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Your worst nightmare/fantasy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by POPEYE, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. bored of riding to and from work lately on my new supernaked stead which is truly overkill for city riding, thanks to this level of overkill and Sydney traffic aggressive drivers are often left behind well before they can even look at me funny;

    but I just thought, how would i fair if a driver really did want to kill, and if that driver found me on say the Putty Road or Old Pacific Hwy alone and vulnerable on my steel chariot, could i outrun him? What kind of car would i really be worried about? would I be able to get or would I get overwhelmed with adrenline and crash???

    What if I really did have to push to 100% of my ability in terms of accelerating, braking or turning?

    Say it was the putty road long bits, and the driver was pretty good, the car was a hilux, I reckon I can get away, swap the car to a golf gti we'd be over 200 but I reckon i could get away as well, but swap the car to say a GTR, now i'd be seriously worried, pull over and he could run me down or try run and he could keep up and knock you over at some serious speeds what the hell do you do???

    Truly rare but definitely a motorcyclists worst nightmare

    Loved to know if anyone has ever been in such a situation and what happened
  2. Ride between the trees. Or through between buildings. Bikes are narrow.
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  3. true, wont work old pac though as you can't ride through mountains and off cliffs
  4. oh you can definitely ride off a cliff
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  5. not the most ideal option
  6. Wear a parachute, ride off cliff.
    Nightmare: Solved.
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  7. Many try,usually on a Sunday
  8. filtering to the front of traffic and tapping the last car in the lines mirror, now that is a nightmare
    trying to do a mad wheelie in front of the cool kids down at lygon st and only popping it up an inch
    running out of fuel and having to fill up at a united servo
    putting my right glove on first
    nodding at a scooter
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  9. hahaI'll remember to pack my chute for the next ride!
  10. I have run away from crazy cages before. The scooters piss off cars more than any bike.

    You just chuck a u turn across the medium and watch them fume.

    I didnt do anything to provoke them honest, some people just get angry for no reason. Well a lot of people....
  11. U-turn the turning circle is pretty poor on those things.

    In the alternative you could always add a turbo. Braaaaappp pssshhhht!!!
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  12. Bikes more agile. Time your braking and laugh. If done right i could see a bike literally riding circles around an angry cager
  13. head for the roundabouts and speedbumps, you can ride straight through most roundabouts and scoot around most speedbumps
  14. Pull out mobile phone. Post for back up, on Netrider. (Takes a bit if skill, while riding with winter gloves)
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  15. Happened to me about 4 years ago.
    Finally managed to shake him off in a shopping centre car park, the lane was too narrow for himm to get through.

    Scary just isn't a strong enough word, it was a jacked up ute with huge wheels and he followed me over the median strip, yikes.

    Never found out what I did that made him try to kill me........
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  16. I had some nutjob doing that to me in the UK years ago as a teenager on my 350 LC (Man, i'd kill for that bike now). The b@stard kept flashing his lights and bibbing his horn behind me. I found riding on the wrong side of the central reservations in traffic helped, then bolting down a footpath and finally belting round a mate's house and parking discreetly in his back yard helped.

    Apparently the cops were aware of it somehow too 'cos the sirens went on for some time. I didn't bother making a complaint though ;)
  17. Come at me, bro. (You may come in the last one, if desired) image. image. image. image.
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  18. Just in case

    images (1).
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  19. Scroll down do 3 mins and check the guy on a yellow bike :) . Then at about 9 mins you see what the group can do. If you watch all of it there is a guy high five-ing the cop too :)
  20. II was out on a ride yesterday and had an Audi TT on my ass through about 40km of Bylong Valley Way, he wasn't hitting it as fast as he could on the straights, but he seemed to be pushing it on the corners and I was beating him there. I was slowing down on the straights just to see which corners I was taking faster than he was :woot:.
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