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Your thoughts on this one

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nice2Bnaked, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Just thought I'd gather some thoughts on this one....

    Nearly all motorcycle accidents are caused by the rider not being mentally prepared, and many riders not actually being mentallly capaple of even riding a bike in the first place.

    Do you think everyone who is lawfully allowed ride, is mentally capable of using a motorcycle on the road? Or are motorcycles and scooters only for us few who are naturally selected...

    Just think of some of the people in your family or work - from what you know about them, could you see them as a safe motorcyclist?
  2. NO

    God, a significant percentage of car drivers aren't skilled enough to drive. There are definitely plenty of riders who aren't skilled enough to ride as well. It's like everything in life, some people are better at a certain thing than others, some are so bad at it that it's dangerous.
  3. I don't even think everyone should be allowed to breed.
  4. Not sure I'd want to see a blind person riding a bike
  5. I think this is a tricky one if you delve into it. On the surface you could say an easy 'no' to that question because I'm sure there's some bike riders out there who are dodgy just like there are car drivers who are dodgy yet still have a licence. The flipside to that answer is that I came off due to mentally stuffing myself at that particular point in time. That means someone could say that I'm not mentally capable of using a motorcycle on the road because I came off (and it wasn't even at speed). I don't normally headf**k myself like that but I did. I doubt I'll repeat that mistake.
  6. elitism ftw

    That's what litre bikes and trees are for silly, not common sense and regulations.
  7. ...My thoughts too!! :wink:
  8. Most people wouldn't make a "safe" anything!!... the scare factor probably chases off some of those possibly thinking about riding a motorbike......so unfortunatley, they drive a car instead!! :roll: .....

    ....which still leaves them still in the gene pool!! :p
  9. Definately not.

    Same with cage driving. Sadly its treated as a right not a privilege.

    I'm still a firm believer in licence re-testing every, say, 5 years.
  10. :LOL:

    and to answer the question No. Some people really shouldn't ride a bike
  11. NOPE !
    It requires some degree of skill, intelligence & common sense.
    I'd hate to imagine some of the cagers I've seen, ride a motorcycle :shock:

    +1 :LOL: :LOL:
  12. OP, I'll introduce you to my mate chris. Great guy, good fun to be around, most uncoordinated bastard you will ever meet. Arms and legs everywhere like a new born baby spider.

    +10 (including myself to not be hypocritical)
  13. How about 250s and the mistaken belief that slow equals safe...

    The answer to the poll is a firm no.
  14. For the sake of balance and argument. I say yes, but we are not all born motorcycling gods.

    As mentioned previoulsy riding and driving should include regular and thorough training in order for you to keep your licence, not just to receive it in the first instance.
  15. ooohh this is a good one! haha and stemmed from our earlier conversation?

    I ticked no, id say due to the fact some people just don’t calculate the right way to ride a bike, and I honestly can’t see them being taught how to, it may be something you are born with, or something you learn when you are very young, I can’t really say I’m not educated in this field, maybe someone who knows how the brain works better can help?

    I have travelled Asia and have seen firsthand people ridding who shouldn’t, and have their whole lives and learnt nothing more than what they learnt in the first week, so that said I just don’t see it working.
  16. terrible generalisation there. you lost me at hello :LOL:

    the two offs i've had have been caused by other cars. not me so I'm some kind of freak or something according to you. :LOL:
  17. Doesn't that make you want to stop riding - the 'fact' that you did nothing wrong and still crashed, twice?
  18. Damn!

    G'day everyone,...

    Damn,... beat me to it!

    Dr Who?
  19. ...depends on how those accidents happened, in very rare cases there will be absolutely no rider error. And by rider error I mean that it is still your responsibilty to look after yourself. Instinctive thinking, like not being in blind spots too long, and anticipating that car to change lanes when you are, or adjusting your speed/position so that the car pulling out ahead may not see you wont effect your safety. An example of a crash that is not rider error is a head on where an oncoming vehicle crosses over, especially on corners, or if you get a blow-out or chain snaps. A car pulling out or cutting you off, is, in my opinion, still rider error, thoguh not your fault, the rider should have been in a position or anticipate the cars movement, and assume that he/she is invisible. To truly ride safely, you must switch to a mindset not dissimilair to that of a jet fighter pilot.
    This type of mental state cant be taught or learnt, only improved apon with experience, but if you cant compute the compley scenarios in front of you without actually thinking about them, then it makes for room for error.
  20. What exactly defines being 'mentally capable' of riding a bike/scoot? I think everyone has the capacity to ride, assuming the physical requirements are met and basic knowledge regarding the controls is met. I don't believe that you can say 'no, not everyone can ride', because in that case where do you draw the line? Are you considered unable to ride if you have had an at fault crash? Is it if it takes you longer than the average Joe to learn the controls and dynamics of motorcycling? Is it if you don't take the learning process seriously?

    I think everyone I know who currently drives would be able to ride with some degree of safety after the correct training and education, and sufficient practice.