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Your thoughts on splitting.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Probably been done a million times but it's been a while since I've seen a thread about splitting, so thought there'd be no harm in starting a new one. :)

    I just read the thread about the bike/car accident this morning and Flux's comments - esp in regards to the 30kph limit - have me thinking. Like many others here I have a lot of respect for him as a rider and value his posts on the art of riding.

    Flux wrote:
    Firstly, is this in bumper to bumper peak hr traffic on multi-lane hwys? Or are you talking about a single line of banked up traffic on a two-way rd? I've only just started splitting (only on multi-lane hwys) and I'm interested in clarification on this.

    I'm also interested in hearing others thoughts on splitting on multi-lane hwys. After talking with other netriders I've decided not to split if traffic is going at more than 40kph. I'm glad for that because I had an encounter with a cop car this morning whilst riding in peak hr traffic on the Monash...moving at abt 50kph. The cop decided he wanted my lane (far right) because it was moving faster than his (middle lane). He must've seen the gap behind the car in front of me...must've done a quick check of the mirrors whilst I was passing through his blind spot and without indicating moved over..causing me to move to my right to avoid a collision. He saw me at the last minute and moved back into his lane. Had I been splitting things may have been different. It made me think even more about the shite to look out for whilst riding in these traffic conditions.

    So anyway my questions are:

    When will you split?

    When wont you split?

    What should we look out for whilst splitting?

    What should we look out for whilst sitting in bumper to bumper traffic that is moving at a medium pace? (eg 40-60kph?)

    Any other thoughts on splitting are appreciated. :)
  2. I filter stationary lines of traffic, but do not split moving traffic for the exact reason above.

    If the cars are still, at least you know that they are not going into your lane. It is rare to be filtering through stationary traffic and come upon a empty spot that some d1ckhead wants to quickly move into whereas that will always happen in moving traffic if someone doesnt keep up with the rest, leaving a gap for them to "burst" unexpectantly into.

  3. I do it everyday when I am on the road, but never above 30km/hr.

    I am very highly aware of how easy it would be for a car to change lanes right as I zip by doing 50 and send me sprawling for the next 20 feet into the back of the next car in the queue so I keep it sleazy and slow.

    If cars are moving i'll only split if they are going under 30 too.
  4. Only when traffic is stopped. Wait behind a car, do the usual head checks for other bikes and any other things that can give me grief. Then indicate right and slowly filter up to the front.

    If the traffic starts up I always merge back into a lane.

    Have not had an angry cager at me yet! :p
  5. Been done a BILLION times and recently
  6. When will you split? When I have more points on my license again..

    When wont you split? Now, with only a few points left!

    What should we look out for whilst splitting? Coppers!.. and other bikes.. and P platers.
  7. i dont lane split, because i simply dont know what the drivers are gonna do. Its the type of thing you could do a million times, but the one time something goes wrong, it isnt worth it.

    On top of that, its illegal.
  8. it only takes one passenger, who is pissed off with the occupants of the car, to fling their door open and have you laying out like a wet floppy rag.
    just because a car is stationary on a highway/road, does not mean for one second that someone isnt going to open a door without looking.
    something to think about.
  9. hmm I think it is worth it. I save a lot of time lanesplitting, maybe 20mins per trip each day. thats a massive amount of my life spent sitting in traffic. I don't hear of big accidents happening at >20km/hr lanesplitting, of course this is not always the case and people have no doubt had bad ones splitting, but hopefully they are rare as the proverbial hen's teeth.

    I know its not the best reasoning but it's worth it to me for now living in the city. hell its the first reason I had as to why I got a bike in the first place - before I realised just how much fun riding is :)
  10. It is?
    Please show us the relevant law which states it is illegal.
    this is the sort of shit i hate reading.
    I posted a huge number of links earlier, I suggest you read it before coming out with your statement.
  11. LOL @ Smee... well done on the splitting summaries mate!

    Some states have outlawed splitting altogether. Other states haven't. Even so, it's an individual's choice whether they split or filter or not.

    I filter at about 15-25km/h through stopped traffic - usually when it looks likely that I'll get to the front.

    I split moving HEAVY traffic if it's bumper to bumper and down to 40ish km/h or less and I keep the speed differential to <<30km/h.

    I approach every gap with extreme caution - just never know who is going to dart into it.

    I read car body language and the back of driver's heads like a m*ther f*cker, coz my life does depend on it.

    I also sit right up, look as far ahead as I can and cover brakes and clutch and use a lowish gear.

    Finally, I generally won't split freeway speed traffic, but will if my survival space is endangered, I don't feel confident about the daydreaming drivers around me, or I'm in a knot of tailgating drivers and there's clear air ahead... but that's the benefit of a bigger bike. :twisted:
  12. Alright well someone here need to be a rebel and i guess i will be the first to admit i will split above 30-40km and will actually split at higher speeds to but there are a couplel of rules i adpot for this, like others if it's low speed and ques of traffic, i try to watch the head of the drivers of both cars i am pass and approaching and you can get an idea if they are looking at the road or trying to change the cd or sometime you will see them check their mirrors or do a quick head check. If i see any of these signs i will sit and wait for a second to see what they will do, at higher speeds i will only split when the 2 cars are sitting next to each other, and before i split between them i make sure i am in a gear that will allow me a very quick exit if need be, but i personally believe it's a skill you will develop over time. Start with slow speed stuff and see how you go.

    The other rule which i ride by is if i hesitate at all about splitting (or anything while riding) i will sit and wait, to me a hesitation means something doesn't feel right about what you are going to try.

