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VIC Yum needs a petcock (Spada 1990)

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Ed., Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    The Mrs is in desperate need of a pet cock, for her gorgeous female Honda Spada build 1990.

    We've tried a few dating sites including RSVP, to no avail.

    We're looking for a complete unit - body and a tap that supplies the good juice on demand.

    Your help is appreciated in finding a suitable fuel tap,

    DSCF6426.JPG DSCF6427.JPG

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  2. Hahaha nice write up Ed :)

    Try Vicwreckers..
    tel: 94571733

    Just watch that Kieth doesnt try to rip you a new one on price.. He does however have a great range of stuff in stock..
  3. Probably obvious, but have you tried findapart.com.au?
  4. Yeah fuel taps are traditionally expensive. I'm not sure if they had these things in the states.

    And fark me. If there is a complicated way of designing something you can can on Honda to come up with it.
  5. Thanks guys...all good suggestions. We've tried many of the secondhand parts suppliers, findapart, plus ebay, gumtree etc. We'll certainly look up the info you provided Alan55.

    Any more suggestions would be appreciated.
    Big thanks to all.
  6. japans.

    Japanese sites don't come in easily in the google search so add ".jp" to the search bar.

    Even then it's not the best.
  7. My neighbour has a petcock named Russell. As far as I'm concerned he's free to a good home.
  8. We had a neighbour like that. We called his Chicken Soup.
  9. Hi Ed. What's wrong with the one in the picture? If it's leaking petrol through or not letting petrol through at all, you should be able to buy a rebuild kit from Honda for a pretty reasonable price. Rebuilding it is simple.
  10. Thanks Jack, Eds a legend and drilled it out - resealed and rereviited it and it seems to have solved the problem. A good run Sunday will be more telling.
    Thank goodness for that because these petcocks are as rare as... well... um...
    Pet cocks. :D
  11. I can't believe that with a thread title like this, that Uncle Greg hasn't replied.

    He must be getting old.
  12. i referred to it in another thread
  13. Hello,
    the petcock on my spada appears to be leaking from the plate that is riveted to the body. I've taken it apart as much as I can, the diaphragm is OK and it stops the fuel flow unless I supply a vacuum and the tap works i.e off is off with no leaks.
    To fix the leaking end I'm thinking of drilling out the two rivets with a 3 mm drill (drilling right through) using a liquid gasket then riveting it back together. Does this seem a reasonable plan? Any other suggestions?


  14. Hi Genn, I dont know exactly what Ed did but he fixed it! Made it through Superbike school so he fixed it good and proper. He wont be able to respond straight away but I'll see what update we can get you asap.
  15. 2 pissed is he?
  16. Not aware of the exact arrangement of this tank, but your approach seems correct. Be aware, however, it may be rusted out behind there. then you have to have a plan.

    Make sure you get a fuel proof liquid gaskets as not all grades will stand up to petrol. some are designed for petrol and oil.
  17. Hi,
    drilled out the rivets and used liquid gasket then riveted it back together. I think I've fixed it, no leaks so far!

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