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Youtube comments

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. #1 Ljiljan, Oct 1, 2012
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    Sometimes reading the youtube comments can be like giving yourself a frontal lobotomy. Other times they can be hilarious.

    Top rated comment for this video: [media=youtube]KVWpNBSLMbM[/media]
    "i guess the fact that my paper airplane only flew fifteen***65279; feet must mean a Gulfstream is a piece of crap."

    Post more.
  2. Subaru still hasn't improved on the boxer engines produced by Alfa Romeo.
    They might not have been as powerful, or as reliable, but fark they sounded good :)

    (my boxer Alfa used to spit flames on throttle overrun :cool:)
  3. From that same vid:

  4. Yeah, every single video that has any popularity is full of shit about bieber etc...
  5. That's equal record for taking a thread off topic. That said, in one sentence you say Suby hasn't improved on alfa's in the next you say they are more powerful and reliable...
  6. I have comment blocker installed on my Firefox to make YouTube that little bit more tolerable, of course..every now and again, I disable it to remind my self why I have it enabled.
  7. For the same reason that even though a Camry V6 might produce more power more reliably than a Ferrari 250 GTO - I still don't consider a Camry to be an improvement over the Ferrari :)
  8. love your work jd, im a huge fan.

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  9. Call that a huge fan?

  10. think they're compensating for something?
  11. They have these buggers in bunnings they are impressive....
  12. Meh. This is a huge fan
  13. Depends what you consider an improvement doesn't it. Is engineering the top end of an engine for a 12:1 compression an improvement over an older 8:1 design? Does a cut billet crankshaft make an improvement over a standard cast crank? Also you did a nice switch there, suggesting that engines make the car. Not quite apples to apples. Still, strip the camry of 500kg and I reckon you will have an interesting comparison.
  14. Not really. The Camry would probably be faster even with the extra weight, but that doesn't make it better.

    I'm assuming you've never driven a proper Italian car before - or you'd know why little things like hp figures, weight, parts actually staying inside the engine, and other such trivialities don't mean a thing in comparison :).

    For example, this fairly basic Fiat sedan (modified by Abarth) is probably no faster than any modern 2L+ hatchback. But that doesn't mean a Corolla is an improvement (nothing beats the sounds of a carburetted Italian engine :cool:)
  15. So now it seems we are getting close to how you view improvement :p
    The Stratos would be giving it a run for money, the BRMV16 would blow it away. And still there's this
  16. Love to see the shit hit that fan, there would be no where to duck.
  17. It wouldn't be able to spin fast at all. With blades that big I doubt if it would be doing more than 1 rev/second. At absolute most it would only be able to do 30 (though my calculations could be wrong, that sounds too high).
  18. Improvement is not making a car so boring to drive I constantly feel the need to stick my tongue in the lighter socket just to make sure I'm still awake. A surprising number of cars suffer from this, which I'm convinced is the reason why they've started hiding the lighter socket in hard to get to places.

    It's even worse when a modern car is only quick because the car itself is doing most of the work, and compensating for the driver's complete lack of ability.

    As for piston airplane engines, I'm more a fan of the Daimler 605 than the Merlin

    (Coincidentally the 605 was also the engine of choice for many Italian aircraft).
  19. Interesting..... Finds comment blocker...