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Youtube over helping someone

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by davidp1984, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/latest/7874198/man-bashed-by-six-youths-at-station/

    Man gets bashed by several youths at a train station. The last sentence is what gets to me.

    What sort of world/age do we live in where it is more important to film something then it is to actually help someone.

    Sad sad sad days I tell ya.
  2. The kind of world where you would ALSO get your ass handed to you by a group of people.
    Phone calls to the cops should have been made, but as for jumping in with those numbers? No way. One or two people, then yeah I would.
  3. And if you didn't get your ass handed to you by the group, the lawyers of someone in the group would hand your ass to you, sueing for the person you hit/threw to help the victim.

    I wouldn't blame the individuals as much as I would blame our 'Justice' system. At least with video evidence the vicitm has a better chance of having his attackers charged.

    There was a Youtube video doing the rounds a while ago where a girl was being bashed by about 4 other girls in a subway, with the train stations staff standing right beside them doing nothing. This was because the staff were told in no situation were they to voluntarily get involved in threat of lawsuits. Pretty sad stuff.
  4. +1...

    People don't tend to help these days because they can be sued for assualt just as badly as the original offender. So why take the risk of getting a criminal record for saving someone who you barely know? There's no more "Justice" system, only the law. On the other hand though, if you went in to help the guy and got bashed yourself...then the offenders will be charged for 2 assaults...once caught of course.
  5. I wouldn't think twice about getting involved, but I certainly wouldn't stick around for any amount of time after, beyond helping the poor sod to the guards.
  6. I don't think people don't help because they are scared of lawsuits, I think it's because a) they are scared full stop but mainly b) there is no longer any sense of community and people justify not helping by saying it's none of their business.
  8. Filming them IS helping to a degree. What were they going to do ? Walk in, say "stop it, chaps" and then everything is merry? They'd likely get their arse kicked too..
  9. but it's always been like this, it's just reported more these days