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YZF-R6 vs ZX-6R (1998-2003)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by lightassassin, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Okay guys, after much reading and research (and a quick spin on a few different bikes). I've decided that the 2 bikes I like best are the R6 and the ZX-6R (in my price range, would love a newer 600 but the boss doesn't seem impressed on spending any extra cash after I went all out on my gear =D ).

    I'm looking at the 98+ models for both (the R6 obviously starting in 1999). I'm planning on 5-6k (the less the better), so far I've found a couple of each forsale but before I go buy one I'm curious on common issues with both.

    I've heard the Yamaha has issues with it's gearbox during the first series (1999-2003) but it appears it's mostly the 2001/2 ones with it? Is this correct? Is there any other major issues?

    The ZX-6R I haven't really heard of any possible issues, this might just be missing the info or are they pretty fool proof?

    Obviously it comes down to how the owner treats them and such, maintence is always important :] But there are sometimes those common issues that can't be helped (or can be with aftermarket gear :wink: ).

    Must say, I do love the way the R6 comes onto power after 10k rpm, reminds me so much of my skyline driving with a bit of boost lag so it's not a fear, but an enjoyment feeling. It's a bit taller then the zx6r as I stand at 5'10 (short legs, long torso, so the longer feeling reach on the R6 is fine) but I find it fine for me.

    So give me the dirt please, just want to know before I leap. Just need the god damn car to sell! :(
  2. The 03R6 was when they changed to the Fuel Injected Model, so I think you mean from 99 – 02. Though After having ridden the 03 I found it to be a very confidence inspiring ride, and would recommend it highly. It is significantly smaller than the Kwaka (Kwaka feels like a Bus to me)
    Here was what I had to say on the R6 https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=39861
  3. Hmm im gonna say R6, as today some dude on an earlier model zx6 parked next to me and it was overheated from traffic, spitting out a hella-of-alot of coolant from overflow. At the same time i also saw an 03-04 R6 that wasn't overheating, so thats my deicision haha.

    Just search and search, be patient and a bargain will show up somewhere hopefully go for an EFI model if you can scrap the money together.

  4. just get a gixxer! :LOL:
  5. :LOL:

    But seriously, the man makes sense :D
  6. The ZX-6R has a better motor and from 98-02, will be more comfy.
  7. Yeh i agree that would be my decision, but not his model choices, is there a reason why mate your not considering earlier model GSXR600's.
  8. he's obviously chosen these 2 bikes for a reason, so lets try not to upset that by throwing other bikes into the equation.

    i'd go the R6, as they look better.

    in all seriousness, both are good bikes, both go well, both cost about the same, etc. so really, it comes down to what u like the look of, and/or what you can afford.
  9. Ohh the gixxer is a possiblity, but the factor is I can't find any in my price range. most are way over priced.

    I've been looking around for bikes since early june and haven't seen a decent gixxer come up yet (well any local ones, found one in cairns but it's got quite high kms 70,000 compared to the ~30-50,000). I did find a nice 750 but it sold pretty quickly. I am open to options but these 2 bikes appear quite regularly, decently priced (around redbook values vs + 1-2k more for a gixxer) and I don't mind riding either. My personal sway is the R6 as I feel comfortable with the low power down low, high power up top action.

    So if you know of some well priced GSXR600s within 200km of brisbane maybe a bit further (I'd like to get home on one tank of fuel distance). Please do share :]

    My problem is so many choices and I'm just trying to wade through them to find what suits and I can afford. Seen a few CBR900RRs and GSXR750s from the mid to late 90's that are affordable, but haven't been on them yet, and was looking for more of a intermediate bike and I want to work myself a bit with gear changes etc... (I don't sit in traffic heh).

    Keep the info coming though, thanks for the support sheppo, but they are on the money. I'm just trying to limit the choices to make things clear.

    For the Record my opinion is GSXR600 == R6 > ZX6R from what I like. :]
  10. Im in a similiar situation to you.

    The r6's from 99-02 look the buisness. And they go like buggery. Only problem is there carbies...and while 99 dosnt seem that long ago now...its about 10 years...

    The kwaka is a glorified sports tourer...its fat, it feels fat, and did i mention it was fat.

    For me the choice between those two bikes is easy...the r6 everytime...it wins hands down on the track...and thats what i want it for. The kawa is a much better road bike really, due to the comfort factor...dont get me wrong, the r6 shits all over it, but its not as upright.

    Im trying to find a fuel injected 600-1000cc bike to use as a track bike myself. The problem with this seems to be that the only people with there head screwed on in regards to 2nd hand prices are bike dealers, a quick browse of bikesales will pretty much confirm this...

    "i bought this 07 r6 for 16k on road, ive thrashed the fcuk out of it for 5k and am now selling for 15800"

    Also, something to think about is that when your buying an older bike like that, its true value is somewhere in the 4-5k region...its 10 years old...and thats if it immaculate.
  11. Yeah booth, that's what I've gathered and have been looking around, and will tell them what I'll pay and that it's all I'll pay.

    I'm not fussed if I miss out on one because they want a silly price, and I only sell things for what they are worth (ie people ask $500-2k more for the car I'm selling which is insane imo). Just have to look everywhere I find, bike forums, bikesales, bikepoint, trading post, ebay etc... until you find one.

    I agree with the ZX6R being fat, but it does make for a nice road bike. Carbies aren't too bad, and it was the king 600 of the roost at the time (R6 that is) so I'm not too stressed.

    Just wanting to know of any major issues beyond the gearbox for the R6 and anything else for the zx6r. There is no rush, but I'd rather have sooner as I don't want to have to borrow a car when mine sells :]
  12. i have had 2 of yammy the first was the thundercat different seating position style, but same box as the 99-02 r6 never had a problem with the gearbox, now have a 01 r6 and gearbox is good and again no issues.....i am starting to wonder whether it's a urban myth :?
  13. r6

    Looks like you have your heart set on the R6 then :)

    I have a 99 R6...cant really compare it with the ZX6R because Ive never ridden one. I narrowed it down to pretty much the same choices as yours, but i liked the looks of the R6 (in blue) better.

    Mine has a problem with the 2nd gear. Jumps out of gear if I accelerate hard in 2nd. Apparently this is quite common in R6/R1 of similar age, and it is not a cheap repair..so watch out for that.
  14. Yeah, the only thing I've ever heard of as a common 'gotcha' with either is the R6 (and YZF600R before it) gearbox thing with second. As far as I know it's fairly easy to detect on a test ride and either avoid like the plague or get a massive discount for so you can get it fixed - there are apparently aftermarket selector forks that can be used in the repair that stop it happening again.
  15. ive heard the headstock on the kwaka's are relatively weak...i.e the frame around the headstock isnt exactly...stiff. In an ageing bike, this is an issue, because they arnt as stiff as they used to be anyway. Gl with your search anyway man.