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Your Rights At Work

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Lizzy, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. Hello all

    I am not sure if everyone here knows about the changes that are about to happen to the Industrial Relations laws, so I am going to post up a few links that will highlight the changes that will affect everyone.

    I have been talking to a few friends lately and when asked if they knew exactly what was changing in the laws and what it would mean to them, they said no, whats happening... It won't affect me...

    This attitude has really shocked me, because if they fully understood what was changing and how it will affect your lives, they wouldn't have a bar of it.

    Here is a link to a PDF file that just scrapes the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the changes...
    Work Choices - The Facts

    Please everyone, take the time to read this web site and find out what John Howard is really up to. If you think that it won't affect you, I urge you to take a reality check because this is going to affect every worker in Australia.

    If anyone from the UK, USA or NZ is on this board and knows how these kind of laws will affect you, first hand or not, please take the time to explain for everyones benefit.

    Your Rights At Work Website

    Again, please take the time to read this website and find out for yourself how it will affect you.

    Also, for those that are interested, there is going to be a National Day of Community Protest held in many major centres around Australia on the 15th November. Check the website for details on venues and times. We need as many people as possible to show up and let our voices be heard on the day. Remember, this is Australia wide and we need everyones support on this.

    Thankyou for reading,

    Sorry if something like this has already been posted.. But it is very important
  2. Yeah, it's pants... That's why I no longer draw funny pictures on my voting form.

    Bugger-all you can do about it now, he's got the senate on a string and he can do what he bloody well likes.
  3. Bring on the work changes!

    I’m sick of working with people who aren't right for the job. Why should I employ someone and find out they are stealing from me, only to find out that I cant fire their arse??? !!!

    Well every issue that the Howard government has introduced has been knocked back by the lefties. If you doubt the PM, read his report card, it speaks for its self. http://www.pm.gov.au/gov_rep_card/gov_report_card.cfm
  4. Doesn't really concern me that much, everywhere I've worked has been on a contract basis anyway. Still I didn't vote for Howard so don't blame me for the fact he's running the country.
  5. I have rights at work??

    Pffffft unlikely :p Wont affect me... stupid army, still cant believe i signed that crap... oh well only a couple more years and then it might affect me, maybe i better read it....

    Oh and im suppose to vote? unlikely thats gonna happen too...
  6. You have always been able to sack someone who is stealing from you. You could actually have them charged with theft.
    That is if there was proof not just your imagination. (I am not suggesting you are that way, but you would admit there are some employers who would be careless witht the truth.)

    As for 'lefties'? Who are they? Ordinary workers? Those words mimic old tired popularistic slogans for anyone who is not actually running a business.

    The old us -V- them. has to stop. We are in the boat together and have a common enemy. Who? Offshore.
    People who buy fully imported etc.

    As for our prime miniature? His report card is worse than mine.

    He (his gov) has been playing with the truth all along. How many people believed the kids overboard? How many people believed the WMDs?

    You expect me to believe what he is saying now? You're kidding.

    I have been around long enough to know that the only thing a "boss" or Lib Gov wants to do when his management is gone to the shittube is to lower wages, sack people. Tell me when a manager ever came up with a different strategy?

    The gov says a simple system is required. We already have one. Simply remove all state and federal awards and make a single award. Leave the independant umpire we have had for 100 years.
    No that is no good. Force people to beg for a job.

    Read the paper the other day about apprentices?

    Meaning? Simple, bring in overseas people to work for a pittanance and call it a training wage. Leave our kids out of work. How many apprentices have been trained in Vic since that mutton head Kennet abolished the SEC and Railways? Vitrually noe. That is why they are screaming now.

    Has your travel bill lowered? Has your elec bill lowered? Must have been a great decision, eh?
  7. Just in case you think "it won't affect me" think about this. In the construction industry there are already individuals -part of a "task force" I think it is called, that pose as workers. Their job is to find out who the "troublemakers" ie union activists are, & report back to management. They are then forced to answer any questions asked of them. If they refuse, they can be jailed. Apparently they seem to have about as much power as federal police. I am digging up some more info on this at the moment. Will post it up as I find it. Just something to think about.
  8. the sky is falling
    (well, someone had to say it)
  9. Piss em all off and vote in Naomi Robson and Ray Martin.. ya know they are the only ones we can trust.

    I have negotiated my income for the past 20 yrs and regardless of who the hordes vote in, I will continue to negotiate on my ability to get a job done, not on my promises to get a job done, which seems to be the new system of employment.

    I employed somebody 8 months ago and have spent the past 3 months having endless pep talks and taking even more notes just so I can convince the mindless system that this prick is not worth the money he is getting.

    Who's bloody rights are they??
  10. if you think these changes are good for us Aussies....
    go ask a kiwi worker -
    what interest rates they are paying for housing loans?
    what they pay for foodstuffs and fuel
    how much an hour they earn?
    and whether they have job security?

    the answers...
    are not nice :evil:
  11. So because you can manage to negotiate your own wage, then screw everyone else, let them get what they can. Is this what you are saying?
  12. That is so true. A lady I work with is a NZ her familt just came over here to get away from NZ.. They think getting $10 an hour is a heap of money.. They have basically no rights.. It is really sad..

    I wish she could tell you all what she told me it really sent chills up my spine..

    Her friend had called her the night before.. They still live in NZ they were so happy because her husband had just gottena pay rise.. to $11 an hour :(
  13. Your interviewing skills need polishing. Did you make an agreement that there would be a trial period?

    You may be a great worker, not doubting that, but as a 'boss' it appears you lack skills. You will learn in time no doubt. However decrying the system is not the answer. You are doing the right thing in taking notes, keep it up. It will work.

