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youtube blows ass

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by MONKEYMAN, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Youtube is so not what it used to be., it's like totally fubared; admin are a bunch of dicksmoking e-tards.
    so much cool stuff has either been removed or had the sountrack replaced with some gay ass crap music.
    and the site is like virus central *crash crash*

    but this place ****ing rocks! :arrow:http://vimeo.com/16252356

    still learning my way around it, but high def and awesomeness in abundance, like just bucket loads of awesome shit.
    a lot of what can no longer be found on youtube seems to be here, way cool (y)
  2. Vimeo is cool, I agree with some of the things you point out about youtube. One of my all time favourite vids was an IOM TT tribute with a Disturbed track, the song has been removed now.

    The vid you linked... The Streetfighterz ROC is epic... Huuuge number of riders going down a freeway, high squid ratio, minimal front tyre wear. I think many on this site will be blinded by their focus on ATGATT to the point where they fail to appreciate the skill involved. Dunno if it is some properly organised thing each year, but there never seem to be any cops.
  3. Not to mention "this audio has been removed by WMG" or the draconian usage tracking collaborated via Google.
  4. I got this [ http://www.downloadhelper.net/ ] extension for firefox initially 'cause my internet connection is so bloody flakey watching flash videos live is a PIA. But it has the other benefit of being able to D/L stuff before it gets pulled. It works for a whole bunch of sites - not just youtube.
  5. Love that video....awesome..thanks for sharing. (y)
  6. Mate, JDownloader all the way. Can download just about anything from any site and bypass all the bot tests.
  7. yeah cool, metcafe seems somewhat ruined too with advertising and spam and crap.
    theres a few others out there, but i'm liking vimeo, just a little harder to find stuff sometimes.
    i'm trying to find high def wingsuit stuff, the ones where they strap rocket packs to their ankles and buzz cliff faces.

    this guy is pretty awesome, watch the mountain closely at the start and wait,
    you"ll see him come of it,
    sometimes they use skis to get speed, then ditch the skis to take off > http://vimeo.com/15479617

    i don't think shit gets much more awesome than that haha
  8. there was one i found ages ago where these guys were buzzing cars on mountain passes
  9. oh man that ROC vid was awesome
  10. I switched to vimeo.com because of the sloooooooooooooooow uploads to youtube :(
    I'm affraid the same thing will happen once it becomes popular. Its worth paying the subscription too.
  11. I can at least watch youtube at work.
    The I.T guys at work have blocked vimeo.com

    That first vid was awesome.
  12. holy shit! check out the jump at 2:52!
  13. Think that was one of the first wingsuit video's around.
  14. Nice find Monkeyman, those guys have unbelievable skills. And yep, youtube's music copyright rules SUCK
  15. Yes, but they are necessary, otherwise google would get sued and get in a fair bit of trouble.
  16. YouTube have also appeared to have taken low view count videos off their CDN which makes "unpopular" content virtually unwatchable..