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You're all a pack of ...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fekkinell, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. It's such a nice day outside. I can hear you all with your engines, and tyres, and leathers, and bikes that actually work, and stuff.

    Damn you people... all... having fun and enjoying yourselves. :p

    I want my bike back. :cry:


  2. + eleventy billion...

    Oh, and a set of working ribs would be nice, too.
  3. missing mine to man...

    ride safe whoevers out today :)
  4. Stuck at work, looking out the window, wishing I could just go out and play.
  5. Ooohh yes, me also. I know how you feel. I so miss my bike, and its fine outside (for once) and all I can hear are bikes going past too! Hubby is sick so I cant even ride pillion.
  6. If its any consolation, my bike is sitiing in the garage in perfect working order and I am fit as a fiddle.... however it is pissing down here on the GC so I ain't going anywhere either!! ](*,)
  7. I'll see your eleventy billion and raise it another eleventy. As for the ribs - mine all mine! I do have a right leg and right arm I'm willing to trade :p

    I'd also dearly love to have my/a bike, would be nice to have it longer than 8 days too.
    Happy and safe riding to those able to throw a leg over today.
  8. also nothing wrong with mine, and i had to cancel the Syd photoshoot ride today, how u think i feel?
  9. i moved all my riding gear today and was nearly in tears looking at the empty spot where my bike used to live. :(
  10. Not4Resale, yep, that empty spot in the garage is a sad sight....sigh....I know that feeling.....at least I know now I'm not the only one sitting at home today watching movies.
  11. im not even watching movies :(

    good idea though :)

    its really starting to hit me that i have no bike now :( (crashed a week ago) cant wait to fill that spot back up, alas, first year appretice wages wont be allowing that lol.
  12. its not so bad, v8's are on, footys on, cant complain
  13. Mine's still in the garage, accusing me every time I go in there!!
  14. im sitting here wondering whether to take the buell or the motard out for a ride. sucks to be you guys
  15. ill take either, wanting to try a tard out though :p ;)
  16. F*ckya slick. I'm stuck at work all afternoon.

    Will be able to go for a burn tomorrow though. Yes, I appreciate how lucky that makes me! I get 10% of the traffic that most weekenders have to cope with.

    Heal up and/or buy up you lot, get back out there!
  17. what u do for work darhorse? hate to be working weekends
  18. the reality is i have a 7 page assignment to do before tomorrow... but im still gonna go for a hoon.
  19. You poor buggers stuck at work...

    I got up at 9 AM and cut up the Great ocean road. It was a spectacular day and hardly any cars on the road early in the morning. Did see some poor fella's bike sitting in the ditch just before Lorne.
  20. I was waiting all week for a nice day to go for a ride, and today i decided stuff it, im going back to work tomorrow and i havent gotten a ride all week, im going.
    I got about 3km away, drowned in the huge downpour, came back home and triumphantly marched - in full gear - straight into a hot shower. The stuff needed a wash anyway.

    Woo! Got a ride in this week!
    Damn this weather!