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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by boro_baba, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Fellow netriders...

    dunno if this is in the correct place or not... if not plz move 2 correct place :)

    ok... i just upgraded from my 250 to a YZF r6 2000 model (White, Red and Black Theme) its done 43,000k's when i first bought it, it was 100% fine...

    2 dayz after the sale iv noticed that it makes like a little clicking sound at every 4 and 6 thousand RPM... my old 250 had the same thing but my mechanic said that its a normal sound that carbbys make...

    seeing as it was only a 250 i didnt really care about it ... now that iv put my blood sweat and tears into saving for this 600 i want every 2 b working fine on it and im just abit concerned about the "health" on it.

    the sound kind of sounds like a spark ... if you know wat i mean... its like those electric lighters (ciggi lighters) but at a much faster pace.

    ANY help would b much appreciated ... i would also be VERY appreciative if some one can have a look at it and just tell me wat they think ( cant afford a mechanic for now)

  2. Sorry I'm not sure what the problem is, but did you get a mechanic to inspect it pre purchase?
  3. Does it misfire when you hear this 'clicking sound' ? If so, it's probably electrical.. ie a lead etc ...
    You should get a mechanic to look over it, I know you say you can't afford it right now, but it could cost you alot more later if the problem is something more serious.
  4. Why don't you ride it to the coffee night/motogp night tonight, and show
    the people there?
  5. dont really understand what you are saying, it makes this noise just at 4 and 6k rpm?

    if it makes it all the time id be thinking valve shims need checking.
  6. Thanx for the quick replies guys... much appreciated...

    does any1 live around doncaster area? cuz i would really like a second oppinon on this. Id b more than happy 2 bring the bike 2 u so u can check it out and if u can find out wat it is there'll b a free 6 pack of ur choice waiting for ya :grin:
  7. Fuel pump???..maybe.
  8. thats my guess.
    the 1kf made a similar sound at the fuel pump, made by the fuel pump relay (a click) as the fueling system required more fuel. the relay was on its way out at the time. after replacing the relay, no more clicking.
  9. if its an electric lead and it flings around alot and by accident touches the frame u could stuff up you're whole electronic system and that can cost you nearly a quarter of your bike.

    *knowledge taken from a mechanic friend*
  10. yea my old man said it might b the fuel pump but i thought that the 2000 model R6 is a gravity fed carbby?

    any willing to take a look?
  11. :( :( :( ANY BODY!?!?! :( :( :(
  12. Is it like a pinging noise?

    I have something similar (sounds like a pinging/clicking noise, from the engine, and comes on on revs over 5000 rpm) on my 1999 R6. I was told that the valves need to be adjusted and that the noise is from the cam chain which needs to be replaced as well.
  13. That sounds BAD!!!

    how much do u think itd cost to fix it?
  14. Exhaust EXUP valve? IF it's always at the same RPM that could be what it is.

    Bring it to a spanner night and 10 people will have a look at it for you.

  15. That would be MUCH appreciated!!! Where and when? ill b there 4 sure!!! :grin:
  16. Tomorrow night, in Tarneit. A bit out of your way but there's folks coming from further. I'll PM you the address.
  17. what a life saver!!! :grin:

    nothing in my inbox yet though :?: