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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Banga, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Hey,
    I'm a new rider i just wanted to know what is the best bike out of the three options which i have which are the Honda CBR 125R & Kawasaki GPX 250 & Hyosung GT 250R and i wanted to know whether the Hyosung is comfortable or not ive been told otherwise.


  2. All will be great learners bikes, the Hyo is a larger framed bike, and for bigger people may be more comfortable.

    I suggest you go and ride all 3 and decide for yourself what feels the best to you.
  3. I liked the look of the Honda 125 and almost decided on buying that one new. Though I settled on this Kwaka GPX and I am really happy with it. Second hand 12 thou on the clock, 2006 rego'd. So it is a great bike. The CBR's look cool. But then so do the others when ya on em.
  4. Are you thinking of buying new ? If so I would advise against it.

    Get a pos that way any little (or big) offs you have will not be as heart breaking plus you will not lose as much $ on resale. If you think you won't damage it then you would be wrong. I never dropped my first bike but at a servo I backed the bike (yes going backwards to make room) into a bollard and broke a tiny piece of plastic off around the tail light. Didn't worry me but if it was new then grrrr.

    But of course if you are buying second hand then forget what I just said :LOL:
  5. Thanks for all your help.

    The kawasaki is second hand 2007 its done 2600 k's & the hyosung is 2006 model 1200 k's & the CBR 125R is brand new.

    I heard with the CBR that it's very week if a 90kg person was on that the top speed would be around 90 k/m and that would be pushing it. Can someone please tell me whether it's true or not.

  6. I haven't ridden the little cbr (lucky for it, I'm a little heavy) but have a read a couple of reviews and they say basically if you are more than about 60kg, then maintaining 100km/h was a little difficult, and on any hill just not possible.

    It would be a great little commuter, but suspect if you need to do any type of freeway riding for more than a couple of km, you would be better suited to something else.
  7. lol do your self a favour dont get the cbr 125.
    Ive ridden bikes with very simmilar specs and it sucks
  8. lol @ ur anti 125ness zbike.

    The honda is a great idea, the gpx is ugly, and the hyo is a hyo...not saying thats good or bad, you make your own decision on that one. There all capable bikes, id lean towards a 250, if you wanted to do highway work.

    The 125 will only ever be a round town bike, that said, its fun.

    Jump on all of em and make your mind up.
  9. Cheers,
    I'd say I would be leaning towards the gpx250r, the honda is a great looker, but i'm guna be doing a decent amount of highway riding

    I also wanted to know if there is any motorcycle mechanics in the Nowra or southern highlands area who are willing to do a bike inspection for money?

    Banga [/b]
  10. If you live around Nowra you're definitely going to be needing something with more poke than the CBR125. It's a around-city bike...and Nowra aint a city :p. I would also add the VTR250 to the list, it doesn't have fairings but don't let that deter you. Out of the three bikes you listed I would go the GPX, even though it's the ugliest.

    Don't know about a inspection service that far south (there are a couple in Sydney) but you could look at what the NRMA offer...I remember them promoting an inspection service for bikes at the last Sydney motorcycle show. Failing that, ask a friendly and knowledgeable Netrider to help you out. Hornet600 was kind enough to check out a bike in the Oak Flats area when I was on the lookout for my 250.

    Good luck. Nowra may be a shithole, but you've got some nice riding around there!
  11. I'm not from Nowra,
    actually from Camden, the bike i'm looking at is located at Nowra,

    Thanks for the help will check it out

  12. The GPX, followed by the GPX, followed by a skateboard.
  13. VTR250 is great for speed below 80 kph. Anything above that and the wind buffeting and drag your body creates is an absoulte annoyance.

    I had one of these as a loan bike for a few days, and all I can say is they are a great, wonderful city putter. But forget the freeway.

    Howevere, if you could get a fairing kit for it, that would make it choice.
  14. Thanks for that, i will need it on the highway, 4 sure
  15. I'm not a mechanic, but I'd be happy to check out a Nowra bike for you if you like. PM me for my phone number :).
  16. Not interested in the ZZR 250 at all?

    As for the three bikes you've listed:
    • I couldn't imagine riding anything with less poke than a 250. Mrs Tree's ZZR, with it's "massive" 40hp, carried us (combined weight of 135kg) up mountains with relative ease and pulled 150km/h on a deserted country road.
    • The ZZR kills the GPX for looks, IMO.
    • I don't know enough about the Hyo to give it a vote either way. I'd imagine, since they're so new on the market, that parts would be more expensive than the others, but don't quote me on that.
  17. I got a brand new GPX ('cause I'm a very lucky wife)!

    Was going for a CBR to start with, hubby test rode it - it was a postie bike with fairings!!! Our five year old girls could beat it from a standing start!! Great if you want a scooter with sportsbike looks.

    GPX - hubby had his 2001 model for 3 years 48000K's - it was bullet-proof! Which is why he blew the budget and got me a new one. Cheap to service, cheap to insure, parts readily available, and if you look after it, will hold its value.

    Good luck in your search :)
  18. VTR 250 is fine on the freeways mate, ive toured before on it and dont let anyone tell ya its not up to the task. if nakeds not ya thing, then yeah, ZZR isn't a bad way to go, just not as fugly as the GPX. hyo, yeah get it new so if you do have any problems it'll be covered under warrenty. most of the quality control issues ive heard of with the Hyo has been with the 650 anyway. i found em bloody uncomfortable though.