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You're too loud!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by removed-6, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. That's what I was told on Friday at Broadford. :roll:

    If you can't make the bike quieter you can't ride any more. :evil:
    Luckily I had the baffle on hand for my pipe and was easily able to re-install it without problem.
    They said I was 100db at 30m and it's not suposed to be more than 95db! :shock:
    Yep, 95db, I fart louder than that!
    I was just looking at all the UK tracks and they all have limits above 100db except Donington which is 98db, most of them are 105db.
    And Broadford of all places, who's gonna complain? The snakes?
  2. It's not just you...

    All bikes entering the Kenda Rally (run by the Alexandra & District Motorcycle Club) have to be silenced to below a certain threshold.
  3. about time someone was honest with you, mark. we've been trying to make you shutup for ages!
    :p :p :p
  4. It's suprising how much the sound travels out there.

    We have friends who live in strath creek about a 15 minute drive from the track and on a good day you can hear the bikes quite clearly. Same goes in town.
  5. Geez, wasn't expecting that............ :LOL: :LOL: (sarcasm meter on high!) :grin:
  6. Unfortunately, the local (to the track) noise nazi's have been on to the council complaining of the noise.
    Broadford (meaning we, the license holders) own quite a bit of the land surrounding the circuit. The land can't be built on or used but it stop others building there and then complaining. The Harley club own the land around the top of the circuit (around crash corner) I think. And they let the circuit have access to this land in a reciprocal agreement.

    However, despite the amount of land owned and the distance the houses are from the circuit, the complainers have succeeded in getting the council to instruct Broadford management to conduct noise testing all day when the circuit is in use. Any vehicle's that break the limit need to are recorded and the council needs to be given a reason why. eg the muffler fell off at crash and the rider proceeded to the pits.
    Clearly, if a bike makes 10 consecutive laps over the limit, the circuit will be in trouble. That is why loud bikes will be given the opportunity to fix the problem.

    Unfortunately some riders have seen this as a personal attack, haven't understood the reasons and have 'discussed' the matter with the staff which doesn't achieve anything except piss them off. (I'm not say it was Triway

    The staff are trying to do their best to keep the peace between both groups. It's a difficult job but either we keep with the guidelines or some official will start poking their nose in and make things a whole lot worse.
  7. If the track (And assosiated groups) owns the land around the track, could some serios tree planting sessions be in orfder to build a sound baffle around the track?
    from some of teh footage I have seen of the track there are some bald hills that could definately be planted out to decreese the impact on the surrounding populace
  8. Trees require water ...
    What is the official noise rating for Mra race bikes If my memory serves me well the 95 was the restriction on my old Prodie bike back in the early 90's ...
  9. Yeah, Ian, I didn't kick up a fuss, I had the baffle there and it was a 2min job to put it in. I know the guys telling me aren't the guys making the rules, and I'm not the 'shoot the messenger' type. So everyone was happy in the end.
    The strange part was (and everyone else agreed) there was one other bike in particular, a Buell(we all know what they're like), that was well louder than mine, but he was not approached. :? :? Now I wasn't about to mention it to them in case they decided to ruin this guys day, but was strange. And the little two stroker was hellish loud also!
    Be interesting to know if those complaining moved there before or after the track was built? The old, move next door to the airport, then complain about the noisy planes routine....... :roll:
  10. LOL at the trees comment. Broadford is in a really good rain shadow.

    102 dba as stipulated in the GCR's or lower where an agreement exists for a lower limit at the track.
  11. I was there on the day as well and that stroker was loud as (even had a rolling start thing which i thought was pretty cool).
    I saw the sign on the fence about noise leves before entering the track and thought that mine was louder than 95db but they let me through.
  12. O.K. Was just seeing if it were an option...
    I note there are some trees around the track, so something should grow there (When we arn't in extreem drout)
  13. What's a GCR? :?
  14. General Competition Rules for racing - basically the racing handbook issued by Motorcycling Australia.

    Asked the same question when down there a few weeks ago and apparently the pitch affects the noise travel? There's bound to be a NR who can confirm I suppose but that's what I was told.

    I agree with how you handled the matter, no point razzing a track official about track policy.

  15. Clarification.

    GCR's are a wonderful thing and can be very complex.

    The regs are 102dba at the pipe. As Broadford is within earshot of people, the local regs are 95dba (exactly what you exceeded Triway) the same as PI. Basically, if you can meet 102dba (at the pipe) everyone is happy.

    Sound travels a long way. And it doesn't help that the general area is rural and therefore the ambient noise level is quite low. I live in Lilydale and the area is normally quiet. What sometimes sounds like a massive rave often turns out to be someone watching a movie with their home theatre system, something I am sure I wouldn't notice in the city. It'd be much the same in Broadford (and bloody annoying if you were on an RDO or just trying to relax and didn't love bikes).
  16. Understand that. Like I said though, it'd be interesting to know if the complainants were there before the track was? You don't see them quietening the Friday night drags at Calder because some dude built a house across the road.....
  17. From what I understand this is an issue at all tracks. Even PI has noise limits.

    I read in a car racing forum where Formula Ford drivers were being pinged for exceeding 95db there. I understand that the V8s are muffled to this level and that the EPA does conduct testing there and at other tracks. The only exemptions are the MotoGP and F1.
  18. Easy fix. Back when I was a counselor (yes, I'm a qualified social worker. With a certificate an' everything) we used white noise generators to muffle our sessions so the folk in waiting room didn't have to endure each others' miserable whining (can't figure why I never got ahead in the social work business).

    Vision 2020 - White noise generators for every Broadford resident.
  19. do they check the db rating when blue slipping a bike?
  20. Funny stuff, noise.

    I used to work for an outfit who built noise attenuation gear. Mainly enclosures and exhaust systems for big diesel gensets and ship engines. As an indication of how big, if internal repars were needed on some of our mufflers, we'd send an apprentice up the pipe to deal with it :grin: .

    Basically, high frequencies are easily muffled and don't travel far if there are any obstacles in the way, whereas low frequencies can be very hard to deal with. Fortunately, the human ear is less sensitive to low frequencies than to high ones and so the acoustic engineer's life is a little easier than it would otherwise be.

    Because of the nature of the noise, I guess it's conceivable that a shrill stroker, although as noisy as close up, might be near inaudible once you get out to the site boundary. Don't know about the Buell though :? .