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Your top five accessories are?..

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by snowy, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Hey Gang

    I am hopin you wouldn't mind suggesting what your top five bike accessories would be after purchasing a new/new used bike. I realise that the type of bike may mean mixed results, but I'm just hopin for some kinda pattern on consensus. Heres the five I usually consider off the bat:

    1. Slip-On or replacement exhaust system.
    2. Some kinda luggage system i.e tailbag, tankbag, rack etc.
    3. Tank pad protector.
    4. Braided lines.
    5. Hugger and other bling bits, i.e bar ends, reservoir caps, tyre valve psi indicators etc etc...

    Really appreciate any responses...

  2. I don't yet have a bike but when I get one I plan on:

    1. Exhaust System (V&H Short Shots for me thanks!)
    2. Does lowering the bike count?
    3. Change the Bars
    4. Sissy Bar
    5. Saddlebags
  3. POssibly not in this order but def high on the list of things for most sportsbikes

    1. Tank & yoke protector.
    2. Up-grade pads & lines
    3. Exhaust
    4. Fender elim
    5. Power commander/Re-jet =P~
  4. Brakes, suspension, geometry. There's my first 10 or so changes.
  5. G'day everyone,...

    My top 5 accesories would be:

    1. More money
    2. More money
    3. More money
    4. More money
    5. More money

    Oh you mean for the bike!??

    Dose the above not count??
    :wink: :roll: :roll:

    Dr Who?
  6. for my current steed:

    -Slip on
    -Top box and mount
    -soft panniers
    -fender extender
    -then hopefully a PCIII
  7. never heard of someone wanting to extend their fender before :p
  8. HAH!
  9. - Blindfold
    - Body Chocolate
    - Whip
    - Handcuffs
    - Silk sheets

    And after that:

    - New tyres
    - Screen (double bubble)
    - Braided lines
    - Full exhaust system (if I had too much money)
    - Further breathing mods and tuning to match
  10. My top five bike accessories that i have just recently added are:

    1. Yoshi slip on pipe
    2. Fender Eliminator
    3. Pipercross air filter
    4. LED front & rear indicators
    5. Tank pad

    There are a few more, but that will come when there is more folding stuff in the back pocket!!!
  11. It is actually for the front wheel. Keeps more crap off the pipes and engine, makes it easier to clean.
  12. ....where are the people who ride there bikes everyday?

    no-one will admit to heated hand grips :p
  13. I ride everyday, but in lovely QLD, there is no need for such things.
  14. +1

    thems the important bits I rkn.
  15. Surprised no one's done this yet... Please santa, I've been a good boy this year... Can I add Suzi Perry to the back of my bike...


    She IS bike related at least - being the BBC's pitlane commentator/interviewer for MotoGP! :roll:

    If not her, then a new bike (675 or 848), Jardine pipes, quickstep gearshift (if not fitted), anti-chip shield/armour and a never ending supply of tryres to wear out... :LOL:
  16. I just rough it! Keeps you awake.