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Your thoughts on my Gear list

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by gus_man, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. Hey guys i've finally saved enough to go out and buy some proper gear. Ive only been riding for a bout a month using a textile jacket which is a little big, pair of Rjays gloves and a KBC helmet. I use the bike a few times a week to commute to work and hit the mountains on the weekends. Ill continue to use the helmet and gloves but am planning a massive splurge on everything else. My main concern is keeping my body at a decent temp during the summer without sacrificing much protection. I know this has been covered but here are the items I plan on buying, your thoughts and advice is appreciated as I dont want to spend $1k or more on gear and realise its too hot to ride in so here's the list!




    Back Protector

    After reading a bit I think the perforated leather jacket should move enough air to keep me from melting and still offers great protection. Still your advise is needed.
    Also how will a back protector affect the sizing of the jacket? I was told by a friend to fit the jacket with the liner removed as it can add bit of bulk, should i try the jacket on with the back protector on as well? Or are they pretty compact and wont make too much of a difference?

    At the end of the day i'm just after advice from the more experienced guys ( that is more experience than my one month career) on how this stuff will be to live with. I've watched all the reviews on the gear but real world experience is more important to me.

    Thanks guys.

    EDIT: Links were broken.
  2. Your links are all wrong...
  3. They're fixed now sorry.
  4. most of its fine gear. the cammo's are pretty ghey looking just get the jeans.

    If you are truly buying online. get it all from the US you will save ~$500 in doing so with the strong aussie dollar.

    I have some Sidi Vertigo Airs (read $560 in aus) coming this/next week for $330aud.
    but they are the ghey white and were on special, blacks will set you back $400aud which is the same as you are paying for the lower model b2's.
  5. Yeah i'm looking to buy from bike biz/mcas. Not too confident on buying online as its my first set of gear id like to make sure it all fits well. I could do the old try on in the shop then buy off the net but to be honest I cant wait to have the gear and ill take the extra cost to be able to ride safe straight away.
  6. :shock: Camo's??? other than them being totally Ghey, why would you want to be "hidden" on a bike?

    They look stupid, period. There is nothing nice/appealing/attractive/fashionable about camo's
  7. Ok just to clear this up im not going for the camo's! Just chucked em up there as they were the first ones i saw. I will most likely go for draggin "normal" jeans. I assumed the only difference btween all the draggins are totally superficial, is this right?
  8. i'd suggest a two piece leather suit. eg from
    if you stick with riding you'll need one eventually, they are a lot safer than draggins and
    from collins its about the same price as what you are looking at. if you need the draggins to commute get their jacket and draggins and buy the leather pants later.
  9. The Collins stuff looks good, the site is under construction but I sent them an email for some product info. Im still curious about the back protector though. Should I be wearing it when sizing a jacket? Or is it no big deal?
  10. Most jackets have a thinnish backprotector built in. Removing it should give you enough room, especially after the leather stretches. (Did with my leathers) If you tell them you will be wearing a back protector they can take it into account. If you try on a jacket with a built in back protector, take the built in one out first if you are wearing yours.

    PS ring Collins. PPS You can look at their gear on e-bay but buy direct.
  11. nice boots, but i've seen them retail for considerably less, maybe shop around for a better price.:-$

    nice jacket, eyecatching too, white on black., smart choice(y)

    pink camo pants, not even going there=;..hey whatever rows your boat i guess.

    nice back protector,.. another option would be to upgrade the insert in the jacket instead, something like below pic, can be found in different shapes and sizes to suit...websites give measurements...this is just one make, i've seen others....just the convenience of putting on one item, rather than two:-k* http://www.forcefieldbodyarmour.com/performance_upgrade_back.asp

    *your spine though, whatever you thinks best.

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  12. All the gear your're considering is good quality stuff. The trick to make sure what you get works is to be sure it fits properly. Your jacket should be a really snug fit all over so the armor cant move around in the event of a fall. I have the Draggin Jeans camo (apparently that makes me gay) and the standard denim jeans (apparently not gay and socially acceptable). There denim version does cost a bit more but they are thicker and have more/better protection in them. You will notice the difference if you try both styles on back to back.

    That style of boot offers really good protection - just make sure it fits well and is comfortable to walk around in. I got a pair from MCAS and I walked around the shop in them for 15min to make sure they were comfortable.

    Any back protector is better than nothing but if you want the best protection offered, aim to get one that is Level 2 certified. They do cost a bit more but like all protection, you wont get a second chance when you part your bike at speed.

    And don't forget a good quality set of gloves with a thick palm and knuckle protection. Other than that you're on a winner with it all and I know that if you get the whole lot at MCAS or BikeBiz, they'll give you a decent discount if you ask nicely.
  13. I'm late to the fray but regarding your boots. My g/friend has a pair of the B2's which do offer good protection and are very light to wear. The only gripe is the constant squeak they make when walking... I've thought of using a silicon spray to quieten 'em down but haven't been arsed to get some at this stage. Besides, they're for riding not jogging I suppose ;)