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YZ250F Carbby Dripping Fuel

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattcooper, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone,
    Yesterday as I was pushing the bike into the house (no shed) the bike slipped over onto the tiles. It wasn't a bad fall as I was holding the bike when it went down.

    Since then the carburetor is dripping non stop fuel from the bottom hose *see image. Also the fuel tap is switched off so I am confused why its leaking. Ideas?

    2001 Yamaha YZ250F


  2. looks like some sort of overflow pipe. ithappens wen fuel tap is on and off?
  3. Could just be a little fuel through the overflow.

    You said it was done yesterday was it still dripping today?
    Could give the bike a run to burn up the fuel and see if it's still dripping.
  4. That looks like the carbie drain hose. Undo that screw and give it and the seat a good clean. Then do it bake up.
  5. Yeah strangely OFF

    Yeah thats the weird thing. I didn't no it was dripping yesterday. The smell of fuel was terrible.. I went to look at the bike this morning and saw it dripping away, So yeah.

    Thats a good idea, Problem is I live in a small area and the bike doesn't have an exhaust on it ATM LOL. But will run her for 1 min or so.

  6. Do you warm her up i the house :LOL: i took my can off once...the performance was crudd but loud :grin:

    but does it drip when its on? ~ slight possiblity that your fuel tap is a tad funky

    whats the fuel like? merky/cloudy or clear
  7. Hey
    I haven't really ran her yet.. Haven't even got the bike warm. I bought it second hand last week without an exhaust. Funny thing about the fuel tap.. When we first got it home we started her up.. Took 20+ kicks to get her to go.. Anyways the next day I realized the fuel tap was off so it ran for 2 mins+ with the tap off.. Maybe it was faulty or just burning fuel in the carby. From the photo I posted where you can see a drip the fuel looks a lil cloudy.
  8. you coulda damaged it by making it suck fuel through when its closed. (20+ kicks to start)
  9. LOL COOL! Non stop fuel for all :p

    Is it possible?
  10. Ah, I can't see how the fuel tap would be damaged by trying to start with the fuel tap off.
    Don't stress Matt, it probably would have been running on the fuel left in the carburettor.
  11. Sensational. I love a laugh first thing in the morning.

    -Turn the fuel tap off.
    -Put a tray under the bike and loosen the capscrew in your photo.
    -When all the fuel has drained out, tighten the screw back in.

    This will empty the float bowl. If it starts dripping after a day, you'll know your fuel tap is leaking.

    Most likely the fuel will stop running if you give the bowl some sharp taps with a screwdriver handle. (DON'T use a hammer).
  12. Thank you so much for that advice.

    I released the valve...Fuel pissed out.....Then with a non stop drip.... pulled the line off the fuel tap to see what the GO was and bingo the fuel was dripping from the tap in the off position.
  13. It's also possible that when the bike was on its side some fuel ran out of the tank into the overflow (that's what the hose looks like it might be) or even simply leaked out of the tank and dribbled down the bike eventually dripping off the bottom of the hose.

    So the question is is it still leaking?

    If it was only leaking then and not now I wouldn't worry.
  14. Yes its still leaking. Removing the pipe from the carby that goes back to the fuel tap. It was still dripping from that even though the tap was switched off. So it looks like I need a new tap. yamaha quoted me $80.00 I see on ebay in the UK a repair kit. Does anyone know if this kit would be okay?

  15. bike wrecker?
  16. Don't know the set up on your particular bike but taps have moving parts and there is usually a seal of some sort between them to prevent fuel leaking through the faces where the parts come together - usually a gasket or O-ring. May be as simple as putting a new one in.

    Also are you sure it's the tap leaking? Depending on set up if the tap screws into the tank could it be leaking there? May need just tightening.
  17. The needle is displaced from the seat.
  18. There is a chance that it only needs a new rubber part in the fuel tap, one or more of the parts in that kit. I've had them leak before. Disassemble it before spending $80!

    Also, you can buy such things locally from your stealer of choice.