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You're a biker, and they can modify your DNA

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. It is the year 2014, and genetic engineering has reached the point where current living organisms may have their genetic characteristics adjusted at will.

    Prominent community groups are allowed to make submissions for what changes, characteristics or abilities would improve their lifestyle - such that they may be evaluated and a list of them approved for use by the general public.

    What changes, Awesome Motorcycle Rider, do you wish to make to your DNA?

    OR - if the above is too much reading...

    You're an Xmen.
    What cool powers and shit do you want to help you ride bikes?

    I think the following would be useful:

    - anti-fog saliva.
    - urine that substitutes for petrol/coolant/brake-fluid.
    - improved distance vision + night vision.
    - ability to adjust body-temperature at will, outside of normal ranges.
    - retractable adamantium blades between knuckles.
  2. Easy... to be able to poop dark matter. :p

    Futurama FTW
  3. Well you're F**ked mate.............. :?
    Because Prominent community groups are allowed to make submissions for what changes, characteristics or abilities would improve their lifestyle.......and they just collected all you 'hooligan' type 'awesome motorcycle riders' and lobotomised you.
    That improves the majority lifestyle. :twisted:
  4. What are you smokin dude. :shock: :wink: :LOL:
  5. +1 And i think we all need to be under the influence tto answer this post LOL..............
  6. Awesome topic, Ktulu - don't listen to the skiffy-impaired!

    Just antifog breath would work well for me, I think.

    But anyone played FEAR? That slomo power, which apparently is really reflexes arced up to the point that the rest of the world just appears to be moving in slomo, would probably be the single most useful super-power for a rider, IMO.

    But heat-vision for burning messages into the duco of recalcitrant drivers is well up there.
  7. Firstly,

    I think saliva is already anti fog anyway? Don't you spit in your goggles when scuba diving?

    Secondly, urine that substitutes for petrol/coolant/brake-fluid? That's just completely imaginary - you went overboard.

    For me you asked? I want mind control over people and things. You know, make the lights change to green, or make slow drivers pull over to let you pass?

  8. I want a force field!

    a la Unus the Untouchable! (you did mention X-Men ...)

    That takes away all the safety gear, and relive my childhood enjoyment of being exposed to nature while biking. Hmm, should add a new dimension to the phrase riding naked ...

    Umm, urine substitute for fuel? I'd want an aptly placed aperture in the tank for quick refuelling purposes. And with some imagination, certain bodily fluids should generate the present day equivalent of NOS ...

  9. i want to be invincible ;).. so i can crash as much as i want :p
  10. no amount of DNA modified super powers will compensate for self-cleaning underwear.
  11. Save points. So if you screw something up and splatt up against something you can just go back to a save point and try again.

    The ability to control the weather.

    The above two points mean I could squid all year round. Oh yeah.

    Some type of directional EMP power would be good too. Tailgating truck, no worries *EMP*

    The ability to stop time. This wouldn't help me on the bike so much as help me afford new bikes *evil laughter*.
  12. Aren't bikers already invisible?
  13. Emergency response self-locking sphincter.
  14. I want massive balls.
  15. :rofl: :LOL: :grin: :) :? :?:
    er...why Dev.
  16. i have trouble sitting on the bike properly with the ones i have now...
  17. How so? The body converts ammonia into urea which is excreted as urine. Ammonia has certainly been used as fuel before...liquid ammonia in rocket engines for example. Hardly a huge stretch to imagine a mutation where urine comes out as highly concentrated liquid ammonia and going straight into the fuel tank of your shiny rocket powered motorbike :grin: woohoo!
  18. i want a green latern ring......or an akira bike
  19. this is your first warning bluesuede, no more educated looking sensible posts.
  20. DeeCubed wrote
    Perhaps he just likes dances.