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Yoyo! Hi I'm A Super Tard, I Mean Motard.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Blubbleclup, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Just a quick what's up and g'day.
    I got my first bike in the beginning of last year (a virile little drz 400) and have been smiling ever since. I've been snooping around the site for a while and have been enjoying the rhetoric. My girlfriend Coco signed up to NR a few days ago so I thought I'd better sign up too, if only to shake a digital stick at all those guys with the are u hot questions. (yes she is hot). I rocked up at one of the sat beginners things with the cones in the parking lot it was good fun wIth good people. Although I was made aware that it's an I'll ignore u if u ignor us type arrangement and my unsilenced BRaaaaP tard wasn't doing anyone any favors. But nobody rides a motard to do anyone any favors. Any other tards out there? I think I need a friend. :facepalm:

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  2. Beat me to it.

    Do I know you, by the way? I'm sure I've seen your face somewhere. Like on my pillow or something... ;)
  3. so, as someone famously asked when confronted with this question before

    mo or re :ROFLMAO:??

    Seriously, welcome :)
  4. motard ?

    never heard of them - are they a chinese brand ?
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  5. A little from column A, a little from column B.
  6. Got any mods on the DRZ?
    I sold my tard :(

    Good fun though!
  7. A few. I did the mandatory 3x3 hole in the air box and ripped out the mesh. Jd jet kit. Then put on a mrd procomp exaust. A few tweaks to the controles 2 finger levers and such. The rest is cosmetic. I stopped myself there. I figured if I wanted a faster motard I can by one rather than pump in coin for a moderate gain on proformamce.
  8. I had a MRD/SSW exhaust on mine too.
    It's loud...

    Same mods as you except i had the FCR carb as well.

    100% agree with stop modding and just buy a better tard outright, I know I could have with the amount i put into it (and i didn't even do much!)
  9. FCR carb is deff tempting. Would u do it again if you had second time around?
  10. I would probably do FCR again, the extra response was good.
    I wouldn't do the exhaust again though, at least not the MRD. It was obnoxiously loud and I always felt paranoid riding around with it. But too late for you!
  11. Attempted Mo but an inevitable Re. Thanks for the welcome.
  12. Yeah I consider my loud exaust a safety feature. :angelic: