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You're a biker when...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rexxy, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. For all those moments you find yourself thinking and behaving like a biker when you're not actually on the bike.

    Like: Filtering through pedestrians when walking to work, Nodding to bikers while driving the cage. *

    Post your moments below.

    * Nodding has already been mentioned.

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  2. When on my mountain bike, putting my left glove on first...
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  3. Heard an ad on TV. Something about nasal spray. I thought it was about cable spray.

    (geez that was quick. I thought I'd be the first poster!)
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  4. Oh crap! Its the left glove first?!!!
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  5. Sometimes after riding lots I try to filter in my car.
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  6. Taking a wide line and leaning my body as I walk through doorways in the house.
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  7. Whilst making "Whaaaap, whaaaaaaa!" noises?
  8. Yep...........
  9. Wanting to clip around the ear everyone i see with their face in a phone.
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  10. LOL. Are they in control of a vehicle at the time or is it that you don't like phones and the people who own them?
  11. Lol, it's a tough one Craig, certainly. I'd be retired if i got a buck for everyone i saw on their phones during my commute. I work in a telco environment, and can't even walk down a corridor to get lunch without several junior fcukwits stumbling, dawdling along aiming straight for me. Drives me fcuking mad.

    I'm going to run for the "Clip and Chuckle" party once formed.

    So, phones when in control of cars, or phones, or people who use phones, mmmmm, tough one.

    Even Mrs Lionz called me a grumpy b@stard yesterday. Perhaps it's me then.........
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  12. Park on the sidewalk in such a manner as to not obstruct pedestrians? Kind of difficult in the Jeep though.
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  13. Making supermarket decisions to enable my groceries to fit on the bike, even when I don't take the bike, lol.
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  14. Put left glove on first when going Skiing
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  15. Pulling up to a red light, looking for the gap to filter... to only just realise you're in the car.
    Hearing a nice bike coming and nearly snapping your neck to get a good look at it.
    Chatting about bikes, dreaming about bikes, fantasizing about bikes...
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  16. Jumping on my mountain bike and I go for the start button..........:wacky:
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  17. image.
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  18. when im running along and jump down a few stairs and land on my back foot first - like its my rear tyre.
    Often crossing up my "air handlebars".
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  19. When its stormy cold wet and windy outside, your bike is tucked away in the Garage and you stare blankly out the window wondering if your bike is thinking about you?
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  20. Or when you go out into your garage and apologise to your bike because you haven't been able to go for a ride.
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