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YZF-R125 world’s first test

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pro-pilot, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. as much as i'm a sucker for a racing stripe,
    the prilla stays
  2. wearing full leathers makes it look fast at least
  3. i doubt it will make it to AUS!

    and if it does it will be overpriced :(
  4. The bike is only going 20km/h, they are moving the camera to get a bit of blur happening :p
  5. She looks alright but it makes me wonder how tall that bloke is! I mean, what if he's 5'2"?? :LOL:
  6. Apparently the bike is almost the same dimensions as the R6.
  7. sigh....yzf 350cc/400cc anyone?

    Someone make a cheap track bike ffs lol
  8. it is coming to australia.
  9. where did ya hear that?

    one of the guys at the yammy dealer said they prob wont come as they will be too expensive for that market!
  10. If they are only $1000 more than the CBR in AUS $$$, then I don't see how they are over priced.

    I don't care what high horse you wanna jump on about what is the better bike, take a young person who knows nothing about bikes and ask them which bike they want between a $5,000 R6 look-a-like, or a $7,000 GPX sports touring looking bike. I think they'll sell.

    As will all the new school hot bikes that experienced riders turn their nose up at.
  11. not for me, but i do like the fact that more small capacity bikes are coming on the market.
  12. About the same dimensions as the R6, but being pulled by a 125?

  13. speed... meh ....looks good but =D