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You're a (motor)cyclist, so it's your fault

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Petesul, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. Meh. The opinion of one writer with an agenda. Unfortunately, that kind of piece is what passes for "journalism" and "reporting" these days.
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  2. Yes, opinion piece designed to inflame emotions and get hits on the web page. Doesn't offer a balanced view or any real solutions.

    Having said that I can recognise the scenario. "So you're one of these motorcyclists that blasts to the front and screams away from the lights, are you?!!" (insert angry face).
    I've given up debating the issue, just say "yep", grin and leave 'em to it.

    Cyclists on the other hand can't seem to resist justifying and invoking all manner of moral superiority. Which just makes car drivers hate them more.
  3. Yes true cyclists are sooks
  4. That has never happened to me, ever. I think you need more tattoos and a bigger beard.
  5. Well there is some good news!

    Some of the lycra clad ladies look pretty good to me.

    Couldn't care less about the habits of the blokes tho, shaved legs or not.
  6. The vast majority of the ones I've seen over the years have thighs the size of tree trunks. But if you like that kind of thing....


  7. well now, thats a fairly general comment, i know some true cyclists that are hard as nails, try riding a bike up the side of a mountain and you will soon get sorted out.

    unfortunately i also have seen more than a few motorcyclists having a big sook too...

    and then you get the ones making vids of their near death experiences... and posting them over at the near misses sookfest... lol
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  8. Bit of the old pot and kettle isn't it?

    My dear lord, you wouldn't believe what happened to me this morning. A man, get this, in a car, you're not going to believe it but, seriously, he just changed lanes! Right next to me! No indicator or anything. Unfcukingbelievable. I revved my parallel twin 250 like mad and beeped my little horn like a demon but he just kept coming over.

    Had to lay it down to avoid the accident. No alternative. Was also gravel and oil on the road, probs a bit of diesel to boot.
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  9. Should have put your knee down or got smaller chicken strips lol
  10. Nah, he just failed to nod. Probably had the wrong oil in his engine and WD40 on his chain, too.

    But that's the sort of stuff that happens when you get out of the garage with the wrong glove on first.
  11. i likethe care factor to the troll in this thread. good work guys
  12. and we should export Copenhagen lanes back to Copenhagen, unless we can use them too - and that will never happen.