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you're gunna give me heaps for this one

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. yep, stump fct up.

    i ride the granny scooter in coles. when there's no one about, i get my knee down at the end of each isle.

    anyway, during after school hours i left coles and the next thing i know there are 2 boys aged about 3 and 6 racing me. they win [of course] and they stand at the entrance of the chemist next door where they stayed. i figured thats where mum was.

    when i popped out with my news paper from the shop next door i passed the kids who yelled 'lets race again', so i backed of the granny throttle and raced em [i let em win of course] to a tree. but one of the boys kept running, towards a driveway, where a car was coming out.

    i yelled 'HEY! STOP' and the kid kept running and the car kept moving fwd.

    i yelled 'HEY! CAR!' but that didnt change a thing. i know from having a nephew of my own that you really have to yell hard to get them to halt.

    so i yelled hard 'STOP!' and the kid skidded to a sudden halt just as the car wizzed past him with less than a cm to spare.

    at this point i had a question to ask the boys

    "wheeeeeerrrrreeeee's' mum?"

    one of the boys points to a woman who just exited the doors of coles with a pram containing a newborn. their mother was in the supermarket the entire time and i was primary care taker of her boys, only, i had no idea.

    im kicking myself cause i should never have left them in the doorway of the chemist when i got my newspaper next door. i should have asked 'where's mum' at that point in time.

    it didnt occur to me that they could av been lost or run off on the poor woman. the signs were there, 2 young kids, no adult.

    assumptions can be the death of us. evidence is under rated.

    just like falling off your bike in the middle of the road, the skills of person behind you makes all the difference.

    cheers :cool:

  2. Ahh don't worry too much, if the car was a 4WD you wouldn't have received any of the blame anyway.
  3. Yep, Stump. Someone 'fct up' ... and it wasn't you.

    I'm so sick of seeing parents treating their kids' safety with blatant disregard... I saw a classic example of this just today and I've seen it from the same culprit quite a few times before.

    Maybe the kids ran off from their Mum, maybe they didn't. Maybe she parks them outside Coles on a regular basis while she shops.

    Responsibility for children lies with the parents; I know it's hard and accidents/mishaps occur... kids are quicker than the eye... but some parents are just waaaay to relaxed when it comes to keeping their kids safe.

    Rant over.
  4. Listen to Fuzzy.
    yeah you were there at that point, but it is teh perents responsability for the wellbeing of there children and teh mother deserves a good clip around the ears.
  5. That Mum would have recieved an ear full from me if I were you Stump. Don't go shy on us now woman!
  6. 2loo wrote

    you're a classic 2loo! for every thread there's a top 2loo joke. you should worship that noggon of yours :LOL:

    thanks guys, but this is where it becomes a predicament.

    firstly, the mother yelled at her kids something fierce when she came out and found em [a sec after i asked 'wheres mum'].

    secondly, i do get your point and i am greatful for that, its just that even tho it's not essentualy my responsibility according to the court room, that doesnt mean my brain shouldnt have clicked sooner.

    like i said in my OP. when you fall off your bike, it's the driver behind you that makes all the difference.

    so basically, the kids took off [as they do] and i was the driver behind. the driver who was either going to fix this up right then and there or see a quadripledgic come out of it.

    sorry guys, i think im going to have to wise up.

    as much as i appreciate your kind and TRUE words, im not going to sook about it, i just know to pick up on the warning signs much sooner.

    hopefully, those who read this thread will learn from it also and be able to do the same. its sooooo easy to assume that every kid you see is being supervised, its so unusual for that not to be the case.

    i mean, i cant tell u how many times ive approached a 2-3yr old in LC plaza and asked where mum is [straight off the bat] and see mum out the corner of my eye waving to me and watching every move. this time it wasnt the first thing that came to mind.

    you just never bloody know!
    i will never yell at a mother for loosing track of a kid, unless i noticed it a quite few times.
    did you guys hear about the woman who held a young boy over a burning bbq, by his leg, and told him to be good or else?

    twas in the paper. when i was reading the article i thought it was the mother but it wasnt. it was a guest at the bbq!

    the mother is laying charges against the woman.

    cheers :cool:

    thanks again for all your support triway, falco, 2loo, and fuzzy. much appreciated. you're a great bunch.
  7. I remember a few years ago when Nicola was 3 (wow she 10 now) Julie and I where in Kmart and I was waiting by the clothes racks whilst she was in a layby que.

    Nicola went missing and she was stood beside me only milliseconds earlier.I called her and called her and looked round ect and nope she wasnt anywhere to be seen. My heart sank and missed abeat and then sank some more.As some of you know I sometimes have panick attacks and was damn close to haveing one I can tell you.

