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YZF-R6 Fuel Range?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. As one or two of you may have gathered I just recently upgraded from my ZZR 250 to an 05 R6.
    Not long after picking up the bike I had a fuel light come on and filled it up, only taking basic knowledge of how much fuel I had put in the tank. 200km later and there is an other fuel light. Now my research indicates that the R6 has a 19.8 litter tank, and I was left thinking “Well that is some crap efficiency for you†I pull up and fill the tank 13.something litters…
    So… Does the 05 R6 have a 19.8 Litter tank? And if so what moron designed the fuel light to come on with a third of the tank still to go?

  2. :google:

    19.8 sounds too big to me. But depending on how you ride and how the mapping is set up, 200k's when the fuel light comes on would be about right. Why would you want the fuel light coming on with only a litre or so to go? Especially if you're in the boonies? :?


    after a whole 30 seconds on google, I found that it is a 17.03 litre tank and NOT 19.8 dude. 4.5 gallons is the imperial amount.
  3. You mean google so you find things like this
    I think I found the problem with my calculations…
    Gallon (UK) 4.55 litters
    Gallon (US) 3.79 litters
    17 litters sounds more like it.
    Still 3 Litters of fuel light… a Little more sensible.
  4. 17L tank, 3.5L reserve.

    So assuming 5.5L/100kms and that you fill it 100% to the brim, you're looking at around 245kms before hitting reserve, and tank completely empty by 300.

    But I'd guess you could get 5L/100kms easily with sedate riding.
  5. Dude,



    Can you also remember to post in the techincal section next time :grin: