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Youtube spammers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MattyB, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. You know on youtube comments, you get that bullshit like this;

    In 1342, a man sacrificed his life in the name of true love. Before he was beheaded, he yelled "Monholith deir mistzfah."

    Now that you have read these holy words, you have eight hours to repost this on 3 different videos, and you and the love of your dreams will find each other within eight days. If you shall fail, this offer will never be available again.


    please don't read this!
    In 1945,a young girl named katu lata kulu came over to America in a grey boat from Africa. A mysterious man killed her by cutting the word "LATUALATUKA" into her back. now that you have read this measge she will come to your house on a full moon and steal your soul unless you follow these directions:
    1. Retype this message as a comment for three other videos

    Someone must've got fed up with them, and started pasting this around, I laughed so much when i read it. :D

    In 1,000,000 B.C. A cave man named Uglock Threw his poop at his neighbor Fugmoop. The Sticky warm poop stuck to Fugmoop's face and suffocated him. Before he died he said "woogie boogie". Now that you have read this Fugmoop will come into your room at 2:37 A.M., shove poop down your throat, and **** you. Unless you complete these tasks EXACTLY.

    1.Repost this on 666 videos in the next 5 seconds
    2.Kill the nearest living thing you see.
    3.Last but not least smash your balls with a hammer.
  2. That's funny :)