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YZF R1 Economy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Exonoesis, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. I understand there has been economy threads before, but im more curious about a R1 in general.And oops realised i posted in wrong section, should be under specific bike types, may it be moved :)

    Just wrapped my hands around a new toy (04R1) was curious what people are getting out of a tank for a R1 in general when cruising long distance at say 110km/h.

    i traveled 153.3km today and filled up the tank with 7.33 lt,

    so i worked that out as 4.7-ish Lt per 100km,
    quite surprised for a 1000cc.

    Any R1 owner/past owner responses are welcome :angel:
  2. thats the only reason people bye them im sure not realy good at any thing else lol
  3. Why would you buy a R1 if you are going to ride the limit? A 250cc will go 110kmh.

    Anyway I used to get 6-7L/100km out of my 2007. Not sure what it would do at 110kmh as i never rode it at that speed. Had to sell it for that reason.
  4. went to PI fri n sat on 900 hornet, 340 km round trip used 15:75 ltrs, 'doing the speed limit'
    as above mentioned, R1 and worried about fuel economy?
  5. yeah a 250 will take forever,and the wind will blow you off course,or off the road,they should ban them.
  6. That is just silly, mate.
  7. My 2011 R1 gets an average 7.4l per 100km according to the dash
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  8. Oh and at 110kmh the dash says I'm using around 4.5-5.5l per 100km
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  9. cheers.
  10. How do you manage that? My 2011 gets an average 7.9l per 100km.
  11. Upgrading to an r-1 from an rgv250, the economy is quite surprising for me. The rgv did ~130km to it's 17L tank, so you can tell I'm happy when I get over twice as many kms per tank and over twice as much power over my old bike.
  12. Never been one to think about fuel, except I'm gunna run out soon! Might be my MX background.
    Lots comes into it Ash. Gearing, tune and how you get to 100. That's why yours gets four rear tyres to the one new front he he.
    If you own Honda's or 09 R1's I would avoid 3,500rpm. And this is where the bikes usually sit in top @ 100. It's before it is producing much torque, not on the pipe yet sort of....god I am old ha ha.
    But the free play in the cam chain here is at its worst. Where Honda's and 09R1's eat their cam chain tensioner. And if you let it go whatever else it can slap on in there.
  13. Bretto, I think it may be to do with the *cough* open speed limits out here :p.
  14. Purely depends on how you're riding it. My '10 R1 gets ~5L/100km on average in general commuting around Brisbane, jumps to around 10-12L when I'm taking it "for a ride" -- Glorious, etc.

    It can be surprisingly fuel efficient when you want it to be, but why would you want it to be? :p
  15. Yeah cheers for reply, i've got the idea, i was more interested for those long boring highway distances, so i knew how far i was getting between fill up. not the cost . ;) looking forward to taking it for a proper ride in the future. Woohoo!
  16. Riding style perhaps? Wouldn't have a clue. Is yours stock standard?
    With the mods I have done to my bike I have a feeling the computer is off anyways!
  17. I get from Jerrabomberra to Sydney on a tank with left over and its a "cough" spirited speed"cough"

    You dont buy an R1 and then worry about fuel economy.
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  18. I cbf doing the conversion, but around town my 07 does about 170km's before resi kicks in. Never ran resi to empty, but I'd say it'd be around 30km's...so 200km's all up.
    That's with pipes, filter, and pc v and custom tune 161rwhp
  19. everyone knows R1s SUCK - fuel that is
  20. I'm sorry, but do riders on ANY superbike really give a sh!t, what the fuel economy is like?

    Mine blade went about 240ks on a tank full. Sometimes 300k if the trip was boring.

    Then I filled it up again...if mileage is problem then you are getting the wrong bike for the wrong reason, aren't you?