    Nicola the little bugger had hidden inside the clothes rack I was stood next too and stayed quiet thinking it was funny. She came out just as an older woman came past and I gave Nicola a tap on her backside.
    The older woman then had the balls to tell me off for smacking my child when she knew non of what was going on.
    So basically I had a few stern and not so nice words with this woman I find out from talking to her that she has no children and is sick of others smacking kids.

    I dont smack mine often but I felt this was warranted.

    From what you said it sounds like the kids parents are the one to be smacked for leaving those kids alone long enough for them to race you and get up to what ever mischeif they would have found.

    My opinion is you had no fault or blame to accept
  8. Good on you Shaun, bring back the smack!
    I'll never chastise a parent for that sort of thing, unless it is brutal.
    Snacks made me what I am today! (actually, that could be a bad thing).

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Regards, Andrew.

    Does that mean your an overweight binge-eating parent hehehehe :) :LOL:

    sorry couldnt resist, :oops: bad Shaun off topic bad bad lol :)
  10. scorpiuos 31 wrote
    sometimes, its the only way to comunicate [even with grown me, not woman tho, they get the words :wink: ]

    anywho, its cool if its a tap on the back of the hand or butt.

    this reminds me of what happened in coles some years ago. a friend [front end controller] saw a man with a 5 year old daughter. she asked for a chocolate and the father bent down and said

    "see that bruise on your eye? daddy did that and if you dont want daddy to do that again you be quiet"

    i was furious when she told me she didnt get the guys number plate.
  11. er, no you didn't. The kids' parents did. It is their responsibility to care for their kids, not you nor anyone else who hasn't accepted it voluntarily or knowingly.

    You've lost me here...

    It might help explain the rest of the story if you wish to expand on this.

  12. I'm getting a mental picture of this and thinking - how the feck did you stay upright?? :LOL:
  13. mjt57 wrote

    i was just showing off. the scooter was the reason why the boys left the parimeter of coles. they saw me and before i knew it, they were running next to me on the foot path.

    lol @ rourk!
  14. So she has no children of her own, but thinks she knows enough to tell you how to bring up yours...
    Sais a lot really.
  15. Firstly, no Stump, you didn't fcuk up - and you aren't responsible for those children.

    But to some of the others in this thread - after reading the story I wouldn't be so quick to then immediately pay out on the parent either. The kids most likely were in the supermarket with mum and ran off. Mum may well have been then frantically searching every aisle looking for them - while in the meantime they've run off outside where they encountered Stump. Why does she deserve an ear full or a clip over the ear? The poor woman was probably beside herself with panic and worry. Fair enough if you know she recklessly left them outside on their own, but you don't know WHAT the situation was.

    I have two kids about the same age and whilst I have really good kids who would very rarely run off, the fact is they are very unpredictable at that age and as much as you'd like to chain them up and wrap them in cotton wool, its just impossible. They are fast and unpredictable. Waiting to cross the street with my 4 year old son, holding his hand tightly, he's looking in one direction only and yells "Come ON Dad!!" and attempts to charge across the street. Meanwhile a 4x4 is charging up the lane we were standing beside and if his hand had managed to slip out of mine it would have been all over for him. As it was, his momentum carried him bloody close and I had to yank him backwards.

    And cars reversing out of driveways are one of the biggest killers of small children. Even close supervision isn't always enough. My son was hit by my neighbours car (again a 4x4) a few weeks back as he was riding his bike along the footpath - and I was standing right there watching and supervising both him and my daughter, aged 6. I saw the car starting to reverse out, I saw him riding towards it, I yelled and screamed at him to stop, I sprinted towards him and it all happened in slow motion. I live in a court and there were 8 kids out that day all playing in the court and my neighbour chose that day to reverse without looking. The rear bumper hit him in the head and he went under the back of the 4x4 just as I got there and the driver stopped. Thank god he was wearing his helmet - he wasn't hurt - just bumped into the helmet and toppled him over and gave him and me (and the neighbour!!) the scare of our lives. Do I deserve a clip over the ear too? Anyone who thinks that a parent can control every action of their children has clearly never had kids of their own. And I've been accused of being over protective!

    The moral of the story is you CAN'T always control every situation as a parent, and Stump I'd say you didn't just NOT fcuk up, you did a bloody good job at preventing a tragedy and deserve a pat on the back instead of beating yourself up about it.
  16. thanks bluesuade, for your very kind honest words.

    now, any tragidy or near tragidy involving a 4x4 is ALWAYS the fault of the 4x4 [just so ya know :wink: ]

    im not 'beating myself up' so to speak, tis just a mental note to make sure im more vigulant next time [even tho the past 100 times a parent was around].

    as for the details,

    i realized, when i realized, that it was me on my scooter that made the kids run out the store. the mother must av been going thru the ilse cause she yelled things like 'i told you to stay in the store!'.

    im never going to judge a parent for

    loosing track of their kids

    accidently giving them methidone

    all the other things such as

    driving a 4x4


    ^ those are the thing i give em heaps for!

    cheers :cool: