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Your Worst Ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. After reading of Marty's close encounter with Skippy the other weekend, I'm prompted to ask, What was your WORST ride? The one that still makes you shudder when you think about it. Names and places cannot be changed to protect the guilty!!!

  2. My worst ride happened while i was living in QLD some years ago. A couple of workmates plus assorted other ratbags had organised a ride from Brissy to just over the border to a place called .....err..... i can't remember (Urbanville or Woodenbong). Anyway, it was over the border like i said! I was riding a SZR660 that i had morphed into a cafe racer style streetfighter sort of thing. It was very very light and had only just been registered for a week or so, plus i didn't have insurance just yet. This was to be its maiden decent ride (after a week of about town riding) and i knew nothing of its handling after its radical weight loss.
    We set out and at first the little jigger was a dream to ride! Pick up from the big single was dramatically improved and bloody hell was it loud!!!! :D On smooth racetrack type corners it rode beautifully and if i had my full leathers on instead of my Draggin jeans, i would have been in knee down city. However as we went along the rodes on our route became decidely bumpy and things weren't going well at all. As the speeds rose (as they do in any group situation) i found that riding above 100 kmh was very very scary! Not only was the rear shock not coping at all but the bars were twitching away in my hands as if a full on tankslapper was going to break out at any moment!! I was riding on the edge and felt like stopping and returning home (wish i did!). However ego took over and i didn't want to get left behind, so i kept the throttle wide open. After one particularly twisty section it was an FZR400 rider in front of me and everyone else behind. We cleared it and were coasting along (at 140kmh or so) and sort of waited for the rest of the crew to appear behind us. They took longer than the guy in front wanted so he nailed it again and so did i. Coming around one sweeping corner my bike went through a sort of mini dip in the road and on coming off of it the front wheel got air!! Then all hell broke loose and the bars were nearly ripped out of my hands by the side to side motion! It slapped so fast and so hard that i had no idea what to do until i didn't have a choice. The front wheel landed crossed up and then bounced from lock to lock until it sorted of gripped and highsided me. The bike fell on its side and somehow (i think i managed to hold the bars enough) i landed on top of it. We slid along the road for a bit until something made the whole shebang flip and i ended up beneath the bike sliding backwards on the gravel/dirt shoulder of the road. When we eventually stopped i was pinned underneath the bike unable to move it because it was on my chest/tummy/hips. So i waited for everyone else to come along to help, which took a few minutes by the way. Then when they turned up they were pretty damn surprised to see me where i was and everyone stopped to help. Fortunately i was ok apart from some gravel rash and a cracked rib!! I got up immediately and was kind of in shock, the pain part took a while to kick in.
    You may think that all this made it the worst ride, however the worst was yet to come! I had to hitch a ride on the back of another riders bike (who happened to be a former A grade road racer!!) and try to hang on all the way back home. To my displeasure and PAIN (it had started to set in) my 'chaffeur' had an ongoing 'race' with a mate of his (who was a workmate of mine) most of the way home. I had so much trouble trying to hang on as by now my knee was aching, my elbow was killing me and my cracked rib made things so hard, even just to sit still! I tell you it was one of the longest rides of my life, despite the fact that i wasn't riding!!
    And it was embarrasing too to crash the bike i had spent so much time and money on! My ego took a battering that day and i was crushed that my bike was now wrecked. And even more embarrassed that my attempts to raise ride height through a heap of rear spring preload effectively caused the crash! The rear suspension didn't really work at well as attested by those behind me who saw the back wheel bouncing up and down on the bumps. Man i felt like a fool! That really was a shitty ride! Wish i had listened to my intuition and stayed home (had a bad premonition that week). :oops:
    BTW thanks Bernie for the lift back and thanks Richard for all your help afterwards!
  3. Some close ones show their ugly heads here:
    The infamous "exploding mattress" incident about 3? years back on Liverpool Rd. where the car in front of me lost a flopping inner-spring mattress off the roof-rack, which disintegrated as it hit the road.
    The tiniest gap between oncoming cars was enough to shoot across the road, whack through the ditch, mount the shallow bank on the other side, to be faced with a mesh-fence of a then-newly opened flower-nursery.
    Somehow avoided that one too, then dropped the bike on the grass.

