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You're having a larffff..... aren't you?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bilgola_boy, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. Ok, so I've got my Ls now, and I want a bike BADLY. Still tossing up dirt/road bike, as I want to do a bit of both, but a road bike is kind of usefull for my 70k/day ride. Anyone ride a dirtbike on the road regularly?

    Anyway, I found a used Kawasaki Balius250 (ZR250) for private sale locally (ie; within 120km!), and it's the first bike I've looked at AND ridden. Felt a bit small, but handled better than I had hoped. The guy is asking for $4500 in the add, which is way too much based on the following:

    42000kms ('95 import)
    Been sitting in a shed/ under cover for about a year
    Hasn't had any attention in that time
    Clutch cable was badly freyed - still works though
    Tire might have suffered damage
    Been dropped
    Headlight surround oddly gouged - no corrisponding dammage :?
    Oil/ grime ontop of engine casing - possible oil leak?
    Rubber round fork seals looks old
    Front blinkers may be aftermarket, the right on is held together with tape!
    Needs a major service
    Paint is faded but in ok condition
    No manual, and not sure about service records.
    Asking price higher than 2004 Hyosung GT250 (interstate) or newer model with less kays.

    So by this (and the redbook guide for a '97 model) www.redbookasiapacific.com/au/mcycle/prices.php?key=KAWA97RD
    I figure I should offer him between $3-3500. I like the bike, but I'm not going to pay 4.5k as it's very steep & I need a helmet/ riding gear too.

    If you were in my shoes, would you be looking at the same things to bring the price down, and do you think I'm justified in asking a far lower price than he wants? Has anyone had any experience with these bikes, or ones with the same engine/ components?

    Help would be REALLY appreceated, as I want to be on the road ASAP for the Jindy ride (21 Oct) and the Snowy ride (11 Nov). Go on, reach out and help a n00b :LOL:
  2. Keep looking - that first bike may look appealing now, but sounds like plenty of work unless you pay $2,000 for it

    And don't put pressure on yourself to be on a ride in a week and a half - there will be hundreds of rides in the next few years for you to go on.

    As you are in NSW - you can use LAMS and get yourself a 400 or even 650 trailie - easy to do the 70km commute on.

    If you're in Thredbo, I did check some bikes out in Canberra a few months ago, the dealers prices were reasonable and a warranty is also worth some peace of mind.

    What is your bike budget??

    [EDIT] - Found this

    Price $4,500*
    Kilometres 13,000
    Body CYCLE
    Colour Yellow
    Transmission 5 speed M
    Engine 1 cylinder Standard (398 cc)
    Rego US674 (Exp: 1 2007)
    Engine No.
    Brief Comments VGC, mostly road use