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YZF 600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Cat, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. Hey peoples,

    Just bought myself a 1998 YZF 600 (black and grey) for absolute bargain and prime condition. Just wondering if many of you out there own or have owned one, and if had and big problems with them etc?
    Not many people seem to own/have owned one and im just fishing for some info on them, so if anyone can help thatd be great : )

    Happy riding.

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  3. ...

    Do a google search on YZF600 and thundercat etc.

    I think there is a forum devoted specifically to them somewhere. Should be plenty of info.
  4. Would it be to forward of me to ask how much of a bargain it was.
  5. i hope not cause i'd like to know to :grin:
  6. Well to me it was a bargain, but its a 1998 model black/grey. 60k on the clock and never been dropped/ raced etc and done good country miles not just around town stuff. perfect condition, no scratches etc and bf and i have pulled fairings off now to get a good look at it, took it to a mate whose a bike makenic and its in top condition. Hopefully it stays that way and its not some underlaying problem no one can tell , but all in all paid $4500 for it. it was $4800 but asled if he'd drop it down and they did, but he wanted to get rid of it so could pay more to the brand newy he was buying. but yer to me a good buy to you guys might seem pretty crap....
    What you rekon sound okish?
  7. very very good price dude, one of the reasons you got a good deal is because people are scared of kilometers, when you add 20,000 and it has 80,000 it will make it a little more difficult to sell, but mehhh you'll get back what you paid as what you paid was awesome.

    POST SOME PICS!! :woot:
  8. That price seems good, I was shopping for a YZF600 before I bought the ZX6R, good performance but also a comfortable riding position. Don't be worried about the km's, if it been looked after it will last for a while yet, my ZX6 is nearing 80000km, still plenty of life left.
  9. Thanks for the replys : )

    just one kinda weird question...the pillion grab handles on the Yzf 600, does anyone know if there removable and can be covered over? aventually i'll get a seat cowl made up so looks little better...

    I did try the ZX6 but found it kinda little too cramped. Im not overly tall. (5'9) but for a chick its hard to find a bike that aint overly heavy yet still comfy...

    i notice not too many people like the yzf 600, but its a nice bike. never see to many on the road..
  10. Hi Cat
    I have the exact same bike as you, i havent seen any them same around either, some in different colours, but no black and grey ones! I am absolutely in love with my bike, and so far have not had any probs at all with it. I also got mine for a bargain, a little more than you, but mine has just clocked over 20,000 kms, and has a few extras.
    Since i've bought mine, i've been amazed at how many people actually think quite alot of this particluar bike, i'm always being told they were very under-rated.
    Happy riding, and i hope you get as much enjoyment out of your as i am mine :grin:
  11. Out of curiosity was the guy you bought it off a large lad with a beard?
  12. i dont think you'll find anyone that actually dislikes the cat, at worst, they'll just find it a little mundane. theres nothing to dislike except for the fact that it just doea everything easily and therefore can seem a little boring - no challenge.

    but yeah, i still miss mine, perfect all rounder IMO. but thats not what i wanted, something with a bit more beast to it is more my cup of tea :twisted:
  13. Mmm bought it from a large lad with a beard....? no idea what the owner looked like, but i bought it under consinment... I know its only had 2previous owners.
    Are you in Adelaide, cause u might know the bike i bought!
  14. I had one and it was a fantastic bike. I had no trouble with it at all... just routine maintenance :)

    very comfy, reliable bike, great looking

    if I had to pick on things, I'd say the suspension was too soft and the riding position was too relaxed for really sporty riding :p