    Early 70s: The Swiss Milk-Tanker-Truck coming around a bend on MY side of the road as pillion-friend and I made our way on the Norton Commando into St. Moritz/ Switzerland along the shores of Lake Sils. 2 sections of Armco had a 3-ft gap, the only way out. Then the seemingly endless free-flight as bike/2 guys/ and a pile of climbing/camping gear jumped off the edge of that rocky outcrop, making 8-10m in height and about 50m in distance...going for a bath at 60kmh.

    Chasing Warren during the Pegaso-heydays up Mt. BawBaw, a meter between us for 40km and clipping the timber-edge-strip of the toll-booth as both of us raced through the booth (un-manned in summer). Major front-end wobbles as I misjudged distances by a few Millimeters at 100kmh...Still got him before the top carpark though... :LOL:
    Brown undies *mark* that one.

    The schoolbus coming wiiiiide out of a side-street in Austria in 2001...only to find loose gravel in the ever-narrowing gap under heavy braking.
    The one occasion where the ABS of the BMW K12LT saved my arse (but Jeez it was close, could smell the paint of the toothpaste-advertising on the side of the bus) to do just the opposite a few days later in a long roadworks section, on the dirt ABS is hell.
    And then there were some other memorables along the way...

    Not really looking for more... :LOL:
  4. was really drunk and about 21 years old up in townsville and I picked up this sinfully ugly indiginous bird (who by the way looked like Elle Mcphearson when I had my beer googles on) and I rode her over a webber bin beside the nightclub . :oops: :D

    The things we do when we are young and dumb and full of c#$
  5. I remember a 'nightmare ride' I was on once. Fortunately I didn't crash, but the day was an absolute joke.
    A group of about 7 or 8 of us were going on a ride around Eildon. The day started out Ok, but went downhill quickly.
    We got to the dirt section after we left the Eildon pub and decided to wait for everyone to catch up. After 15 minutes, the 2 boys decided to go back and see if anything was wrong, as we were missing 2.
    The boys had been gone 25 mins, so we 3 girls decided to head back as well. No-one had any mobile reception out there. I had to pillion back a wife, as her hubby was one of the boys that had turned back without her. I hadn't had a pillion much and so was a little unsure, but just took it easy. My friend went ahead as she was quicker, and didn't have a pillion. She roared off. As a lot of you know, the road up there is narrow with no painted centre lines. After a few minutes, we caught up with her. She had collided with a car coming around the corner that was heading the other way. She was OK, but her bike was a bit damaged, and there was some yelling and swearing going on over who was to blame.
    I had managed to stop, but was unsteady, with the pillion and the slope of the road, and no real shoulders to pull over safely on, I was worried I was going to drop my bike. I checked she was Ok and she said she would catch up.
    I took off with my pillion and we finally caught up with the original 2 missing girls. One had come off and broken her arm and the other was waiting with her.
    We put her on the back of a bike, strapped up her arm and rode her back to the eildon pub, with one of the boys riding her bike.
    I dropped off my pillion and decided to go and see if the other girl who hit the car was ok. As I was heading back, she roared past me obviously mobile again! I swore under my breath as I found a place to safely do a u-turn, and return to the group.
    We finally got all injured riders and bikes back to the Eildon pub, were we took stock of what had happened and how we were going to get everybody and their bikes back to Melb. We left one bike at the pub, and pillioned the girl with the broken arm back to the Maroondah hospital. I pillioned the wife again, as her hubby had the injured girl on the back.
    As we headed back towards Buxton, the girl who had collided with the car, missed the turn off we all took. I had to chase her for 8 kms before finally overtaking her and pulling her over.
    She apologised, she was upset over her bike and when she couldn't see any of us ahead, she thought she was miles behind!!
    We all got back to Melbourne very late and spent most of the night in the casualty ward waiting.
    It was a very average ride..!
  6. worst ride....?

