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Your passing is not without a tear

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. I thought I'd tell you of a big event this morning, because it needs a witness, somebody to say to Eternity, Yes, I too saw these things. I took the rego off the postie bike (my old motorbike, which a friend bought and which I'm now selling for her), as it's being put up for sale without it. A certain emotion rose up in me, which I remember also feeling when I made the decision - a kind of internal commitment - to buy a new bike. It was a kind of sentimental sadness to saying goodbye to a cherished friend. That bike has seen me through so much, and was my salvation in certain difficult times (I used to ride it through the eastern suburbs for hours late at night). It's kind of had a role, or a presence, in everything in my life for the past three years, which has been a big three years. Sounds sentimental, and it is, but there you go. I realise that deep down in me that bike has much more significance than just transport.

    Goodbye postie (your passing is not without a tear) :cry:


    If you need to, share with me your sad passing, that we may weep together (like those warrior Greeks, so many years ago, down by their ships on the shores of Troy).

  2. There was a lot of painful passing in my life last week.

    Food poisoning.
  3. Matt, heav-y stuff for a Monday morning, but I CAN identify.

    I felt like I was betraying my first bike when I sold it. And I WAS; the turkey who bought it wrote it off a month later and nealry killed himself into the bargain.

    The joy of the new WILL assuage the pain of losing the old, be assured :grin:
  4. Sigh..............

    I felt like a traitor when I sold the across, but the enthusiasm of the new owner offset that. Until I found out he traded it in about a week later.

    Now The Beast (GPX750R), looks like a write off :cry: Did 4,000 k's in a month and bit cos it's so much fun to ride.

    Funny how we put human value and emotion on mechanical things. Probably why so many movies are made about robots and AI.

  5. So do you want to sell it. cfsmtb is looking for a postie project
    Just a thought
  6. I,ve had the sprite for 30 odd years and stealth Kat for 18 cos I can't bring myself to part with them
    And Alley Cat for 16 years. Tho she thinks she has me.
    And Kathy for 13 months apparently.

    The VF on the other hand :)