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???your thoughts on a rg 250 as my 1st bike??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by luxtc, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Hi guys im new to the forum and are looking for a bike to get my Ls my mate has an suzuki rg 250 in excellent condition no scratches or dings new paint,25,000ks and 11 months rego for $1200.would this be ok to ride up the freeway and back everyday(sittn on 80 - 90ks)?any advice would be great cheers

  2. Youre on your L's? Double check if you can even ride the RG250, since it will probably exceed the power/weight limit.

    Some 2 stroke fans will surely chime in, but seriously, just go with a 4 stroke.
  3. Not LAMS approved.
  4. Unless you meant the RGV, the RG is the earlier model, dating back to the '80s. They don't bang as hard as the RGV.

    Are they both non-LAMs, or only the RGV?
  5. on the list its the rgv which is the newer one which is not LAMs approved the rg is the older model which is a 1983 model.are the gsx and zzrs 4 stroke?cause ive been looking at those also
  6. Yep.

    Either will serve you well enough. The RG is great little handler, and nice and zippy, but look into parts availablity.
  7. He's talking about an RG, not an RGV.

    Looks at it this way, if you don't mind the extra cost of 2 stroke ownership (Rebuilds and oil) then the RG is a great little bike.
  8. zzr is a four stroker. I have one, and will be one of the happier 250's to sit on a highway for times. Comfortable, and great fuel range.
    but you will be paying more than 1200 for one.

    did you mean the GPX? - if so same as above
  9. thanks guys also wats classed as high ks on a bike like i said im new and have searched around but as much as i could see a bike around 60 - 80ks is high?????im probly gunna look at a zzr,cbr,gpx 250
  10. So where did you get this info Azamakumar? Or did you just instantly see 2 stroke and think it's not approved?

    Straight from RTA NZW website.

    All motorcycles with an engine capacity under 260ml are approved with the exception of:
    Suzuki RGV250
    Kawasaki KR250 (KR-1 and KR1s models)
    Honda NSR250
    Yamaha TZR250
    Aprila RS250
  11. Be worth checking. I rode RDs and RZs (the Yamaha equivalents) on my Ls in the 80s and loved them. If it's legal and in good nick it's a good ride for the price.

  12. hahaha, same here Bravus,,,we should start an RD/RZ thread.
  13. 25k on a 20+ year old 2-stroke sounds suspicious. Either the odometer's been wound back (or replaced) or it's been sitting doing nothing for a long period of time. Either way quite likely that it's going to need a lot of work to bring it's performance/reliability up to a standard even remotely close to when it was new (which even then isn't that great compared with the 4-stroke 250s of the early 90s).

    It might do what you want, for a while, but really that's the sort of bike best suited to either a full resto project, or a scrap heap. I know I'd certainly consider it as (another) project bike, but I'd definitely hold on to my GPX for day-to-day commuting.
  14. Sounds like a good basis for a YamaGamma project :D.
  15. I had a '98 Suzuki RGV250 for my first bike and it was a great little thing. It went like the clappers. Top-end rebuilds are more often than on an equivlent 4stroke, but alot simpler and cheaper to do so it kinda balances itself out there. More power than a 4stroke 250 which is great but also means it is not a lams approved bike. A CBR250 is a great first bike as well, or if the budget permits, try looking at a few Honda vtr250. They're comfy cos they're a naked fairing bike and the power delivery would suit your type of commuting.

    Anyways good luck and ride safe...
  16. Yeah, as far as I know the RG is LAMS-legal.

    I used to do the Newcastle-Sydney freeway commute regularly on my RZ250 back in the day, and this would be similar.

    Assuming the bike is in good nick, it'd serve your purposes very nicely.
  17. i rode the 85' model for a year on my l's & then gave it away to my mate who has restored it.....might offer to pay the rego for it so i can ride it now & then...great memories.

    its a very very light flickable bike. it has powervalves & with a very distinct power delivery as in low end (none), mid range (not bad), top end (kick ass) but way to short 7500 - 10500rpm.

    I ride a cbr250 which is heavier but has much better brakes, learner friendly power delivery & much more sporty but discomforting riding position.

    Can you post pics of the bike & what year model it is? & how much does the seller wants for it?

    Usually they are in bits, i would only pay $1500-1750 for one in good nick & low k's.

    I wouldn't be too sus about the k's, so many people just let their bikes just sit there..best to have some one professional check it out.