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your top 3 best and worst drivers............???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sydneybiker, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. mine would be


    1. cars driven by motorcycle riders, very aware of you out on the road
    2. most women drivers, they dont get aggro at you and are more patient.....
    3. most truck drivers......they are super aware of everyone out on the road

    1. taxis drivers, what? driving 8 hours a day means you dont have to follow the road rules like everyone else?
    2. couriers, get there quick and screw everyone else!
    3. any car with pillows, hats or a box of tissues in the rear window, avoid these people at all costs.......!!
  2. You forgot the drivers with white fuzzy hair just peeping over the top of the steering wheel..with their nose just inches away from it...scary! :shock:
  3. any car with HUGE


    across the rear screen...avoid

    or anything where the drivers seat is laid back as far as poss
    and the head (thats all you can see) has a cap on backwards
  4. how about a Mazda 121 with at least a 5inch tacho on the dash! the guy had serious issues it was sad :)
  5. housewives in landcruisers that only do the shopping and run the kids to and from school in it. One of these lifeforms change lanes on top of me recently without turning her head a millimetre, I know cause I was watching her for 20-30 metres before she did it. I threw on the anchors and hit the horn. She completed her lane change, then looked in her rear vision mirror to see what the noise was, then raise a flat palm up as if to say "oh, sorry about that"

    My Arai started to melt and dribble around my ears and shoulders ......... :x
  6. Most women drivers, you're kidding aren't you, those over forty are definitely more patient yes, those under thirty in their new holden barinas talking on the mobiles. Avoid like the plague.
    Also fat cat businessmen in their Fairmonts talking on the phone, most of 'em wouldn't know their a*se from a whole in the ground
  7. Or maybe a finely-honed sense of irony?!
  8. On the ride home, I was buzzed by an Astra with a P plate, nothing too bad but he had put on a after market exhaust and the engine sounded like it had had work done to it. I found it very strange since I've got the same cage and find it to be a gutless piece of shit......

    He went on to the best job he could at taking out a oncoming car while overtaking (I'd guesstimate 40km/h over the speed limit in a built up area) a ute and caravan (travelling at the speed limit).

    I thought he was a joke before he did that manoeuvre then developed a much more negative view point of him.
  9. The downside of the wimmins' movement and DIY feminism. As a middle-aged unreconstructed male, I can cope with the ricers becase I expect them to be Fangio-wannabes. Far more terrifying is the Festiva doing a 115 while the barely post-adolescent female driver edits her next SMS. And I estimate that I'd see one every other night on the freeway.

    Also being a complete coward, I know I can give her the vicious stare without triggering a bout of testosterone-charged road rage.

    And my votes for postions 2 & 3?

    2) Truck drivers who can't work out how to cover their load of gravel
    3) Drivers who charge into those lovely on/off ramp sweepers, and then jump on the anchors.

    The funniest sight of the weekend? A car on it's roof outside the Laverton McDonald. Driver overcooked the off-ramp at Pt Cook Road, hit the shrubs on the outside of the turn and - wheeeeee! A over T! (Driver shaken but not stirred - was getting a back rub from an attractive female ambulance officer. Some people will do anything for a massage!)
  10. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to car drivers. I steer clear of cars in a poor state of disrepair, always a good indication that if they haven’t seen to their busted taillights or smokey exhaust, then they ain’t gonna bother indicating or checking their mirrors that often either.
  11. For some reason just recently, BMW drivers. Who in Hell convinced these people to trade in their Volvos?
  12. Really?, it tends to be the expensive cars that make a habit of trying to kill me. It seems that some people spend huge amounts of money on a car with obliquely described 'safety features' in order to distance themselves from the idea of being a responsible road user rather than adopting the more common sense approach to PPE - If you need it, it probably wont work anyway. Best to avoid the hazardous situation in the first place (ie. look, plan ahead)
  13. Well I'm 24 never had an accident (touch wood)(6years driving 1 year riding) I believe I am a very careful driver.. Always looking and double looking.... Always indicate 30m before changing lanes.. Mirror check.. head check.. mirror ..check.. move over..

    I think we should say that some drivers shouldn't be driving.. Lets not split them up into groups ie. females under 40 etc...

    Sorry I just get sick of people assuming I'm a bad driver.. And in saying that I do not believe I am a good driver.. However I am very aware
    Lisa :twisted:
  14. csls22, sorry Lisa, poor generalisation. There are good and bad drivers in every category. It's just that I can honsetly say that the most inattentive drivers that I've noticed happened to be ladies under 30 and business men over 45. The worst drivers (that is those with most accidents) appear to be young males (under 25). I did not mean to cast aspersions on your driving/riding ability and apologise for doing so and unfortunately you fell into the group I was gernealising about.
  15. You can also generalise on the basis of car make/model. Sporty Utes are to be avoided at all costs. The desire to buy one of those monstrosities means that these people have literally more money both sense and taste. Do you suppose the Ford and Holden dealers supply the black labrador as an optional extra? Anyone in a BMW is to be avoided. I have rarely seen a BMW drive in a fashion that can be called considerate to other road users (BMW bikes are not included in this generalisation). Large four wheel drives with a driver that can barely see over the dash. What are these people doing with vehicles that they can barely see out of? And any car going way slower than the speed limit with no L plates. These tend to be elderly drivers and they sometimes don't bother checking mirrors.
  16. OOOOO Nodz, I'd stay away from coffee nights if I were you :wink:

    Lisa is right, I think it's the general standard of driving/riding slipping. Not just one group or another.

    My worst 3....

    1. "Younger drivers" in bling bling ricers with doof doof music blaring, and more than two passengers
    2. Taxi's... yep they get up my goat.
    2.5 generally the "arrogant few" that is, BMW steerers, Volvo steerers, Saab steerers. (generally speaking, not all)
    3. squids who give us riders a bad name.


    1. Me
    2. Myself
    3. I
    :p :LOL: :p :LOL: :p
    Just kidding!!!

    1 My wife, she's the most defensive and careful driver I know.
    2 the local School bus drivers
    3 The older interstate tourists (in most cases)

  17. 1. Toorak Tractors
    2. Doof Doof Boys
    3. Any of the above

    Man-Some people should not have licences.

    I once heard a story about a guy reading the paper at a set of lights. Someone tooted him from behind and he drove off expecting the traffic to be moving.

    And it wasn't.

    Crash, bang & thank you for not concerntrating.

    I did see a guy buttering his toast last Thursday on Burwood Highway.................moron.
  18. worst=four wheel drives(f**k wit drivers) :x
    taxi's :evil:
    some other bike riders :eek:
    best= my wife (me big suck hole) :D
    many truck drivers (they seem to watch out for bike riders) 8)
    police (they seem to slow down so i can catch up,thats nice) :shock: