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Your trusted workshop

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by takagawa, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. I'm taking my bike in for its first major service soon, so I'd like to know whose (hopefully) capable hands you leave your bike with. And also, whom you've had bad experiences with.

    I've heard 'not so bad' things about Brighton Kawasaki, so that's my current option to take. But I'm looking for a good balance between servicing cost vs. quality of the job.

  2. I've always found the guys at Central Motorcycles to be excellent (in Hughesdale). Just a small team of 3 - owner/mechanic, mechanic, and wife of owner. They have always been able to help me out and I have found their prices very reasonable.

    Is your bike brand new? Is it under warranty? And finally - does your warranty state that it must be a specific 'brand' of mechanic (i.e. must you take it to an authorised kwaka dealer)?
  3. Despite a complaint regarding communications early on, I've used Werribee Motorcycles ever since and they've been outstanding. I need to put the bike in for a quick adjustment some time next week and that's where it will go.
  4. Dandenong Honda (and Yamaha) sold me my bike and have done every service in it's 86,000km life time. No complaints about them at all.
  5. Nova Honda and Ducati I have found to be great.
  6. any recommendations on where to take a triumph (no vic, not to the dump)?
  7. Turn one m/c has the rep. for triumph work, give Charlie a call
  8. thanks scooter
  9. My bike will be getting a full service in a month or two. Does anyone know what Action in Sydney city centre are like for servicing?
  10. Ever since having a VERY bad experience with Peter Stevens (Queensberry St, not Elizabeth St), I have taken my bike to Dean at Ray Quincey in Elizabeth St and I can't fault him. He does a great job at a reasonable price and is very helpful as well.
  11. does anyone have anything good or bad to say about cosways the kwaka dealers in the city? or would you recommend someone else in the cbd?
  12. Hiya HondaGal ... long time no see ... oops that's a bit "off-thread" . ahh so what hahaha .. Happy New Year anyways HG!!! :D
  13. Hahaha, thanks Ross, and the same to you! Yep, I'm back... :D
  14. Nah its a '95 zzr250. No warranty of the sort.

    Dandenong Honda? Hmm, okay check them out.
  15. i've only had a bike serviced by one place, Performance Bikes and Watercraft in moorabbin. owner is great to deal with, does a great job and doesn't knock you over with the bill. recommend him to anyone.

    central motorcycles seem like a decent bunch, i bought a bike off them and they were pleasant and the bike hasn't skipped a beat. had a couple of roadworthies done at dandy motorcycle wreckers, they're a no BS bunch there but the mechs dont seem to be as friendly to those that dont know a thing or two about bikes. and global have been good to me aswell with accessories and advice, i wouldn't have a problem trusting the bloke there but i pretty much do all my own work now.....

    good luck finding a place, best advice would be to not let them clue on to you if you dont know much about the bike :wink:
  16. Cosways are very good, Leon the owner (I think thats his name) is pretty good. The wife has a really bad attitude though. We bought a Z1000 there 2 years ago and got a great deal. We have also got them to service it and they did a great job (even picked up on screw ups made by another mechanic).
    Stay away fro Ray Quincey's they are very dodge, my mate who races professionally also swears peoples should stay away from them.
    Have bought bike accessories from Brighton Kwaka, (although we haven't got a bike serviced there) and they seem really good.
    Hope this helps! :LOL:
  17. RAM Motorcycle Engineering in Canberra.

    Rick is a 20+ years veteran mechanic; his workshop is neat and clean and his work is first class. He has been servicing my bikes since 1987 and has always done a super job. A huge proportion of riders in Canberra and round about take their bikes to him and I have never heard one person say a bad word about him or about the work he does.

    I now live in Wollongong but still take my bike back to Canberra to get the servicing done, such is my regard for Rick and for his work.
  18. Go see ken out at Brighton Kawasaki

    Always done right by me
  19. I'll second helina's recommendation - I've always been satisfied with Ken at Brighton Kawasaki. Doubly so when I got a letter in the post from him - he'd found an old owner's manual for my bike somewhere in some files, hunted out my address from a roadworthy certificate he'd done, and sent me the manual as a gift.

    I also highly recommend Rob Jenner at Missing Links motorcycles in Drysdale.
  20. My mate bought a ZZR1100 from brighton Kawasaki and had every service done by them by the book plus bit more right up to 100,000km service... though they never stuffed up his bike to much I got to see his colection of receipts!!! All I'm going to say is I think they charge way to much!!!

    Also I bought a bike off Central... a realy nice bike with only 16,000km... the shop owner swore they were original low K's... after I got it home I looked under the seat to find THEIR service stickers right up to 115,000km!!! Mind you when they did service my old GXS250 they did a realy good job...