    the fine warm spring day ride that started out heading away
    from Melbourne on the GOR to Apollo Bay and beyond
    turned into a survival ride when a cold change came
    thru (heading eastward) and the temp dropped from
    about 23° to about 12°
    which made the return journey a fight to stay upright
    with howling winds rain sleet and hail on the GOR
    being blown off the Geelong freeway
    (I managed to stop in the emergency lane)

    I had my wets with me and put them on and got wet
    and my 'FogCity' visor..fogged up

    a nightmare

  7. I can think of a couple of bad experiences – coming off a brand new Bultaco Metralla on the way home from picking it up – no real damage (except my pride and the dent in the tank ). :oops: :oops:

    Coming around a corner on the K with a pillion on board and realising that the bridge I was going on to was one with the two raised bits for the car wheels to go and I wasn’t going to go there…

    :oops: The worst though was a trip to and from a residential school in Bathurst at what’s now Charles Sturt Uni one September. I was on an RD350 and a mate was on a Suzuki 380 (the 2 stroke triple). We were living in Berri in SA at the time and we decided to have a leisurely run to Canberra camp there a while and go up through Goulburn to Oberon and on into Bathurst for the week at the residential school.

    First of all it rained heavily from Mildura on. Our boots turned out to be not as waterproof as we thought and the road across the Hay plain had about six inches of water across it a lot of the way. Then we realised that headwinds and bad weather don’t lend themselves to good fuel consumption and the RD ran out after 140 kms at one point. Pillion to the next fuel stop (the Suzi was almost empty by the time we got there and we were reduced to about 60kph to make sure we could do it).

    Arrived in Canberra and realised that the sleeping bags and tent were saturated. The saving grace was the driers in the laundry. Spent a couple of days in Canberra doing the tourist bit and rode on. By now the rain had moved on so we were OK. When we got onto the back road to Oberon though it was still very wet and instead of a fair gravel road we got a greasy muddy clay surface. After slipping and sliding and getting bogged a few times, (any one who’s seen “The Long Way Round” will know what I mean – it was like that) we finally got to Bathurst seven hours later.

    A week later we set out to come back. We decided to leave immediately after our last class and head back even if it meant riding at night. The weather had cleared up and we figured it wouldn’t be too bad. After a lot of stuffing around though it was dark when we left. By the time we got to Balranald it was -2 and bloody cold. Worse was the fact that it was a moonless night and the kangaroos across the Hay plain were in plague proportions. Literally one every 20 metres or so between Hay and Mildura (oh yes – it was a moonless night). :cry:

    At one point we were at a walking pace when a big red came straight up the middle of the road and came past knocking me in the leg and almost knocking me over. We considered stopping and putting the tent up but the roadsides were still saturated with water and there was no where to stop.

    We got into Mildura at sunrise – having taken 6 hours to do the 300k from Hay to Mildura. The next semester we took the Falcon! (and that was another series of disasters…)

  8. Coming home from work in England one foggy winter's evening from 5 mins up the road and performing (a rather nice) somersault over a stationary mini and landing on my head. Helmet scratched to buggery where I'd gone sailing down the road, bike DOA and jeans shredded....damn I loved those jeans :-({|=
  9. All rides are good.... But i guess doing a superman over the back of a statesman at speed (80/100Kms) and busting my shoulder a, coller bone, plus a couple of ribs wasn't that fun!

    Nor was sliding down the road after being bitten by a wasp and low siding, watching my bike miss the bridge and topple over the edge.
  10. My worst ride was picking up this scrubber at the Bombay night club in the mid 80's. She was not very ..........
    oh sorry wrong sort of ride.

    :oops: :oops: :oops:
  11. My worst ride . Any ride that a fellow rider gets hurt or worse, as has happened once , a fellow rider loses his life :cry: :cry: .
  12. Going up the curly side of Mt Hotham on the Virago, hated that so much I got off half way up to specifically throw a tantrum!!!


    Haven't been up there yet on the big baby, but I'm sure it wouldn't be anywhere near as bad.
  13. Ride on a perfectly fine day.... when I got booked. :p

    Or the ride the other night with insane crosswinds trying to rip me and my luggage off the GPX on the freeway. Scariest riding I've done, because you have no control at all, really.
  14. Worst ride..... well with no bike yet nothing big by myself.

