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Your thoughts on Silkolene chain lube

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by tonee, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. When I first started riding I used to buy these from Super cheap auto. I'd get a lot of chain noise especially when the throttle is applied but I didn't know it was a problem as I was on my Learners.
    I then started to use Motul and then Belray on the larger bikes and never had any chain noises.
    So now on the VFR I thought I'd give Silkolene another try. Cleaned the chain, adjusted it and lubed it. On the test ride I started to hear that familiar chain noise I heard on my 250. So I went back and made the chain a little tighter and still no results.
    I saw a bottle of TAC chain lube at work and thought I'd give that a try. The chain was quieter and the bike now rides smoother. So now I'm guessing its the lube which made the chain noise.
    Has anyone else experience anything similar with Silkolene?

  2. i use it on my r1
    I like it - non fling and all

    I dont hear chain noise
    then again what the hell is chain noise any way
  3. Use it and haven't noticed any noise. I always spend ages squirting it down between the plates of the links. I'll be paranoid about chain noise after reading your post.
  4. The noise that sounds like the chain's loose...or tssskk tsssssk sound? Oh wait, its the sound when you've got someone riding next you and they've got a loose chain and its slapping...if you know what I mean
  5. never heard it before at all
  6. I use Motoul Factory Lube, it is what RK chains use on the chain from the factory
  7. I use Castrol but looking to change to something else. It seems to fling off a lot however as I haven't used something else I don't know if it's normal or not.
  8. I questioned the effectiveness of chain lube, found oil makes your chain last longer and now use 90w gear oil, one drop on each of the x rings when they start to look dry. My old cbr600f3 manual specified it, and ive stuck with it. Doesn't make anywhere near as much mess as i'd thought it might.
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  10. Always used Motul until I was given a big can of Belray (the white stuff) by a friend who had just bought an FJR.
    Stuffed the chain in around 5k!!
  11. I use the Silkolene...not sure which one though because they have 2. Anyways it goes on wet, gets between the links and doesn't fling. The first time I used it, I accidently oversprayed onto my concrete floor...as I went to attack it with a rag, you can see strands pulling away from the concrete floor, as though it had adhered to the floor. After dabbing it with my finger it dried up sticky. I haven't had issues with it, but must admit, it is a little bit noisier than the factory grease that came with the RK chain.
  12. I use the Silkolene and havent noticed any problems with noise. Doesnt fling which I like.