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"You're on the footpath mate!"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. And you, without complaint, just walked around a car who was covering the crossing "mate" so fcuk off.

    Well I wish I could have said it :p
    Talk about double standards. I split to the front of a que, front tyre is on the crossing but Im in no way covering it... and right next to me is a car who is COVERING the crossing. This pedestrian walks around the car then abuses me.
    before you ask, the complaint was aimed at me, not the car driver.

    ever had such abuse? Whats your opinion on the situation?? Also, are you careful to give peds space to cross?
  2. Its ok.... some people have penis envy... others have BIKE ENVY... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Others are just retrded
  3. seriously, the words "stick it up your arse" are not used enuff these days, go for gold es, help bring the stats back up :p :p :p
  4. yes, as i come up to the line i always check to see that there is no one crossing, if i see someone crossing/waiting to cross, i will sit in between the cars until they corss in front of me then just move forward and across infront of the car as usual.
  5. Only trouble Ive had in that situation was that I got weed on!!!!!!!! IN the city on my 250 when I was 18 and stopped at a big intersection on the way to work at about 6.45 am. Homeless drunk guy, looked like grizzly adams , crossing the road with his thingy hangin out. He was weeing as he walked ( with no hands!) and stopped in front of my little bike and weed on my front tyre. I was rigid with fear and didnt know what to do. I reckon all of the car drivers around me wouldve been weein themselves too- with laughter.
  6. Should have decked him. In fact you have a duty to deck him. Otherwise you are just being sexist :)

    Noooo? Ahhh well tell him to FO then :)
  7. With all the protective gear we have on we can afford to talk shit back to pedestrians! Car drivers on the other hand...
  8. Grrr hate cars that park across the pedestrian crossing rather than stopping at the line they're supposed to. Have actually seen cars stop where they're meant to then edge their car forward so it's definately deliberate. Only time it's funny is when traffic's light and they're trying to make a right hand turn but are too far forward to be on the sensor. Wouldn't be worried by a bike slightly over the line but there was one car that edged forward into the pedestrain zone when I was crossing the road, nearly hitting me, which then beeped its horn and abused me. That car lost its front grille :grin:.
  9. Rev the engine hard and watch him fall over :) Then roll past him.. back wheel in the piss.. front brake on rev it.. and drop the clutch. Then just smile at im :)

  10. HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY.... Thats hilarious, I reckon we know the same guy. He nearly wee'd on me on Collins Street. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. AS a virginal young girl, I was more shocked that he was waving his thingy at me in public . That was 18 years ago though :twisted:

  12. Es this is simply further proof to my claim that 99% of people are really, really stupid.

    Selective breeding is whats needed here. Dumb people should be prevented from having children.
  13. How can they paint a special bit at the front hte intercection for push bike riders to split up and sit in front of the traffic and then take off at a snails pace and not allow motorbikes to do the same thing?

    If there was a clear zone at the front for bikes then it would safer for everyone ?
  14. Yeah we have selective negative evolution these days. Dumb people are more likely to have children.
  15. You were an 18 ear old virgin??? Where have all the good girls gone? :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Still funniest thing I have read all day... well written. Hahhaa

    Also, I think it's time we started breeded mong's out of our country... this process is called eugenics. . . . Read up on it... its a great idea!!! Lol
  16. S easy. If they have a well adjusted intelligent pet that doesnt shit on the carpet let em have kids.

    If they have an ill bred yappy mongrel that chases cars on the other hand...
  17. In this situation you should have put the bike in neutral, if you haven't already done so, and proceed to clap your hands. That's right :!: just clap your hands for the hero, clap clap clap.
  18. always have believed in that one, cept the way it was implimented in... some parts of the world :roll:

    this guy was a dick, I would have said something but
    b)he didnt stick around to be argued with
    biatch :(
  19. Heil Duffman!
    <click heels>


  20. nah, we'll just end up with Eugenics Wars & then KHAAAAAAAAN!!!!! will be on the loose again.