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YZF-R6 vs CBR 954 RR FireBlade

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by antidope_rs125, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. hey everyone.....i'm plannin to upgrade from Aprilia RS125 into something bigger....

    shortlisted 2 machines but bit confused...

    i know there is a much difference in engine capacity....but confused abt which one will last more...maintenance cost effective....and riding comfort...height of the seat...etc etc....(both bikes are 2003 make)

    abt me: i'm 5'7....slim....wanna ride to work and some weekend activities...never tried bigger machines....but riding from last 6 yrs


    thanks in advance
  2. The agony of choice... aint it grand.
    The R6. Great bike.
    Pro's... Nimble, fast & reliable. And a good stepping stone from what you are on.
    Con's... It will take a week to get use to the power increase and you will want more. Don't we all. because its a 600 you will have to give it some to get it to go. And will find yourself always up it. Not the best cruiser. Not too different to what you are riding now.

    The Blade. Always was a sensational bike and always will be. A great all rounder. It will take you some time to get use to the torque and weight of it. And they are getting long in the tooth so it will require some work unless you get a real good one. A big difference to what you are riding now. Power and handling wize.
  3. Go the 954. No-brainer.
  4. Darling 2nd gear issues have plagued that sweet little 6
  5. I have the CBR954RR, and loving it. Still not quite used to the power yet coming from a RGV250. Its a quick bike..

    I've heard alot of people say the CBR954 isn't a thousand, but it isn't a 600 either.
    They say its got the heart of a thousand, but the size and weight of a 600.
  6. Both bikes are the same age, so I would think that the 954's engine would have had an easier life - unless it's spent time on the track, the 954 is likely to have been ridden lower in its powerband at smaller throttle openings.

    Consumables such as the chain, sprockets, brake pads and tyres will need to be replaced more often on the 954 though. It's not cheap to replace the tyres every 5-8 thousand km at $550 / set.
  7. I think only the first gen r6 had that problem.
  8. For me, it would be the 954.
  9. riding a honda is like gay sex - sure it works, but its still gay :)
  10. The R6, while not lighter, is narrower and less powerful - it'll make you work for it and focus on corner speed. The 954 is a better all 'round bike.

    We'll take your word on the second part, but you wouldn't know how to ride a Honda.
  11. Hey Mate,

    I think you may be the person I was talking to at Wakefield last month? I was on the light blue r6 in the shed next to you? If its not you I appologize in advance lol (not sure how many RS125's are out there)...

    Personally I would go the r6 (I am biased though), my little 99 R6 is great on the track, plenty of power and handles great. While no where near as powerful as my zx10, or a 954, the r6 is handles beautifully!

    I am around the same size as you by the sounds of it, and while I had the r6 on the road, I did a trip from Bathurst to PI, and the r6 was a dream! A lot more comfortable than the zx10 on longer rides, and as for maintenance, its not that hard, as long as you stick to the service book with oil/filter changes you should be sweet. The r6 is very easy to service!

    As for the 2nd gear issue, I have never had an issue with the box in mine. Admittedly mine only has 23,000 ish kms, and around 20K of those where road kms, so It hasn't had a hard life...

    Ill be at WP again on the 20th hopefully too ;)
  12. 954. Duh!

    I'm not biased or anything ;)
  13. And yet Rossi has been riding a Yamaha for years.
  14. :) Thanks everyone....appreciated all of the replies....i think i'll go for Fireblade....majority wins....btw anything special i've to check when buyin fireblade????
  15. no mate....i'm not that person.....after seein your experience with R6...i'm again thinkin of R6...

    also the one i'm looking is Black with Red Flames...and it looks gr8....

    but everyone is saying me to try Fireblade....

    i dont know what to do now....:-s
  16. Bikes are like the love of your life. It doesnt matter what anyone else thinks. Its the connection between you and it...or her.
    Just don't buy anthing till you have ridden both. Then you will know for sure.
  17. Yeah but have you heard his voice? 8-[


    On topic though, i would probably try go into town to Peter Stevens or some store as such and have a sit or test ride on the R6 as it wouldnt be THAT much different positioning wise. Not sure bout the 954 though... duno how your gonna get a glimpse of how she goes unless someone here is generous?
  18. Fireblade for sure, really well developed bike you will not be disappointed!
  19. Look out for possible crash damage on the 954(as with any bike really). They are known for being a pretty good stunt bike I've heard :)
  20. Never ridden either, but the comment about the 954's being 'long in the tooth' - take it from someone who has owned 5 vehicles (2 bikes, 3 cars) ALL over 12 years old, and all never had mechanical issues due to their age.

    I think people underestimate how long a well treated vehicle can last. Just because it isn't the latest model or even the same decade it was made, doesn't mean it is a slouch and mechanical headache by any means.

    My SRAD gixxer has given me nothing but easy starting and joy, my '94 ZZR250 worked flawlessly for 2 years on my L's, my '95 skyline was a great car.

    Old != bad
    and 2003 is NOT old.