    Another thing you have to remember is that not everyone can be their own boss. How many sheetmetals workers can be their own boss? How many foundry workers, miners, regular shitkickers etc? Very few. You are fortunate. I envy you.

    I was a linesman for many years. I tried to form a company to contract back to them. No way would they do it. So I had to stay content with being an employee. Many peole are like me mate.
  14. Howard... good report... PULEEEZ

    He's a the Master Manipulator, the Bagwan of Bullshte.

    W haven't had a decent leader in this country while I've been alive, from any politcal "party" (very appropriate word "party")

    When was the last time you heard of a new (public) hospital being built? A new (public) school, a service going into regional, poor, dis-avantaged area? compare that to the number that have CLOSED "ecomicaly rationalised", had services/numbers reduced.

    Whe was anything dome by a gum'nt that didn't cost the taxpayers more than they already pay in tax? Why do we pay more tax than most OECD countries, already work the ost hours per week of all OECD countries inc Japan, but receive less and less services in return each year?

    The Gum'n applies "corporate" principles. if it won't make mney, they wont do it.

    Spare me, we pay enough tax to to get inspired leadership, but we're stuck with a procession of insipid, tired, pathetic, self centred, arrogant, worthless arseholes. regardless of where they sit between "left and right"

    I'm old enough, experienced enough and ugly enough to look after myself in "workplace bargaining", I hate my job, but am smart enough to know I have the boss bluffed, and have the support of his Boss, so I aint moving in the short term.

    But what about the young school leavers, just entering the workforce, how the F can they "bargain"? eh? how can a "trainee" bargain, or the poor sods who happen to be skilled in a trade that is currently experiencing an over-supply? They have to re-skill, retrain, and start from scratch, with NO BARGAINING POWER.

    Next time there's an election people, THINK about your vote in the Seante
    DO NOT abrogate your responsibility to a politicians choice of preferences, take the time to think about the consequenses of a gov't that controls the house of review. Other wise you'll get the gum'nt you deserve, not the one you want.

    So endeth the sermon
  15. Of course you can have them charged for theft, but it’s still hard to have them sacked. It happens a lot in major organisations.

    The PM can not be responsible for everything that goes wrong. There is no proof to say that the PM was fully informed of the truth about the children overboard incident. It wasn’t the Howard government that lied to the Australian people about the WMD, it was the Bush administration.

    Look at the unemployment rate, the interest rate, the minium wage rate. It’s all because of strategic planning from the Howard government. Before you can help the employee's, you must help the employers. Better economy= More job's, Better wages, Improved working conditions. Simple. You (Aus) voted for him! If you don’t like what ya see, show it at the next election. As for John Howard being Darth Vader, well...
  16. Most of what you point too , actually started to flow through from Hawke/keatings major changes to the economy, higher wages, had nothing to do with JH, his govt tried to stop every change to the minimum wage..

    but I digress, I'm personally more worried about the "Anti Terror" laws than the IR laws,
    now they are scary and ID being pushed as "science" lately.
  17. Darth vader is a pussy cat next to howard
    So you workj for ASIO or do you run numbers for the Liberal party?
    Your colours are so blue it shines like a beacon.
  18. Don't get me started on the "unemployement rate" scam. The only reason the unemployement rate is down is because little Johnny changed the rules to include everyone that works part time & casual. The percentage of people employed permanent & full time is actually way down compared to a few years ago.
  19. What I'm saying is I negotiate on my ability to get the job done.. I'm not an academic or qualified tradesman, I'm just an average jack on the street who believes that a contract works both ways.. I promise to do a job for the owner of the company and he promise's to pay me a wage that is agreable to both parties. As long as I continue to do my part, he will continue to do his...... it's a simple old fashioned philosophy..... it's called a fair wage for a fair days work.....

    What I do think is that it's the people who are afraid to put in a solid days work who seem to be more afraid of wage negotiation..... perhaps they know they that if they were required to negotiate then they would also be required to EARN what they negotiated for.

    And before you shoot me down, I know there are the unscrupulous employers who would and do take advantage of workers... but do you really think that anything any political party does will ever stop them being just as crooked as they are now?
  20. No mate. In big companies, if someone is found guilty of stealing it means instant dismissal. Not even militant unions stand for that.

    Unemployment rate? Come down here to the valley and look at 14% Youth about 18% Old goats like me even worse.

    Help employers? Sure. But it is a 2 way street. Loy Yang and Hazelwood power. How many have they sacked? Still making obscene profits. Better working conditions? Joking surely. You now can hardly protest for unsafe conditions. You can basically only wait till you are hurt to sue. You cannot strike to prevent injuries.

    I would rather throw my ticket into the bin than vote for howard and his cronies. Look at that Patrick bit. Liars from start ot finish.

    Howard not responsible for being lied to by his office or ministers? Ha. Did he sack any of the bastards? NO. He promoted them. Where is Reith now? High commissioner.

    Something the gov seem to be missing is that if workers, and they are the majority, cannot afford what is being made, then the makers will shut up shop.

    The free trade agreement is another piece of crap. Bloody howard is running around the world like the saviour of the world. He knows things no else does. Free trade. Sure. The others? no way. Japan open to us. Ha. China? Ha anyone else? Ha. So whe our industries are gone, what then? Howards gov has presided over decimation of the manufacturing industry demise. What has he done? Nix. Thinks he will become a saint when he dies for making free trade number one. He has plenty of money for his family to survive. What about you when the asia area takes your position. Don't think you're good enough to withstand them. You're not. Not in skill or price. That is what the world trade is trying to do.

    Conspiracy. You bet there is.