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Yum Cha - 29 Jan 05

Discussion in 'VIC' started by firefling, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. Yum cha near the casino. For those who has never tried it, I won't be ordering the weird stuff (except for chicken feet).

    Date: Saturday, 29 Jan 2005
    Time: 12:30
    Location: Dragon Boat on the Yarra
    (cnr Flinders St and Spencer St. Take escalator down to level below Holiday Inn Hotel reception is located)

    Those who can make it, please let me know.

    Foxy and Kym + 2 (maybes)

  2. sigh no rides on that day... spose i'll come since i've got nothing better to do with my life. netrider can fill the void till i find something better :D
  3. I'd love to firefling, but I work on Saturdays.


    But if you organise one for a Sunday I'll be in.
  4. Sorry Roderz, couldn't organise one for Sunday cause there's a ride already organised. You going to that one??
  5. Fling...what do u consider wierd stuff??..tripe?..ox tongue??..jellyfish?..eel?

    I've eaten yum cha all my life an all the dishes served to me are normal..lol. :D
  6. Any idea on an approximate or fixed price?
  7. I don't consider them weird, but I do admit it's a bit weird for others who've never eaten yum cha and not used to the "usual" food that I'm used to.

    Not really, as the prices depends on the size of the dish and depends on how much people order/eat. We usually pay between $10-$15 per person (gets cheaper with more people). Sometimes a bit more if people are really hungry.

  8. Maybe we can organize one for a Sunday before ride! There's a Yum Cha - Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown open at 5am!!!

    Sound good for you Roderz?

  9. Really?? Where? What's the place called??

  10. Ohh sorry not 5am, It's 7am!!

    But still can make it for a ride afterward.

    DragonBoat on Lt. Brourke ( Village Centre).

    Hey! So count me in for the Yum Cha on 29/1 please!

  11. I can do early morning on a Sunday.
  12. Is there anybody else who's interested but have yet told me? I'll be booking the table for eight. :)
  13. I would have liked to have come, but can't make it :(
  14. Ok ppls, booked in a table for 8 at 12:30 under my name. :)
  15. oh shit i forgot about this. cant come now as i found some new digs yesterday so i'm moving on saturday. sorry kids. i know it will be tough but i'm sure you'll battle on without me ;)
  16. I'll take his spot :)
  17. Cool :) Ever been to yum cha Dan? It's an experience you shouldn't miss out on :D
  18. Been a few times in the past and love it :) Haven't been for about a year, so I need a dose of it :p

    Mmmm zerglings (fried squid tentacles), steamed pork buns, sticky rice, prawn+pork dumplings :D
  19. Yay! I can make it now. Add 2 more seats to the table for myself and CodeBlueChick please Minna :)