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YZF R6 !! [ STOLEN in MELB ]

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by gxiang, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. hey people. never realy got the chance to post up some pics of my bike

    anyways here it is. had it for a while now.

    and yes it was stolen last night on spencer street melbourne. if anyone know anything please let me know. appriciated!!

    Mods so far:

    Anodised Red Adjustable Pazzo Lever (Short)
    Anodised Red Custom bar end
    Anodised Red Custom swingarm spool
    Anodised Red Custom front windscreen bolt
    Anodised Red Rego Holder
    Akrapovic Megaphone Slipon (Titanium)
    OEM Yamaha Race Windscreen
    OEM Yamaha Rear Seat Cowl
    Rear Numberplate Eliminator
    Flush Side LED Indicator
    Oggy Knobs
    Carbon Firbre style Mirrors
    Dragon Supercorsa PRO








  2. Who took the pics?
  3. The logo looks like it says G-Star Promotions, or something of the like

    Anyways, good luck in getting her back, tis a fricken sweet ride

  4. That's the second R6 I know of that was stolen last week. Keep your eyes and ears alert for R6 parts cheap etc etc
  5. numberplate?

    any marks?
  6. That really sucks, i can only imagine how shitty you felt when u got off the train only to find ur ride was not there waiting for you..Thieving bastards!
    How often does this sort of thing happen ? and are sports bikes more prone to it than cruisers? also what sort of tricks do the rest of you use to help keep your rides safe?
  7. Insurance.

    Man that sucks. Just think of it this way. Its better to get nicked there than at home
  8. Not good at all. there should be a law for vigilante justice if you caught them. might put these theiving pricks off from taking your ride.
    With you next ride of if you get this ride back buy a mongoose MCA500 alarm with pager. $400 installed and then might have a better chance catching them in the act and then dishing some punishment.
  9. 'Execution of the law' = one of the defenses for assault.

    "Oh yes... Well he stole my bike and his testicles were, uh, accidentally severed as I, um, restrained him using reasonable force." :cheeky:
  10. Insurance doesnt prevent your ride from being stolen, merely insures u get a new one....

    What i was looking for was any tips etc on things that some of you do in order to prevent this sort of thing...Are there alarms or immobilisers for bikes like there are for cars? , or perhaps special bike locks?
  11. nor will any of the other methods. Disc brake lock, thy can use a skateboard, chain, they can cut. alarm... most people ignore them, Insurance(assuming you have the right type and amount of cover) is the only option you won't totally lose out on.
  12. you are missing my point. bikes are really easy to nick. chains and disk locks are good but nothing is invincable.

    anyway lets not hijack this guys thread. just do a search its been covered a million times
  13. Mongoose MCA500 alarm.. $400 and it has a PAGER SYSTEM, alarm, immobiliser, mercury tilt sensor and remote start... Meaning it pages you when your bike is being touched.. At home use a ground anchor through the rear rim and swing arm. No bike is untouchable but at least with a pager system you will be alerted and could be out their in time to stop the theft and with a ground anchor at home they will have a hell of a time trying to grind it, cut it or anything else they can dish out.
  14. sledge to the concrete around it, then pull it out. even a little 5 pound sledge would be enough for most concrete. yeah its better than not having anything, but Insurance is the best option.

    I live up the road, sorry I never saw anything and I would of taken note of your bike, it is/was quite nice.
  15. sledge hammer = Noise and alot of it at that.. also bollts for anchor goes through 5 inches of concrete so it would be difficult.

    insurance is the best option but also prevention is better than cure.

    As for the op's post i will keep an eye out. i work just of spencer street. just very surprised that no one would have seen someone trying to lift the bike on a trailer.

    Where about on spencer street as there are a lot of place that have surveillance cameras so might be an option to drive down spenser and see places that have cameras at the front as it might have recorded the car going past with your bike on the back.
  16. Yeah i guess a one word point is fairly easy to miss isnt it? :-s

    I apologise i didnt realise asking relevant Q's about the topic matter was classified as "hijacking"

    I should probably clarify that at home my bike would be super safe, i live rural and have 9 mean looking dogs LOL

    Thanks for the pm Cheky ur help was appreciated ;)
  17. your not always home cheky... Most neighbours wouldn't interfere, or they would assume your renovating/fixing something.
  18. why not put 'steal this bike' message as well considering you tried nothing to prevent thieves and opportunist thieves.
  19. I took the pics myself. G is my name. cheers
  20. yeah number plate is IA933

    the left foot peg is chipped from scrapping on the floor