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YZF1000 '98

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Doggy, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. Hi all, I'm thinking of upgrading and the local dealer has a not too bad nick YZF1000 '98 model. Can't remember the k's but it wasn't too high. Bike is ok nick but hasn't been cleaned in a long while. Story is the bloke bought it as a toy and then was too scared to ride it much so it sat in a shed. He apparently traded it on a new Shadow. Dealer is asking $8,000 with 12 months rego on it. I've checked red book and they reckon $6,400 - $7,600 (private sale). I accept that the dealer would be a little higher etc but I haven't seen too many for sale around here. Is $8K a reasonable price?

    Any one got any thoughts on the YZF1000? Good or Bad I'd like to hear them.

  2. Got EXUP?
  3. Considering that same money can get you a 2000-model R1 or Blade, no, it isn't. I'd consider $6500 to be absolute top dollar for a Thunderace.

    Under that weirdo-futuro bodywork hides a lot of fairly long-in-the-tooth technology. The wheels, swingarm, instruments and motor are little changed from the FZR1000 which preceded it, and they're quite heavy; of the order of 235kg wet.

    They're sportier than their size, weight and appearance would suggest. First bike to be fitted with the Sumitomo monoblock calipers made famous by the R-sisters. Most of them start blowing smoke by 80,000km or so, though... something of a bugbear of those motors. Sometimes, the problem's with the rings. Other times, valve stem seals. Neither is a particularly cheap repair. Strong gearboxes, though (only five-speed, mind).
    They were about the last model to be afflicted with the craptastic finish which spent the 90's ruining Yamahas' resale value. If not looked after, they can end up looking quite secondhand quite quickly; rust around the welds on the tank, corroded alloy on the engine and triple clamps, that sort of thing.
  4. i used to have a thundercat and i always wanted to upgrade to an ace.. i quite liked the riding position on them, and the fact that they're tuned for massive mid-range power

    i doubt you could find an R1 at a dealer for 8k, but i wouldnt pay that much for a thunderace. for less then that, you can get a late 90s zx-9r for example, which i would consider a better bike
  5. go IK :D

    i'd say good bike if gotten for the right price, but $8k is way steep when you can get a newer, lighter, quicker bike for the same money.

    would be better suited than an R1 if you were keen on a bit of touring, but an older ZX9 can be had for much less and i would say wouldn't be much less comfortable (the 9s are just tourers really, just dont tell the owners that :LOL: ) and just as quick.

    talk him right down if you really want it....
  6. cheeky bastard Coconuts ;)

    i want to ride interstate, but i dare say i wouldnt make it on a zx9
  7. (perplexed look)
    Ummm, why?
  8. cos he's a pansy, why else would he buy a sports tourer?

    :p :p :p :p
  9. Thanks, Yeah first thought when I saw it was "oh, that looks like it's sat in a shed for years" and I was right, I went and had another look at it and the km's are 19,000 (which I don't think can be right) and the cosmetics are a bit :( . He went down to 7 1/2 but that was it so I gave it a miss.

    Now he tried to sell me a CBR600F '99 for $8K. Looks sweet but still to expensive I reckon.

    Thanks for the input guys.
  10. Seriously, if you're after a sportsbike with a bit of meat on it, go for a '98-onwards ZX9. More chassis and brakes than the Thunderace, more motor and infinitely more character than the contemporary FireBlade, most (just) of the excitement of a contemporary R1
  11. yeh, you gotta watch out for bikes that have been sitting for a long time... the rear shock can go when it doesnt do any work (the oil leaks out) .. cost well over $1000 to replace

    just check the suspension on the back and make sure it doesnt bounce off the spring
  12. yeah have a test ride on a zx9 and you will be sold comfy heaps of grunt and yes they will make it interstate i reacently purchased a 2002 zx9 with 17000ks for 8800