    Did come off as pillion on Dad's bike once but no damage.

    Scariest monemt was on my XR 80 I had as a 9 year old......riding on farm tracks and a rabbit hops INTO front wheel. Red chunky spray and when locked up. I went over the bars but landed OK. Tought me a good lesson. Expect the unpredictable.....had better remeber that when i finally get a bike for the road
  15. worse ride - a chick I met in 2002
  16. Well, I guess since I started this thread I should contribute, but, after reading what's been posted so far, I'm afraid my worst ride will seem very tame.

    It was the January Long Weekend, 1978. My brother and I had decided to ride to Albury and watch the King of the Weir at the Hume Weir circuit. It was an unseasonably cold weekend, indeed my wife and my brother's wife spent all the weekend huddled over the fire at our home in Canberra in the middle of Summer.

    The ride from Canberra to Albury was uneventful, though cold, as mentioned. We watched practice and qualifying and volunteered to stay at the circuit overnight to watch over the bikes and equipment for the CRRC riders we had gone down to support.

    At around midnight a huge storm rolled in and the place went berserk. Tents in the pits were torn up and we had a very difficult task securing all the stuff so it didn't blow away.

    After it subsided, we walked down to the caravan park at the end of the road (the circuit gates were locked so we couldn't ride the bikes) to see how our friends had fared. They place was a shambles, tents torn up, people's belongings all over the place and general confusion.

    There was no way we could go back to the pits to try and sleep so we borrowed John Morgan's Ford Escort van and drove to town to try and find a motel room. It was after 1 am now and we drew a blank at all the motels in Albury and Wodonga.

    Eventually we slept!!!!! sitting up in the front seats of the van outside the circuit gate.

    Race day finally dawned after seeming like it never would. It was sheeting down rain and everyone was soaked and miserable. After watching nearly the whole day's racing and seeing Bob Rosenthal win the King of the Weir on a TZ750 two stroke Yamaha in the pouring rain, we set off for home.

    My brother had a Line 7 one-piece rain suit and I had a pair of yellow plastic pants and a thick denim jacket (how stupid were we???)

    Within 10 minutes we were both soaked. Worse still, the water had got into the coils on the 400/4 and my bike started running on 2 cylinders and was flat out at 60 km/h in 2nd gear, couldn't go any faster.

    By the time we got to Tarcutta I was suffering the early stages of hypothermia, but, madly, we decided to push on. By the time we got to Gundagai the rain had stopped and our sodden clothes were starting to dry out through the action of the wind. Then the coils dried and the bike chimed back onto 4 cylinders. Hooray, we were going to make it after all.

    Crossing the ACT border with home in sight and, wouldn't you know it, it started hosing down again and the bike dropped back onto 2. It stayed like that till we got home and we got off the bikes, saturated, exhausted and again suffering the early stages of hypothermia.

    My worst trip??? Can't think of anything that even comes close!
  17. hahahahahhahahaha,HAHAHAH....... i don't know why i find this so funny, i think i see myself in the same situation then getting off finding i lost my lighter somewhere cause my pocket was open then swearin and screamin out of my brains at my mate that dragged me up there feeding me some bullshit to go with him, as he pulls up. hahaha :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    people at my work were lookin at me for laughin so hard, must be delerious or something..
  18. Nothing really.
    Loads of great rides, but no really bad ones [-o<

    Even my worst accident is a little pathetic, but is the most I can muster. An 82 year old woman in a mini side-swiped me on a roundabout when I was just starting out. Pathetic really. All I suffered was a sprained ankle. :roll:

    *Note to self - must do better*
  19. I have ridden through storms so fierce that I was nearly wrenched off the bike. I have lowsided three times and had numerous near misses with cars.

    The only thing that ever really, really scared me on the bike...

    Waking up from a microsleep on the Hume just as I was heading towards the edge of the road.
  20. For me I guess it was the last ride where I choked on a R hander in St Andrews (still wondering why). Bike goes across the road front wheel first, bent both triple clamps, forks, front wheel is probably knackered, crack in frame and my R arm in plaster for 2 friggin months, not happy Jan.