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Your worst bike??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, May 30, 2005.

  1. What was the worst bike you have owned and why?

    Mine was a 1975 Honda MT125 Trail bike. It was based on the CR125 Elsinore motocross bike which was the "gun" MX bike of its day. Honda even had ther gall to call it a Elsinore, but it was undoubtedly the worst bike that Honda has ever produced and I bought one, brand new yet. How stupid was I?
    It had no power, no brakes, no character and was neither a good trail bike or a good road bike.


    And yes, please notice the 1970's style "approved" trail riding gear. What a hoot.

  2. my old CR250 was a LEMON

    blew the top and bottom end on the 2nd ride i took it on
    bent a rear axle but didn't notice till my rear drum was in the process of disintegrating
    rear shocker decided to bottom out one day, sending my ass into the seat so hard i could barely walk after
    3rd gear vanished on me, leaving me with a loverly metallic gearbox oil
    LH kickstarter (yep, havn't seen one since either), after nearly managing to break my foot on several occasions, decided to throw a little plastic gear that stopped it from working
    front brake cable snapped on me while trying to stop
    muffler fell off one day

    ummmmm, i'm sure there was a whole lot more that busted on me too. and its not like i didn't maintain it, i spent more time working on it than riding it. bastard piece of crap cost me over $2500 (not peanuts for a teenager) and i ended up selling it for $600 and then blowing most of that on games and grog :roll:
  3. The worst bike in the world is better than the best car.
  4. not always - most cars run

    i had a 93 fzr600 that had a number of (un)endearing traits:

    1. vibrated like two fcuking rats in a sock
    2. no matter how much you clean fuel lines, carbs, breathers etc and replace fuel pumps, kept conking out due to fuel starvation if you used too little OR too much throttle - it lived at about 3000rpm only.
    3. could never find decent 18" rear hoops for it, let alone 16" fronts - who came up with that stoopid combo?
  5. Suzuki GZ250 Marauder. Absolute piece of crap. Just a poor piece of engineering. Don't touch them...
  6. My old, old mountain bike. If you changed gears at the wrong time the chain would slip off, locking the back wheel and the pedals.

    I ended up leaving it out the front of our place in Preston, unlocked. It took a whole four weeks to get nicked - I was hoping for sooner. I would have liked to have seen the thief piss off 100 meters down the road only to be flung over the handlebars!

    (yeah, I know you meant motorbikes)
  7. I had a particularly nasty Puch 50cc moped as my first bike. Two stroke, drum brakes, 2 gears and finished in a fetching orange with black speed-block color scheme....shite!

    I think I fell off the thing at least once a week and so I was glad when the police banned me from using it :shock:
  8. My last bike was my worst - a 1989 fzr250. It was actually a great bike for me, but my current one I like more. So since I only have 2 to choose from, I chose that one. :)
  9. 50cc Vespa. Gutless, but you couldn't kill it with a stick.

    God, I wish I still had it!

    (I regret every bike I ever sold/gave away/traded in. )
  10. Worst Bike

    Honda CX500
    I think overall they werent all that bad, but the one I had was a pig.I paid $800 for it. It kept fritzing timing chains,and would jump out of 1st gear which was a problem as I lived at the bottom of a steep drive.
    It eventually got relegated to the corner of the shed from whence I traded it on a new car and was given $3000 for it.(Yeah I know it was some sort of cashback deal)

    Way before that the first bike I ever owned a sprung hub Triumph Thunderbird (remember them) This one was a special as it seemed like it had a rubber hinge in the frame. And as a last note the scariest bike a Kawasaki 500cc 3 cylinder 2 stroke I think they were H1 or a H2. Scared myself spitless on a daily basis, but they could go.
  11. How did that happen??? The falling off and the banning that is?
  12. I kept falling off the stupid thing because it refused to go around corners or behave in any way like a motorcycle (that's my excuse anyway).

    I was banned from riding it by a couple of coppers who'd pulled me over for doing a mono, when they saw what death-trap it was the told me never to ride it on the road again...
  13. So you still got it? They just banned YOU from riding it right?
  14. Warning, Will Robinson, warning!!!

    Forum members and members of the public in general are warned to be on the lookout for a young Australian male doing monos on a Puch 50cc moped!!!
    Don't do it, Pete, it's not worth it!
  15. Suppose it'd have to be the CB400N.

    Trouble is, I loved all my bikes. Even though the CB was a pretty shoddy piece of work I had loads of fun riding the thing.
    I remember it had a huge aftermarket Rickman fairing, which I butchered with a pair of halogen spotlights & a stereo.

    If you didn't see me coming, you sure couldn't fail to hear me :)

    Ahhh, happy days.
  16. Those were the days when most bikes didn't come with fairings and if you wanted one you had to fit your own. Man weren't we butchers?