theirs that make them so much quicker. Some time later, possibly years, you realise it had nothing to do with the bike.

    It's just a suggestion - you make your own mind up, but I think anybody who thinks a K5 lacks for punch on public roads either (a) can't ride right, or (b) should be taken out and beaten a bit with a fence paling, because they're a bad, bad man. I have that on good authority, actually. Dave Jefferies said that about people who want to tune R1s for the road. He was a 6'6 110kg man who could get a stone stock R1 around the Isle of Mann at about 126 miles per hour. When they tuned R1s for him to race, the first thing they did was put custom made super strong handlebars and footpegs on them - because he used to snap the stock ones...
  11. Heya Kneedragon - Sounds like you still think i'm trolling or something.. I am being very serious though perhaps it seems a little misguided. As I said previously it seems what I was considering is going to be cost prohibitive (more than I thought) and the wife definitely wont let me buy a new bike (we just bought a new car..)

    Anyways my YZF1000R is in bloody good condition and I like riding it, i'm just looking for a little bit more punch.

    A small squirt of nitrous occasionally might be the go but i've always been a little scared of the stuff.

    P.S. i've got about 5k to play with
  12. hahahaha nice.
    you could probably do a custom big bore and cams regrind for that amount of money, more power everywhere, maybe there are even kits for your bike
  13. just get a new bike instead so u wont lose money on resale
  14. Sorry, I'm a bit sensitive about it. I have a fella on another thread who's feeding me rope. I've typed out this great ten page 'Secrets of the universe' thing and I'm slowly realising it's all just an invitation to me to say something stupid.

    With 5 grand, a nitrous shot would certainly give you some extra. Budget to get someone who really knows what they're doing to set it up, though. As a (relatively) cheap bolt on thing, to give very real and significant performance gains anywhere in the rev range, giggle gas is hard to go past, but it can lunch your motor real quick if it's not set up right, and it has to be set up and purged and ready to use - you don't just bolt it on and open the throttle when you want to go fast. It's like a light-switch, on or off. When it's on, you've suddenly got another (say) 100 hp going to the wheel. It isn't proportional with the throttle - it's just there. I've never used it myself, but I think it might be a bit of a handfull.

    Also worth thinking about, apart from the full on sports bikes, something like the GSX1400 doesn't have the huge top end of my ZX14 or an R1 or 'blade, but they do have heaps of torque from very low in the rev range. By the seat of the pants gauge, in real world every-day situations, they are a fast bike. It doesn't so much translate to the race track or the drag strip because the top end closes off pretty early, but at the sort of revs people use in normal situations, not much will keep up with a GSX1400. Within the last couple of days, I've seen a GSX14 going for as little as $5,000.

    I still think a K3, 4, or 5 GSXR 1000 is the go. Go test ride one. Let it run down to idle in first, then open the throttle all the way. See how long you can hold open. Cover the rear brake though. You might need it in a big hurry. Now go and try it in top gear. If that's not enough go for you - in a real world setting - then either you're riding a sick one (so don't buy it) or you're a sick man and I take my hat off to you.
  15. Do tell. I'll come and watch.

    Hey there Browncoat. Do a search on Supercharged VFR 800. I'm at work right now, only browsing quickly while I wait for programs to run on the CNC profile cutter I'm driving, so I can't give you much more than that. The dude has done a really neat & tidy job and it sounds like the bike runs brilliantly. Go for your life I say:)
  16. I also think Brook Henry of Vee Two fame is doing supercharger kits for some bikes -Harley V Rods if my memory serves me correctly. Could be worth chatting to him. But I think they're a wee bit more than 5K and that's not a one off.
  17. It's also illegal for a road vehicle in every state and territory (AFAIK). Whether you risk it or not is up to you.

    Incidentally, ISTR that a N2O system can be staged to be a bit gentler. In the UK about 30 years ago when everyone in the car world started playing with turbos without knowing that much about them, a progressively opening nitrous system linked to the throttle was a popular way of covering up turbo lag. Dunno how well they worked though.
  18. Oh yeah, nearly forgot, ignore all the accountants bleating about wasting your money and not getting it back. WTF are you doing riding bikes. F#ck right off and do something really exciting like investing in shares, or the stock market, or property.
  19. mate
    for 5k you could get a road registerable trail bike for weekend fun
    when the YZF1000R gets boring hop on the trail bike with 50/50 rubber mounted and ride her out to the bush
  20. Kernel - I already have an 08 WR450F for when the scrub appeals :)

    Roarin - Wow! I checked out supercharged VFR800 vids.. thats what I want!!

    How much do you reckon thats gunna set me back?