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"Your Say" Melb Herald Sunday Sun Pg 79

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cbar6, May 29, 2005.

  1. Check the wank Alan Hall and his opinion on recent TAC TV add.
    What a toss, with this opinion what sort of additude does this guy take on the road towards motorbikes?
    He has totally missed the point of the recent TAC campain by his grudge towards bike riders.
    I think its about time we recieved some $$ our way towards cager education since we pay so much on rego.
    Personally I would luv to know what car this toss pot drives, would be missing 2 mirrors by end of the week with a size 11 dint in his door.

  2. please explain?
  3. forget it.................
  4. Yeah, I read that crap as well.

    While I would not pay much attention to that 'Wanker', it dismayed me that the paper ran such a large headline for it.

    Shows the attitude the herald-sun (toilet) paper has regarding bikes.

    What was said was right about what bikes do, but it neglected the shortcomings of car drivers, not only in regards to bikes, but other drivers as well.


  5. anyone got a url/excerpt of it?
  6. Yes, please post it so we too can read it and become angry.
  7. Sorry, I cant find link. But p79 of todays rag.

    Only thing worth reading is the funnies and getting the tv guide. :p

    I suppose everyone has a good side. The good side is the coverage of the Collingwood win. :LOL: All the Hawthorn supporters will of course agree that you don't believe everything you read in the paper. :wink:

  8. Pfffttttt, there are only 2 pages worth reading in that paper and thats the 2 that have carry the 50/50 column and the "Your Say" the rest is just shit.
  9. It is called a news-pictorial for a very good reason: most of the people who buy it can't read. Watch thier lips move as they try to read it on the train if you don't believe me.
  10. I only but it on Fridays for the Car section that usually includes a section on motorcycles. :) 8)
  11. until they get a page 3 girl its not worth reading :LOL:
    its full of whingers , over opinionated pricks and idiots who dont know what they are talking about and speel crap because they have to talk about something .

    it sound like us :LOL:
  12. True but we don't have as many pictures. :D

  13. Are you talking about yourself Glen
  14. i never like being left out of anything :wink:
    you just get back to holidaying swan boy :LOL:
  15. Slightly off the topic. I think I heard (somewhere) that the TAC are running a competition where you devise, design and film your own video and send in your concept of a TAC commercial.

    Now that could be fun.

  16. LMAO
    Too funny. :)
  17. Lucky for some......people have too many incriminatiing photo's of me, *must not drink when there are cameras around*
  18. Why did you bother posting that diatribe if you don't want to share with others, what this "toss pot" said?

    I'm most interested in reading this. It's now Monday and I doubt that I could purchase a Sunday Herald-Sun.

    If someone has it handy, how about transcribing it for us.