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your shoulder is very sexy!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/local/7953836/bare-skin-ban-for-muslim-pool-event/

    I don't see this as a racist or cultural thing. I just see it coming further into the community for people being able to tell me what to wear.

    I just think that if this can come in, it will then allow other places to follow suite.

    Monday gym nights = cover up your bodies, women... nights - so it can be multi-faith gym sessions (muslim night)

    Want to go to the movies this Wednesday night? Well, make sure you cover your head, shoulder, knees and chest. (muslim night)

    Going swimming on Thursdays? Well, make sure you wear a bathing suit that covers you up completely so you don't appeal to men, cause it's our multicultural night. (muslim night)


    All I'm saying is this - I do not agree with ANY form of racism, sexism etc. It disgusts me. I think womens gyms are sexist and the fact that guys can't have the same seriously offends me.

    I just see this merging further into our society and I disagree completely with it. LET PEOPLE WEAR WHATEVER THE F*UCK THEY WANT TO WEAR.

    Everyone has seen someone in speedos or a bikini. You go to the beach, local pool or turn on the internet, open a kmart catalogue. It's all there. Even KIDS see it.

    This is Australia. We're supposed to welcome all people here, yet the fact that we can't just have a multicultural swim night without making everyone wear the same shit as each other (thus, turning it, effectively, into a Muslim night) shows how backwards as a society we are.

    If muslim chicks dig their clothes, hell, just let them go swimming in normal hours with their masses of clothing. Let it be harder for them to swim cause they have so much extra weight on them so it makes them enjoy the experience less and drowning a very possible idea.

    I'm just here for equality.
  2. see now this is just going too fkn far. why the hell should we have to change OUR way for THEM?
    i don't overly care either way regarding imports actually BEING here, but if they don't like the way things are done here they best get back on the plane/boat/oil drum and GTFO
  3. they'll probably drown with all the extra weight.
  4. The brits managed to survive it alright.
  5. Public swimming pool but it's enclosed lands, they can manage it however they please, and specify dress codes. It's within their right and powers...

    What I'd like to see though is a non-violent response from the younger Muslim male community the moment I demanded patrons to a Government building or restaurant to remove all robes, facial and hair/head coverings. Specifically a burqah ban.

    Like I'd ever get away with banning Burqah's....
  6. It essentially means no hot women are allowed to be hot.
  7. Just last week we were in Panang, Malaysia, which is a country with a muslim majority. Neither the muslim staff nor any of the muslim holidaymakers showed any sign of offence at the vast amounts of white western flesh on show. They just covered themselves up and got on with enjoying themselves. (I think....it's very hard to tell just what is going on under all that clothing)
  8. that's it. we get the shit we get because no-one has the balls to tell them to shut the fk up
  9. The details of this are a little unclear. Is it a muslims womens event which allows non-muslims to attend?

    Any men interested in wearing only chaps - for non violent protest of course.
  10. And it comes down to showing respect. They showed respect by not complaining when everyone stripped down to underwear or less, and they would be well within their rights to complain. The pool owners are showing respect for the muslim community by making that requirement.
  11. Rubbish!

    It's the same sort of 1 rule for a group and 1 rule for another group bullshit that brought about exemptions for womans only gyms but refused applications for men only gyms.
  12. Quote "Helen Szoke says the restrictions apply to a two-hour, after hours swimming session, targeted at multi-faith groups.

    "People are not obliged to attend, minimum standards of dress are very common and where minimum standards of dress are identified on occasions it's often to allow people to participate," she said." End Quote

    FFS! its not the end of the world. Are you guys reading all the article?
    I was thinking WTF? then got to that bit.

  13. +1 CFVFR

    The key word here is "after hours". This story is a bullshit, tabloid-media beat up. It has been crafted to sound controversial, and the fact we're even talking about it means that some of you need to get wise about the media and the way they stoke controversy, and manipulate public opinion, in the name of ratings.

    There is no issue of discrimination here. The people who run the pool are merely trying to accommodate a group of people, who - because of the dress codes associated with their culture (which make them stand out), and the degree of prejudice which runs though ours (from which the people on this forum, good bunch though they are, are not always immune) - do not feel comfortable swimming during the pool's opening hours.

    The event in question is not inconveniencing anyone save the pool attendants (whom I presume are adequately compensated for their time), so why not let the people in question do as they wish.

    Indeed, if it is to be lamented that people of quality no longer dress for dinner, it is to be lambasted that they no longer dress for bathing...

  14. yep.
    and then crash their little party and rock out with our cocks out.
    don't need that shit in Aus... you want to start a new life here, you should have to leave all your backward, oppressive bullshit back in the country you desperately wanted to escape from.
    or go the **** home.
  15. It sets a bad precedent to create special arrangements for groups (and yes I know it's being done more and more), but the simple fact is doing that is almost always a mistake (like the women only gyms are a mistake).

    The response becomes an over reaction to discrimination and pushes the pendulum too far the other way and you end up with an us and them mindset which only makes the original discrimination stronger (as demonstrated by the fact that it's reached the national media).

    If the pool hadn't done this then there would have been no story and no problem, instead we now have all this angst around the issue.
  16. And the biggest thing is that the Victorian Islamic association does not want the ban.

    Having worked for a large US corporation obsessed with making sure all things were equal, we had to attend various seminars and lectures. The one thing that came across in their talks on multiculturalism is that it is about inclusion, not exclusion. A lot of white people think that in order to ensure that no one is offended, then something has to be stopped. But if you ask the minority group that is being assisted, that's the last thing they want to happen.

    So we have the ridiculous reports at Xmas and Easter when councils forbid the overt displays of Christian celebration, when this ban has not been asked for by any of the other religious groups. All they want is the same right to display and celebrate when their religious festivals take place.

    So it is a media beat up, but it's important to note that one of the groups affected neither wanted or asked for this particular action.

  17. +1 it's the do gooding white idiots that need to pull their head in
  18. You got it in one!
  19. Which is a shame because middle eastern women can be absolute stunners.