    Anyway thats just the way i go about my splitting.

    Cheers stewy
  13. Agreed :grin: . I filter traffic some mornings, mostly on the highway where the traffic is guaranteed to be stationary. I usually just ride slowly on the left emergency lane - it's safer than splitting the middle. Plus, when you go on the emergency lane people are less likely to be angry at you - because you're not likely to accidentally touch their car.

    The only bad experience I've had was when the traffic was really jammed, and a truck driver had real beef with me because I was actually moving and his truck wasn't. He waited till I was close to the truck, then slammed quickly to the left, past the emergency lane, to the point where the truck's left wheels were close to the edge of the bitumen. Luckily I was able to quickly duck into the lane right behind the truck, then I moved quickly to pass him.

    The way I look at it, I'm saving the earth some few tonnes of CO2s by not sitting unnecessarily in traffic and adding exhaust fumes into the atmosphere :p .
  14. I don't think about splitting as i do it, i just do! As stewy said "if you hesitate" somethings not right. I say quoting topgun, "if you think, your dead". You have to be so alert to split at high speed and have the brakes and engine braking ready to go. I always split with the bike in first or second! Two reasons. More noise, bigger soundprint and engine braking ready to back up normal brakes. Once you put it into fifth or sixth, you start to relax and become complacent and thats when things happen. You will not pull up in time in a too high a gear. Do i split stationary freeway traffic at high speed, Lets just say to fast for my own good! Much faster than posted above. There is only one time where i will not split, splitting past two b-doubles on the go. Scary stuff. Had that happened and had to brake hard in between them cause the gap was closing fast! :shock: I know stupid (i was 23), but hey, you live and learn. :cool:
  15. When I first got my Licence I was like most new riders and said I was never going to split/filter.

    Well now that I have been riding for nearly a couple of years now everyday, I find it probably one of the best advantages of riding especially in bumper to bumper traffic.

    There are a couple of reasons why I filter, the first is the safety aspect in that I would prefer to be between slowing or stopped cars then be rear ended, apparently the most common type of motorcycle accident.

    The other is to get where i am going quicker or in a more predictable time envelope, besides I hate sitting in traffic and if you have ever been on the Monash will know what I mean by traffic!

    I must clarify that I don't generally filter above 40 kmh, anything over this speed I deem to be splitting, and this is the point for me the cons start to outweigh the pros.

    I wont filter between moving trucks, sounds obvious but it can look tempting sometimes.

    Like Stewy said if it doesn't feel right don't do it. Trust your intuition.

    Make sure your brain is switched on, there isn't a lot of room for error.

    For anyone wanting to give it a go, start off small and get the feel of it. It does take some practice, but once you get the hang of it you wont look back.

    The key word when filtering is AWARENESS. Always cover your brakes and WATCH OUT for those lane changers, they will do it without looking, or they may look and not see you because of where you are positioned.

    Ride like you are invisible because to them you ARE.

    Oh and when filtering to the front of the line at a set of traffic lights please move over to let the next guy through, also it is a good way to claim your lane. Also before you take off, I know it sounds obvious but WATCH OUT FOR THOSE RED LIGHT RUNNERS!
  16. On my route to/from work, I've got to know the traffic quite well. There's a 300m stretch leading up to a set of lights where I always split past stationary traffic, but once it starts moving I open up the throttle and tuck in between two cars, making sure that the one I'm moving in front of has seen me.

    Once I get to the freeway, I'll sit behind someone doing 80-90 or so, then after a few km's the traffic will slow to a stop. At this point I start splitting, at about 25km/h. As the traffic starts to move, I try to keep a steady relative speed of 25km/h. I generally stay in between the centre and right hand lane unless I have a reason not to, and if the gap's too small (two trucks etc), then I'll sit there for a bit until it's safe to get past.

    Once the traffic starts to open up, I'll stop splitting, but occasionally filter past someone if it gets me out in the open.

    Once I'm off the freeway and in the middle of the city, I keep as much space around me as I would when I'm driving a bus.

    While I'm splitting past traffic, I'm constantly watching for anything that could change suddenly. I don't think 'is this car indicating or appearing like he wants to move over?' but rather 'does he have room to move over?' and if the answer's 'yes', then I hang back or make myself seen, or open the throttle and get out of the way.
  17. I will split at higher speeds (110 - 130km/h) when the dickheads in the right lane decides not to overtake the vechile in the left lane on a freeway with free flowing traffic. The quicker the speed = less the time I spend in between the 2 cars.
  18. You may hate reading it, but there is a shitload of different things a cop will peg you on, failing to indicate and over taking on the left are are just some of them.

    You may have a technicality, where the actual act of splitting is not illegal, However, there are a number of road rules you do break when you split. Saying it isnt illegal is bullshit...most cops would pull you over and ticket you given the chance.
  19. I never split in moving traffic, and even when it comes to filtering, I only do it on occasions. It is certainly a tool to keep in my toolbox so to speak, but I don't feel compelled to use it at every opportunity. Why? It's a philosophical kind of answer, but here we go: It would save me a couple of seconds... maybe even a couple of minutes... well, so what? I don't want to be THAT person. Harassed, obsessed with getting there first, getting there faster... screw that, I might be money poor, but I'm time-rich. I can afford to waste even a couple of minutes, it's a small change for me.
    Seeing it this way, I feel better about myself :)
    If splitting shaved off 20 minutes from my commute, I would probably consider it. But instead I arrange my life so I don't need to do long commutes like that. It's a choice.