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Your slowest bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. Since we're all obsessed with speed, what about your slowest bike???

    Mine was a Honda Express that I borrowed from a friend. 50cc, automatic clutch, would NOT do any more than 60km/h, even downhill.

    Did win a fuel consumption competition for me though. Don't know how it converst to metrics, but I got 113 miles per gallon. It took me 2 and a half hours to use up the contents of its half a gallon fuel tank.
  2. I actually have a Honda Express NC50. Terrific little back yard basher. Yep, that sounds like its top speed. Mabey a bit exaggerated. :D
  3. Malvern Star in the shed with flat tires, 5kph max
  4. heh - i wonder if this was 'inspired' by the Daelim thread?

    Slowest bike, somewhere between the Daelim 'Road' bike at the L's course and my housemates old GN250.
    Its a pretty f*cked up GN btw :D
  5. Mine would have to be the XV250.....though I did manage to get a top speed of 160 out of it (going off other bikes speedo's). Has a top speed of 140 on the odometer.
  6. Honda CT110 and yes the top speed on them is the blue light (about 110Km/h) and it is achived by going on Monash freeway hading towards the city as you come down the hill from the Blackburn rd... all you need is to time it so you cach a truck and tailgate it dow the hill!!!

    I have don this several times and with other peole as well (you can fit 3 CT110s behind a truck)
  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Or UNDER it if it stops suddenly.

    Sorry, but that conjures up the most hilarious picture in my mind, 3 posties slipstreaming a truck, what a hoot!!!!
  9. GSX 400 , but it was loud :D :D .
  10. Would have to be my first road bike...Honda CBX 250....trying to get up to 100km on it would take forever, and heaven forbid if you had to go up a hill :!:
  11. slowest bike? would have to be my 1975 gl1000 honda goldwing, owned it over a year has only travelled 3 feet but fuel consumption has been excellent.
  12. My slowest bike was my old dragster I had in primary school! It only had 3 speeds and needed ME to power it! What….you want me to not be a smartie pants? Well ok my slowest bike was my across (mind you it is also my 2nd fastest bike too!)
  13. In terms of top speed the old Yamaha XS-650D was the slowest. In terms of reliability and dependability, I should have kept it.
  14. slowest...???? how about......
    my 45yo 3 wheel trike....its STEEL and has solid rubber tyres
    fuel consumption.. ? a glass of cordial now and then :LOL:

    when I was 4, I was the terror of the neighbourhood
    a top speed of about 4kmh scared puppies and pensioners
    45 years later, my grandkids are doing the same

    now do ya wanna know about my pedalcar..its original, its steel.... :p
  15. Vespa 50. Top speed 29mph (a tad under 50 kph.
    The second most stupid thing l ever did was ride it from Melb to Wangaratta and back in 1970. ln those days the Hume was a highway, not divided, one lane each way. lt carried a lot of trucks. I came back at night - in the rain........

    now the stupidest thing........
  16. Hah! I beat you! Mine was a little BMX that had only 1 speed. So nyeh!! My slowest bike was also the across and yes like you, it was also my 2nd fastest bike ;)
  17. a pee-wee 50

    man those things are fun off some small jumps tho!!!

  18. id like to say my rusted old BMX that i got when i was 5 was my slowest bike, but i actually had a motorbike that i could outrun on that no probs :LOL:

    my first motorbike was a little TAZ50 2 stroke pull start thing with a centrifugal clutch, cept the pull start was missing and the clutch was seized so you had to push start it. the brakes barely worked (you stopped quicker by getting off it and picking it up) it was a biatch to start and my lawnmower without its muffler was quieter. still barrels of fun for a 12 year old :D
  19. I finally managed to track down my first bike on a UK site (Puch 50), definitely the SLOWEST heap I've ever had the misfortune to own :shock:

    It had a top speed of roughly 48.28032 kph