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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by KLR Nirvana, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. The real answer to this question is "Go to the doctor" .... but before I do ....

    The knuckle on my left ring finger is really sore - not swollen or bruised but it feels like it's been whacked with a hammer. Pain is referring up through my finger and back down through my wrist.

    I seriously haven't done anything to it ... I'm just wondering, have any of you experienced RSI / repetitive strain injury from heavy clutch use? Because that's the only thing I can think of. And I was struggling to use the clutch earlier in the week because of the pain.

    Either that or I'm getting arthritis :-({|=

    I know it's a dumb medical question and completely off topic but I just thought I'd ask.

    Thanks - that's enough sooking for now.

  2. Your girl friend took her ring back and pulled it off your finger too hard,
  3. One too many pull my finger jokes?
  4. gout

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  5. i'm going to diagnose ebola virus.
    my advice is to empty your life savings acct and spend it all on hookers and blow. life is too short,
    well...yours is anyway
  6. Which knuckle? The one closer to the fingertip or the one further away?

    Before I recommend amputation, can I ask if you have made any changes recently - gloves, changed levers, etc etc.
  7. Nah, just amputate at the neck. Its been shown to be very effective at both ending problems and preventing future problems. Some people aren't keen on the side effects, but one can get used to them quite quickly.
  8. Start putting the right glove on first instead..? ;)
  9. Or a new girlfriend.
  10. Thanks for all the medical and/or life advice guys.

    Atropos, it's the knuckle where my finger joins onto my hand. Haven't changed any other variables - gloves, levers, nothing.

    And Kohhop, if all else fails then yes I will definitely look into a head-ectomy as a solution to this and all other problems.

    Gotta tell you guys, I really hope it's not gout or arthritis. It's a little better but just bizarre how it has sprung up out of nowhere.

    Top marks must go to Monkeyman for his advice - I figure if I'm on my death bed (even slightly) then now is the time to cut loose :)

  11. It's not likely to be gout - that's a very unusual joint for a first attack.

    Could be arthritis - do you have it in any other joint?

    The other possibility is injury. Might have been a minor knock or some such, so you may not have noticed it (any recent episodes of inebriation?).

    I have my trusty Leatherman at the ready just in case. :p
  12. Depends how old you are and your history I suppose. I'm firmly into middle age and have treated my body with much the same degree of respect that I treat my machinery (ie not much) and find that all sorts of random pains spring up from time to time. I put most of the ones in my hands down to decades of bashing in wheel spindles and the like having been too lazy to go and find a mallet.