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YouTube aaarrrrgggghhhh - anyone know ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VladTepes, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. trying to upload a 15 minute video to youtube.

    Never had dramas in the past but those were shorter videos and uploaded from a different computer with a wired cable i/net connection.

    Currently using a laptop with wifi to hub (cable optus connection) Browser Google Chrome

    The "estimated time" to upload a 15 min video is / was 360 minutes ! That in itself didn't surprise me particularly but I left it go for hours while I went out for a ride, and on my return it was sitting there saying upload error. Well that was 3 hours wasted.....

    So I kick it off again last night... seemed to be going OK and was down to 315 minutes remaining, with the % bar slowly ticking along so I closed the lid of the lappy and went to bed.

    Opened it this morning and its still (supposedly) uploading and claims to be 35% done HOWEVER "time remaining" is 936 minutes and that hasn't changed for a while now. :confused:

    Not happy Jan.

    Can anyone shed any light as to what might be going on, and even better how I might fix it?

    The video is about 1.29Gb total file size, and its an HD quality video.

  2. You say your leaving it for a long time, so maybe your computer is set to sleep after long idle periods which can/often shuts down network links and/or hard drives to save energy. This will upset any file transfers etc. Quick fix is to disable any power saving modes and try again.
  3. Yeah - Wi-Fi is good candidate for getting shut off by power management.

    Using a network cable instead can't hurt either. It should tidy up the back and forth to some degree. And 15 min/1.29Gb probably means a lot of transcoding at the other end, apart from anything else.

    That's not to suggest there aren't any errors at their side - I've been getting a lot more YouTube errors in recent times (just watching). PhotoBucket was giving me repeat grind -to-a-halts upping a mere 20Mb MP4 clip the other day, whil having no issues with another similar clip.

    Sign of the times maybe, with those sites getting busier all the time.
  4. Now its finally reached 100% and saying
    It's been there a while...

    Anyone had that before ?
  5. I think they will reduce the video size on there end. Basically, they are re-encoding your video (which is in a queue, and will take some time). That's what I think anyway.
  6. go to Vimeo

    you tube is ****ed
  7. Yeah and yeah .mp4 format

    I'd use Vimeo except that there seems to be a max 500Mb limit on uploads. Decent length HD video 15 minutes) is 1.29Gb

    Also a limit of 1 vid per week I think?
  8. I'm no expert but that is a Container format. What Codec is used inside it?

    I don't think you said what the source of the video was, and the format it was supposed to produce.

    Perhaps have a look at what is in the file using MediaInfo and see if it has something strange in there.

    Otherwise, it will just be YouTube being hammered over the holiday period.
  9. It's footage from a GoPro so shouldn't in theory be any dramas with it.
    What the hell is a codec?
  10. Google it I'm too lazy
  11. I just dump my GoPro stuff straight up to YouTube - in it's native MP4 format. It does take a while, and I usually get a warning about sound : Video synchronisation (which I ignore) and then it just works. I have a few up there around half an hour long. If was a little more motivated and desired a bigger audience, I'd edit them and try and make short films with all the best bits, but my efforts at editing have been time consuming and frustrating, and then they take just as long to upload, and don't even look as good when they're done.

    I do use ethernet hardwired networks and desktops, with all the power saving stuff either disabled altogether or set to not touch anything for at least 6 hours.
  12. Yes well I will be renting shortly and most likely scenario will be internet via a wireless (3g?) dongle thingy. Hope I can get i to work with that.